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  1. Will be looking to go for more of chilled area to camp but won't get there until Friday morning, does it get particularly busy?
  2. Katsu Curry place at the back of the Other Stage was incredible.
  3. what's the food been like at the festivals, anything new? and prices were they too high


  4. Let's face it, if they're playing Glasto they're headlining, and they're not playing Glasto.
  5. Probably been discussed already but chances of BMTH playing next year?
  6. I know she's bad but don't let it ruin your fest pal.
  7. Bring Me the Horizon in the rock/metal slot. Absolutely tore apart the Other Stage. Wasn't expecting much from them but made most acts at the fest look average.
  8. 1. The Cure 2. Bring Me the Horizon 3. Chemical Brothers
  9. Superunknown


    Yeah it's more just me being lazy and not wanting the hassle of stocking up on cans and decanting it into bottle etc but it's the best alternative tbh.
  10. Superunknown


    Yeah you're probably right tbh, it's not the weight just the space it would take up. Gonna can it or worst comes to it I'll just drink it straight haha
  11. Superunknown


    What are peoples plans (who are going on the train/coach) about mixer. Got 2 L of spirits but our best plan atm is splitting it into 8 x 1L bottle, so 250ml spirit and 750ml mixer which will be an absolute blag to carry but seems a nightmare to get any mixer in there, unless you go to the coop and buy cans every time.
  12. Superunknown

    Silent discos?

    Any on on Wednesday?
  13. Not this again.
  14. He's already said he doesn't really get a heads up himself.
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