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  1. When do we find out what's on before Girl In Red?
  2. Main Stage sound is always rubbish except for a few headliners. Extra frustrating that the Radio One stage isn't there this year, as that generally sounds good.
  3. Can hear the MSW (soundcheck) a lot more clearly from my house than anything usually sounds.
  4. In recent years they've nearly always had 12 acts per day, including one "secret set", usually from a band that's already due to play later in the day. The stage usually starts around 12pm although once it started closer to 11am, as they had 13 acts playing, and is finished by 8pm (8:30pm in 2017). There's never normally such big gaps.
  5. I guess that would make much more sense than having him clash with Liam.
  6. Sorry if there's already a thread for this, but given the line up has been pretty up in the air, I've been unwilling to commit. For me it's Ashnikko, Wargasm and Mabel Kennyhoopla, Sigrid and Loathe Girl In Red, Holly Humberstone and Biffy
  7. For absolutely no reason i was hoping Everything Everything would be on before Girl In Red, bit it's gonna be Jake Bugg, isn't it 😞
  8. It looked like it still hadn't been put up, when I was looking at of the top of the tents/stages from the distance of Tilehurst Road earlier, so I couldn't tell for sure, but I'm slightly nervous the Lock Up/Pit/FR stage might be a bit small for some of acts playing.
  9. I hope the Jake Bugg isn't contagious 😏 I'm really sorry.
  10. Testing only would definitely be safer, but it would also be politically dreadful for vaccination uptake, as it would effectively level being double vaxxed with having none at all. Thankfully the maths around efficacy of the vaccination in the UK is holding up in practice, and while i didn't think it was fair opening up before anyone below about the age of 38 could possibly have double vax levels of protection, thankfully severe levels of covid are very much down. I appreciate there's still the big unknown about long covid, but I'm not sure how we can get beyond that with the level of public opinion manipulation we face everywhere. My main fear is people faking tests. Not sure if that's a valid fear or not. I just hope people are honest.
  11. There's probably a larger gap between tthe band and the audience at a festival show, even on the smaller stages. Also, on exclusive appearances of bands at festivals, which I think was mentioned a page or two back: If a band isn't billed, then it isn't a selling point for the festival, so it can't impact sales for any other gig/festival. Basically it won't necessarily stop a band doing a surprise gig elsewhere.
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