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  1. Try not licking so many windows
  2. jonodillieono

    eFestivals meet

    One of them is FKA Will-2609 and he doesn't know whether he'd be welcome or not. He said he'd buy Neil a cider for being a good sport or something
  3. jonodillieono

    eFestivals meet

    Can I bring my friends from the chat I'm in? Most are pretty big glasto fans and would fit in well
  4. Just read the last 3 pages and I can't quite figure out what you're all crying over? are you just complaining about the lineup (before the fb messages this is)?
  5. Let's just say it involved ferrets and bonzai trees
  6. See you in the pit old son
  7. You'd really rather quit your job and close down your business than apologise to someone?
  8. Justice for Phoenix Girl She dindu nuttin
  9. Hope you're well Neil, don't let them get to you
  10. Can't wait for Conman with the lads.@Odessa said he'll buy you all a drink
  11. Just the one, Horsing Around I think it's called. It's about a masturbating horse
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