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  1. I think the overall structure of the system is really good currently - photo registration, 6 tickets, resales for those still keen etc. The big problem is failure to cope with the massive load of multiple browsers and devices. How about you use your Registration number to generate a secure link to the booking page (with an ID generated using your computer and browser details) that only allows access from the machine and browser you use to generate the link. If say you lose your device or it breaks you could generate a replacement link at any time but it takes 5 minutes to send you a new link and disables the old one so you can't just keep creating new links and can't share them with anyone. That would reduce the overall load somewhat. Obviously that new process would need to cope with demand but is simpler than a booking and payment system and the load would be somewhat spread out in the week(s) before. The reduced load on the booking systems would at least stop the servers going down which understandably causes people's frustration when they got through to booking pages and end up feeling it was the inadequate systems that cost them their lucky chance rather than just bad luck. It wouldn't make it any more likely to get a ticket which I guess is the ultimate problem.
  2. Seems there were a fair few funnies heard as Chris Martin walked out. Best one I heard: "He's just a shit Jason Donovan"
  3. It shows about 3mm of water on a dirty groundsheet. The wood is slightly damp. Give it an hour of sunshine and that would be completely dry. I'm not worried ?
  4. And the gradual softening of the avocado as it ripens will tell you the levels of sunshine. You are a weather genius.
  5. I was thinking each step must take so much more energy due to the weight of bags/mud/booze? We try drinking as much as possible on the way in but it just doesn't seen to lighten the load.
  6. I always wondered just how many calories I burn at Glastonbury. Your key findings seem to be within the range of steps counted on my mobile phone last time anyway. I wonder if you also took account of the fact that (for me at least) getting on site (3 trips) and leaving site (3 trips) I was carrying many times my own body weight in camping equipment and alcohol? In 2016, the extra 3 kilos of caked-on mud around each of my size 15 wellies and the added force of having to yank each boot out of the quagmire would have made every step worth about 20 normal ones. I think even Beck noticed how completely knackered everyone was by Sunday evening. There was a lot of lazy head dancing going on in that crowd.
  7. Agree with all those (esp. the nasal spray) and wearing sunglasses helps to stop it getting in your eyes. Plus a twice daily hand wash then face wash at a sink helps to get the pollen off your skin and away from your nose. Makes a huge difference for me not to mention it's lovely and refreshing when the sun is beating down ?
  8. Totally agree. Expect lots of Daily Fail articles in future years digging over artists back catalogs, Tweets, comments etc to pick out anything worth complaining about in the hopes of mobilising the moaning masses (few) to have an impact on the Glastonbury ethos. Of course, they won't find anything wrong if Morrissey or Clapton want to play.
  9. joe_bee

    Us Tall People

    I'm 6'4". I get to my spot early bearing no ill-will to anyone. In order to do that, I often arrive at said spot during the previous act. Many of the supposedly accepting short people in this thread who may be enjoying said act will no doubt consider me a late arrival and get angry as I breach their rules. I would like to ensure I meet EVERY shorter person's rule of getting there earlier than them or standing behind them. But there is simply no way to achieve that unless I a) arrive at my spot before the first act of the day or b) stand permanently at the back. I like being nearer the front. And I like seeing other acts on other stages. People are tall, they can't help it. They don't mean it. They are probably feeling guilty (and, yes, simultaneously happy) about it. They don't want to block your view. My neck and back aches after Glasto because of all the stooping I do to address my guilt. The only solution I can see: we all just need to get along and be considerate of others regardless of when they arrive or where they stand and as long as they are considerate in return. Fortunately, Glastonbury is the place where everyone can and often are simply nice to each other. The most important thing to remember is that crowds don't remain the same for long. Over the next ten minutes, all the humans will shuffle and shift about until almost everyone has an equal amount of personal space and the best view they can muster. If it doesn't happen and you feel angry, calm down and remember that it's very unlikely anyone wants you to have a bad time (unless you're an asshole). If you ask 99 times out of 100 people will move/swap etc. Just be nice.
  10. joe_bee

    Kate Tempest

    Totally agree with that. For whatever strange reason, I had never seen nor heard her perform (live or otherwise) before her 2017 set. I was completely new to her and was completely and utterly blown away. Probably my highlight of the whole weekend and up there as one of the best performances I've seen in the 11 Glastonburys I've attended. It was so emotional - angry, raw, upsetting and uplifting. Usually I'm all about the music but Kate Tempest really demonstrated the awesome power of her words.
  11. Maybe we should consider the more unlikely options. Jer-Zee for example?
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