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  1. Nicked your Blur shout, cheers.
  2. The 1975 Blur Beyoncé Elton John in the legend slot.
  3. He'll be there for Bastille and TDCC.
  4. Sorry mate. Hopefully the last dozen or so posts in this thread can be deleted and you can continue to enjoy the forum.
  5. I stopped doing that a while ago. I wasn't taking part when it 'peaked', so to speak, and despite what others may believe, it wasn't my intention to spoil the enjoyment for others on here. I was never actually abusive to anyone on here in all that time as well. There is no way I got off consequence free either, I don't get taken seriously by a lot of regular posters on here nowadays as a result of what went on then which is fair enough and I even said to you that I would accept a ban for it as I broke forum rules.
  6. It definitely wasn't, I'm sorry. It doesn't sit right with me that he's allowed to say what he wants to other (paying) members on this forum without consequence.
  7. Nice of you to offer him the chance to backtrack.
  8. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Someone as grown up as you should know that. By the way, I did apologise in a pm, and will do so again. I apologise.
  9. I'm sorry, but this is bang out of order. Phoenix Girl isn't one of those who have been trolling site, as you know I know the ones who did from previous private messages we've exchanged. You've just insulted someone who uses their hard earned cash to help keep this site running because they called you out on something you got incorrect, as a joke. Not only that, but you haven't had the nous to apologise which is incredibly poor on your part.
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