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  1. Can you point to a ‘brainless’ post that the Wonderwhy has done? Coming across as very ‘old man yells at cloud’ here
  2. Slanderous. Only land I wazz on is Rodney Parade
  3. Bingo. It seems a lot to take in at first but it really is the most straightforward way to lose weight (or in the case of putting on muscle, gaining weight), eat less calories than your maintenance amount and you will lose weight. Obviously much better if those calories are 'good' calories full of nutrients that'll keep you full longer.
  4. Superunknown

    Kendrick Lamar

    This seems insane to me. I get people want a good spot but dehydrating yourself for 14 hours in the middle of summer is crazy. Radiohead were so easy to get a good spot for too. Got there for Royal Blood and ended up about 10 rows back by the time Radiohead came on. Went for a wazz during the xx too.
  5. Post punk. Some decent bands but don’t need to hear the 50th album this year of spoken words over distorted guitars.
  6. It’s condescending either way. Just let people enjoy what they want without lame digs about them being in denial because they don’t agree with you.
  7. Do you not see how you come across so condescending here?
  8. Perfectly enjoyable album and a good number of songs there that I'm sure will land really well in their live show. Still a great band, still make good songs, still a headliner. Enjoy em while you can init!
  9. 1. Fontaines DC - Skinty Fia 2. Let's Eat Grandma - Two Ribbons 3. Jack White - Fear of the Dawn Honourable mentions for FJM, Pusha T and Kelly Lee Owens. Very strong month, still need to listen to Spiritualized too.
  10. Ah thank you anyway, couldn't go in the end but appreciate it regardless
  11. Ah thanks but unfortunately don’t live in London. Only down tomorrow for a football match so thought I’d see if I could get Foals tickets as well. Cheers anyway!
  12. Seen some great videos from last night and getting pretty jealous. In Boreham Wood tomorrow and had no plans to go to Foals tomorrow but if anyone has 2 tickets to sell let me know!
  13. Superunknown

    Wet Leg

    Mr Wanderlei Silva clearly taken too many shots to the head during his MMA career.
  14. Superunknown


    So turns out I'm a big fan of Amelie Lens from recent soundcloud mixes I've listened to. Would be a big shame not to see her on the farm but take it she's being held back as a special guest? On a slightly related note, could someone suggest more artists like her. Really enjoy that heavy techno vibe. Feels almost claustrophobic in a way and for some reason I enjoy that.
  15. Surely would have labelled it as Love Regenerator if so. If it was I could see him headlining the Other Stage but not sure he'll have two slots pretty much back to back.
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