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  1. Hey Mate, wow starting off at 7 haha now that is impressive! Fair play to you too! Thank you if i do end up going alone I sure will give you a shout for a beers 🍻
  2. That's great to hear mate and 4 times you have been on your own and had a great time 😊 everyone is so sound at the festival anyway i actually end up talking to and befriending people/groups at it anyway naturally, just the thought of doing it alone going in initially alone is quite strange to me. Have a great time with your missus and little brother I'm sure he'll love it too! If i decide to go I will give you a shout i actually don't know what im doing at at moment and waiting on my mate to see if he can go. Thank you again for your kindness mate
  3. Crazy mate I'm not the only one in this position so! I was going with my ex for years and now have broken up. My best mate is going to see if work can let him off to go. Its such a mess when these things happen isn't it? From what the guys are saying on here people do go alone and seem to have a great weekend regardless so something to think about i suppose! It's just daunting when you've never been to a festival solo!
  4. Thank you very much mate for your reply really appreciate it! It's good to know that people do actually go on their own and they have just as much fun as they would if going with someone/groups. I pretty much go for the music too but love the laughs and fun that goes along with it too of course! One my mates might go with me if he can get off work if not I will have to assess my options. Thanks for your kindness if I do ill give you a shout, if not have a great day on the Friday anyway 😊
  5. Could anyone possibly give me any info on what's it like going to the festival by themselves? I've recently just come out of a 4 year relationship and am kind of considering going by myself if i can't get one of my mates to go but I don't know yet. I would be travelling over from Ireland and I've never even been to a pub by myself before let alone a festival or a holiday! I've been going to Leeds for what would be 10 years now this year and I absolutely adore it and it's the thing I've been looking forward to the most after all this covid stuff but I'm a bit unsure of what to do😬 Could anyone offer any advice if possible please guys? Thank you 😊
  6. That's great thanks mate. Will be 10th year going, roll on end of August 🍻
  7. Thanks for that info mate very helpful. I think your right it's odd isn't it even though we are fully vaccinated but whatever has to be done to get through those gates will be done 😊 can you just walk into a pharmacy in the UK and get a rapid test instantly? And you know how your rules on masks now are relaxed is that pretty much in hotels shops,bars etc you don't have to wear one anymore?
  8. Sorry Republic it is mate i should have said
  9. Does anyone know with regards the entry requirements if your coming from Ireland like I am do you have to still do a lateral flow test even though I am fully vaccinated would I be correct in saying that? And if so can you just walk into any pharmacy and they will provide you with one?
  10. Architects would be immense. I'd put my money on them, You Me At Six and Pale Waves a sure thing to be announced if not this evening in the next (eventual) announcement. A few curve balls like Papa Roach or Limp Bizkit would be sick too.
  11. I said it back in January that we would just make it and it looks like it's gonna happen!! This is unbelievably good news (Boris Announcement) and brings massive hope for Leeds. Credit to him aswell he's really got a handle of the vaccination compared to us here in Ireland it's absolutely pathetic how incompetant our government is! Surely an announcement is imminent 😁
  12. I take that as a positive "continuing to get ready for Reading and Leeds this summer". It doesn't sound completely hopeless. Guess we will know the fate of R & L 2021 on March 1st😬
  13. Just seen that your right! It looks like it's Slam Dunk most likely, Andre you will be relieved lol
  14. Haha it take it your not a You me At Six Fan then mate? The new album is huge though, pretty sure it's gonna top the album charts but of coarse that doesn't mean it's good. I do like Suckapunch off it. I love their old stuff anything from Sinners backwards so I'm happy it looks like they are gonna be playing to be honest. Do you like any of their back catelogue?
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