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  1. The Strokes, MCR, Foo Fighters and RHCP confirmed as surprise acts so? Wow They spoil us. In seriousness....keep those expectations low....way low.
  2. Its hard for me to pitch that its a "cool" festival when my friends would give an immediate hard no to something headlined with Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Mumford & Sons....Doesn't mean these aren't huge acts. They are massive, but just are not my scene. For me, M&S has changed the complexion of the festival. I know there are great rock acts peppered across the poster and overall still has positives.....but seeing those headliners are enough for rock/alternative music fans to immediately shut off and look elsewhere.
  3. Mad Cools inability to handle business correctly will be the reason why they will never be the big respected festival they want to be. The time will come when they wont be able to book any big acts at all. With the relocation problem also looming, does it even stand a chance existing much longer? Was it ever they plan to last more than 5 years if they cared very little about maintaining a professional connection with artists? I know M&S are headline worthy (well not for me but I get that they have a fan base) so I am not crapping all over them. Just can't hide my disappointment with this wet fart of conclusion.
  4. Its not just being a Strokes fan why I am left annoyed...or the fact that I cant stand M&S.....its the fact that we are in this situation due to their own errors. I will be selling my ticket and going elsewhere.
  5. It's an absolute joke. Ever since that poster leak so many have been banking on The Strokes. I would get over them not being on the line up if they bagged a big name of the same genre, but to know that they had them and lost them due to their own stupidity is infuriating. I don't mean to insult any Mumford fans by ranting but.....come on!!
  6. Mumford and sons instead of The Strokes? Eh. See ya Mad Cool.
  7. Mumford and sons....is there any actual fans? Always struck me as a "casual music fan" band and nothing more. And then potentially accompanied by royal blood (whom I like but are not headliners) .... Yikes.
  8. Please don't be Mumford and sons. Please!
  9. I'd be shocked if Fontaines aren't in the under card.
  10. If it's Mumford and Sons then I am bailing.
  11. Is there a precedent for them doing later announcements when they skip the 11am tweet? I know they will obviously announce something any day now but I am trying to curb my excitement so not to be disappointed.
  12. With some acts that are playing Mad Cool....I believe that was the point. It creates a tie, somewhat a small tie, but a tie none the less that some bands may share a similar path of touring.
  13. I saw that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Strokes were added to Splendour In The Grass in Australia last night...really got me excited that it is not an insane possibility to get one or both. One can hope.
  14. The decisions they make have impact beyond this year's attendance. They want to be seen as one of the strongest festivals in Europe and not one that struggles to get the bands they want. What they do this year will have a knock on effect on next years sales and the trust of potential buyers. I would be worried for their own existence if they have a business model of "change the genre of our festival on the fly because we failed to bag a headlining rock band". You would imagine they have a larger business model then play it by ear.
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