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  1. You will get The Strokes....twice...as both headliners And like it!
  2. Whatever talks that were being held with Mad Cool have probably concluded so they can address Spain now....whether that means MC managed to turn it around and convince them, I guess we will find out soon. I wouldn't hold my breath though
  3. Oh it is a great line up and I am confident whom ever fills the headliner slot will be amazing to others. It just annoys me that Mad Cool has shot itself in the foot.
  4. And its that very reason I am so pissed off with Mad Cool. Clearly The Strokes are wanting to tour as much as possible so whatever bad relationship that soured them on Mad Cool, they really must have pissed them off. Such background bollix eventually seeps through to the quality of a festival. Mad Cools future isn't looking good based off these rumblings of unprofessionalism with acts and location uncertainty. Not getting The Strokes is a game changer for me personally. I know the line up is stacked, but other festivals can match my interest while offering me The Strokes. I am bias though because I bloody love The Strokes.
  5. Oh wow. I was basing my question off posts from earlier years where tickets werent sold out until much closer. I did think "that cant be right" ha
  6. Would love to catch RATM but just wondering about day tickets. Anyone know how quickly these sell out?
  7. I think the point being made is that if they are announcing something next week, after much complaint that they are taking too long, then maybe the headliner they held back can relate to who Mad Cool have.
  8. People are watching Mad Cools activity like a watched pot that'll never boil. People expect announcements sooner and sooner each year and when they don't they get them they become irritable. For a festival that has sold out it's 4 day, announced just as much as other festivals, I don't see the panic at all. Our impatience isn't the measuring stick for their plan. Only we have ruled out Strokes....and even IF that comes to be true....let's hope it gives way to another band no one else has and that'll be amazing. Positive vibes
  9. And Belfast.....but these dates are for two weeks time....whats up with that ha.
  10. Not thrilled to see LG at Mad Cool but it is safe booking and I can personally think of a lot worse that it could be. He is subbing for The Strokes at RW...for anyone that fancies drawing connections between the two festivals
  11. "Sixteen new names are added to the lineup today. New for Thursday 2 July are Haim, Disclosure and The Big Moon. On Friday 3 July Liam Gallagher, Archive, Bicep Live, Cigarettes After Sex and Brittany Howard play at the festival. Jorja Smith, Jimmy Eat World and Tones and I join the line-up for Saturday 4 July. New on for Sunday 5 July are Placebo, Michael Kiwanuka, Kacey Musgraves, Big Thief and Joost." Just announced for RW.....if I were a betting man, I would say that LG (second headliner) and Jimmy Eat World (announced euro dates with no Spain) will show face at MC.
  12. They play in Moscow the day after the date they were rumoured to play MC. That rules them out as far as I am concerned. Not getting MCR is fine by me, i will live, but its the hole it now leaves open as to who could fill that slot that worries me. Dreading a piss poor act that I cant stand.
  13. I think it is more so that many people are always posturing on these kind of forums. Some might have some actual information from a credible source and others just piece together things they hear via forum speculation in a bid to sound like they know something others don't. I don't know you or how credible your source is so I take you for your word. I am hoping the losing The Strokes part is not dead in the water and can be salvaged though. Without them, its a major blow to my interest when other major European festivals have them. Ill continue to wait and see. Fingers crossed 😃
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