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  1. 17 hours ago, djdavejohnson said:

    It's getting far too quiet in this thread considering third headliner is still pretty wide open. I'm still hoping the second is too, although I appreciate I'm clutching. Stormzy though! Ahem. I won't be there I don't think, but glad he's being given the opportunity. 

    Emily, Michael. I can happily be elsewhere. But please don't let it be The Cure. And please don't let it be The Strokes. 

    Why are you so obsessed with The Cure not headlining? Bare weird.

  2. Foals

    18 minutes ago, thewayiam said:

    Judging by your rep I'm not sure your comments go down the best so maybe look at yourself before others eh

    Gazza have you seen your rep mate?

  3. 23 hours ago, metallimuse said:

    Aren't the Chemical Brothers headlining All Points East, where The Strokes are ALSO headlining? Therefore, by your logic...:huh:

    They're headlining one festival that The Strokes are headlining.

    The Strokes headline every festival they play, all over the world, including many festivals as big as Glastonbury.

    Chemical Brothers don't headline anything anywhere near the size of Glastonbury. You won't find them headlining anything bigger than APE.

    That's like me saying Solange couldn't headline Glastonbury and you replying "Didn't Solange headline Latitude last year, where The Killers ALSO headlined? Therefore, by your logic.... :huh:"

    Just because two acts headline the same festival, doesn't mean one is as big as the other. It's quite clear Chemical Brothers aren't as viable a Glastonbury headliner as The Strokes are.

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  4. Big fan of this idea that Paul McCartney pulling out and being replaced by The Strokes in a year where all major festivals have weak headliners is ridiculous but the idea they've grabbed Fleetwood Mac/Madonna/Stevie Wonder out of nowhere to replace him is realistic.

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  5. The "couple of blokes" comment was said like 2 days before the lady on Twitter said she'd heard Macca had pulled out (and bear in mind this wasn't her running to Twitter to announce what she'd heard, it was her replying to a conversation about Glasto headliners that happened to come up on her timeline on that day, so it's improbable that this happened as soon as she'd heard the Macca news).

    I find it highly unlikely that in the two or so days after Emily making the "couple of blokes" comment, the following things all happened:

    - Macca dropped out of Glastonbury

    - Glastonbury got an offer out to a solo artist to replace him

    - Lady on Twitter hears both of the above things have happened

    - A conversation about Paul McCartney headlining Glastonbury coincidentally comes up on her timeline just after she's heard all of the above

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  6. 3 hours ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

    When I was about 19 I got stuck in three lifts for a long period of time in the space of only a couple of days. I'm smarter now. The worst incident was being at work, two of us with a big truck full of beer kegs in a lift, so there was only just room for us to stand up with our backs perfectly flat against the wall. About 5 goddamn hours in a metal box, impervious to mobile phone signal, stood completely upright, waiting for somebody to realise we were missing and work out that we were stuck in a lift in an area of the hotel that wasn't in use. Obviously got told off for it as well. Still makes steam come out my ears to this day.

    How did you get a truck in a lift?

  7. 1 minute ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    As Neil said, I'm not banned. He's banned the main account of the person who was making the alt accounts (as he said in another thread) and confirmed it wasn't me. Whoever it was seems to be trying to convince people it was me by claiming I've been banned. Pretty dumb idea seeing as the next time people see me post they'll know I'm not banned.

    Having said this, I know for a fact that @Mash011, @The Placid Casual, @Superunknown and @Hugh Jass made some of them so I don't know why they haven't been banned along with @jonodillieono.

  8. Just now, TenInchToenaiIs said:


    how are you posting from a banned account?



    As Neil said, I'm not banned. He's banned the main account of the person who was making the alt accounts (as he said in another thread) and confirmed it wasn't me. Whoever it was seems to be trying to convince people it was me by claiming I've been banned. Pretty dumb idea seeing as the next time people see me post they'll know I'm not banned.

  9. 7 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

    Which band is overly reliant on slap-bass, wear socks on their cocks and have a track record of sexually harassing women journalists?

    I did not know Miles Kane had started utilising slap bass.

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  10. Just now, jessden89 said:

    Yes. I think it's a fair assumption. They're giving him a massive shot and taking a punt on him - he is not an established headliner

    You realise the fee Glasto pay is already tiny? I highly doubt they've offered him even less than that standard fee.

  11. Emily: "Hi Stormzy, we know our standard headliner fee of £250k is less than you usually get paid for a show but..."

    Stormzy: "That's okay I was already aware and I'm happy to play for that fee."

    Emily: "Well I was actually going to say that we're only going to give you half of that because you're not as big as some of our other headliners."

  12. 2 hours ago, gfa said:

    I think its more that he is new to it all which is what i am getting at, this is his first time at glasto and i doubt his management really would be sure what the rate is if you get what I mean. He definitely wouldn’t be expensive in the first place vs Macca so if they cut a percentage he’d be cheap still

    Hahahahahha what

    2 minutes ago, RarerThanDandyB said:

    Very unlikely but with the rumours and information we have, something like this may not be impossible. Saving money on Stormzy means they may go for premium options. See what happens but maybe something like this. Strokes and Mac would be expensive but who knows...

    Stormzy / Liam Gallagher

    Fleetwood Mac / The Strokes 

    The Cure / Childish Gambino

    If they pony up for notoriously expensive headliners for Fleetwood Mac they're not also gonna pony up for notoriously expensive headliners The Strokes and somehow convince them to take a lower slot.

  13. 1 minute ago, jntsrb said:

    Here are some interesting facts for those who are willing to discover legendary Janet. 🙂

    Janet's music has been praised as innovative and game-changing by many famous musicians and music critics and she has four albums included on various notable all-time lists. She had led the incorporation of rap into mainstream music and invented New jack swing and alternative R&B, along with her long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Tery Lewis. Janet's industrial-tinged, more hard-edged pop sound influenced Michael Jackson’s subsequent album "Dangerous," while Prince was often performing her song "What Have You Done for Me Lately" at his concerts. Many notable R&B artists today, and many indie artists are hugely and openly influenced by her work and chances that you like some of those artists are huge. In 1990 she became the first woman to be nominated for Grammy Producer of the Year. According to the Guardian, her video "Pleasure Principle" from 1987 is the most influential pop music video ever.

    Janet is the highest-paid music act in history, according to Guinness, and she has sold somewhere between 140-160 million records. During a period of 20 years (1986-2004), she sold on average 10 million copies per album release. She's been selling more records and having more hits in the USA than Michael Jackson and Madonna ever since 1989. According to  Billboard Janet is one of only four musical acts in American history to score a No. 1 album in four straight decades, along with Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, and U2.  She also holds many records outside the States, especially in Japan. In the UK, she had more top 20 hits than George Michael, ABBA, Robbie Williams, Prince, Celine Dion and any other American female artist, except Madonna. “Janet” is one of only seven albums by a solo female artist that spent multiple weeks at No. 1 in the UK during the ‘90s. She is also one of only a few female artists with sold-out stadiums on five continents. She scored her first No. 1 single in 1986, "What Have You Done for Me Lately" in the Netherlands, and the last one in 2018/2019, "Made for Now" in Mexico. She also starred in 3 US Box Office No. 1 movies, two more Top 3 movies, and had a No. 1 book on the New York Times Best Sellers list.


    Her best albums:

    CONTROL (1986) 1 No. 1 single, 5 Top 5 singles

    This album is widely considered as one of the best and most influential albums ever made.  "Control" is notable for being what originated the style and genre that came to be known as New jack swing and it's ranked as the second best female album of the 80s by Pitchfork (behind Kate Bush) and by the Rolling Stone magazine (behind Tracy Chapman), also included on all-time lists made by The Guardian, Billboard, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, NPR, Q and many other publications.


    JANET JACKSON'S RHYTHM NATION 1814 (1989) 4 No. 1 singles, 7 Top 5 singles (still holds the record)

    Due to its innovative production and lyrical exploration, critics have come to regard it as the pinnacle of Jackson's artistic achievement. It has been cited as an influence in various musical trends, inspiring numerous artists. The best-selling album of 1990 is the only female mainstream album rated with 5 stars by SLANT magazine. Pitchfork awarded it with 9.0 and included it among the 10 best female albums of the 80s, along with "Control."  Also included at SPIN's 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years, where Janet has more albums than any female artist, and many other all-time lists. It is the only album in the history of the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart to have seven commercial singles peak within the top five positions. It is also the only album to produce number one hits on the chart in three separate calendar years (1989–1991).


    janet. (1993) 2 No. 1 singles, 6 Top 10 singles

    Commercially, Janet's most successful album - and the best selling album by a female solo artist of the year - is also listed as one of the best albums ever on various all-time lists, from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Rolling Stone to Spin and Slant Magazine. Its first single, "That's the Way Love Goes" spent 8 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100, longer than any single by Michael Jackson or Madonna.


    THE VELVET ROPE (1997) 1 No. 1 single, 3 Top 5 singles

    This album is regarded as a template for pop artists transitioning to a darker or rebellious sound and as a precursor to the development of alternative R&B. The second single from the album "Together Again" is her best-selling single. It sold six million copies worldwide and is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

    This is the worst post on the thread.

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