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  1. As if this forum is pissed off at a festival they'd only go if they had free tickets for. It's personally not to my tastes but they've put on 3 great days so far and still 2 potentially good ones to come. Who cares if people wanna go and sing Naive and Moving to New York in a field in summer.
  2. Can we get Six Nations re runs on the big screens at Glasto? Surprised this hasn't been propositioned before if I'm honest.
  3. 100% agree. I'll be the first to admit they're probably not big enough to headline something like this but to say massive Attack are one of the most influential bands of the past 30 years and Manics aren't shows a lack of awareness about how influential they really were.
  4. For a festival that's pretty much one of the first in the festival calendar you'd think they'd be eager to get the line up and tickets in. Would be chuffed with a Biffy/Lana double header on the Saturday and Sunday of the second weekend.
  5. Changed all their social media so an announcement of something is incoming. I'd expect them to be somewhere.
  6. https://digitalarchive.timeout.com/TO_PDF_Download/Europe/UK/London/2020/February/TO_London_2567.pdf
  7. Stormzy the final headliner, AJ Tracey, M Huncho, Aitch, Slowthai, D Block Europe, Fontaines DC, Gallows and Fever 333 also playing. In this weeks Timeout magazine
  8. Would be stood at the main stage with a bonk on for about 6 hours here, horrific
  9. New Hayley Williams EP doing bits.
  10. A bit before my time this year but gutted I missed them in 2012, wasn't really into them then but made up for it by seeing The 59 Sound in full last year. There was a run in 2013 of BMTH > Frank Turner > Deftones > SOAD > Green Day which is absolutely insane to me now (maybe not so much Green Day anymore but would still check em out if I was there ) but only saw Frank, sheltered from the rain for Deftones and came back out for SOAD and Green Day.
  11. Not really sure how these things work but would you expect Frank to play as well given he's there. Maybe an acoustic solo kinda deal.
  12. Hidden away in the small print but Frank Turner is curating an Xtra Mile Recordings with Skinny Lister, Sonic Boom 6, Ducking Punches and Brand New Friend
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