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  1. Luckily just got a pair for London from Ticketweb. Other dates were still on there.
  2. He's starting to get riled.
  3. simoneng_1983

    Coach Question

    Apologies if I've missed the answer to this. How quickly are the coaches likely to sell out on Thursday?
  4. simoneng_1983

    50p Tent

    Is it just called the 50p tea tent?
  5. simoneng_1983

    50p Tent

    I tried searching for this so apologies if I missed another topic. I have it in my head there's a 50p tea tent in the green fields. Is this the case or has it disappeared years ago? Where's the cheapest place to get a cuppa otherwise? Hope you all are having a great festival.
  6. Thought it was really good today. Julien Baker was quite special. Luckily didn't have many talkers near me for Bon Iver. Though they were great. Was quite far back and thought the sound was spot on. I know it was only a video, but I did like the sound of the first new track.
  7. It wasn't that for Brighton. Tickets £43 each including fees and postage.
  8. Single use I'm afraid.
  9. Those that have presale codes, link is already working as I just bought tickets for Brighton.
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