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  1. Just saw that too. Best wishes Mimi, be well soon.
  2. Although when it did happen (Garden Stage, about ten years ago?) it was rather good (British) Sea Power @ EOTR
  3. I actually think that's fair (not saying I'm U turning here 😉 ) and certainly the undercard was strong enough to be pretty attractive when it was the only guaranteed option immediately post COVID - helped no end by being forced to choose British & Irish acts I think. To be fair to FR, when they moved the weekend and upped the capacity they needed to shift more tickets and those who still wanted the likes of Cave, Yorke, Harvey, Kraftwerk, Portishead (not a fan personally), Bon Iver etc at the top of their line up were the casualties. And personally I'd still be interested (Henham is just gorgeous) if at the same time they hadn't ramped up the commercials (Poetry lost for ... Carlsberg; Film & Music lost for .... Lineker) and begun ars*ing around with the General Camping format.
  4. Great job yet again cheers. Shame about Buffalo N tbh.
  5. Although of course, I did momentarily imagine this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZHKUpE4mFM
  6. nice one! be good to hear of the experience after, can't imagine (at GM anyway) that it wouldn't be other than positive...
  7. Agree with this 100%. And I'm declaring an interest here, did Latte for ten years straight 2008-17 then last year as a COVID 'special', but like many have given up on it as it moved to R2 / R1 flavour from 6Music. Latitude could have had a look in with Pulp if like a number of other festivals they'd positively booked JarvIS or even had Jarvis DJ'ing these past few years. Can definitely see Eavis getting Pulp headlining the Other Stage, and then also see them main stage headlining something with credibility like Green Man / EOTR, and just maybe something niche close to home like Tramlines / Y Not or Hillsboro' / Sheffield. Likewise PJ Harvey. Latitude had every opportunity to book her back when it was actually a brave festival, either White Chalk or latterly Let England Shake. Almost can't forgive Melvin Benn that he failed to do that when (back then) she would have fitted perfectly. She was an astonishing headliner at Green Man (about 2017), and she'll likely be amazing wherever she chooses in 2023. It is just possible Melvin could call on the early support he gave Florence to get her back, but he'd be blowing the budget on it. He'll get obvious easy stuff like Haim / London Grammar / Pixies. My random shout, again possibly testing the budget: Kiwanuka.
  8. Jeez ten years! Also have memories of poor weather, but loved the site. First time I ever saw David Thomas Broughton, he completely transfixed the crowd down at that little lakeside venue. And I still love Joe Gideon & the Shark. It was nice, but not a patch on EOTR.
  9. Hello all. did Latitude ten years straight 2008-2017 but eventually falling out of love with the lineup as it changed tack after about 2013, then did it last year (good lineup and it beat COVID) and it was fun. Not doing it this year but want to wish everyone well, you'll have an amazing time regardless the lineup and I will miss Henham. A couple of comments (trying to be helpful). PVA were fantastic fun at GM and EOTR (v sweaty) last year, Outpost could be fab. Noticed that Panic Shack might be on that R1 list? They were also huge fun at Green Man on the Rising, if you like guitar and furious 2.5 minute songs. Also last year saw Caroline twice EOTR/GM and then again earlier this year in Cambridge - they might not be 'fun' but its one of my albums of the year, I adore them frankly, and of you can cope with a bit of slowcore their talent is amazing and it ought to be fab in the theatre. Jimmy from them also plays the trumpet for Katy J, and loads of them (and Katy J) also join in the Broadside Hacks crew. Likely to be lots of feel good collaboration around that lot. And I'd be back at Henham in a shot if TN or Arcade Fire were booked again. Have lots of fun.
  10. GM just replied to me on fb saying Low vs DC should not clash (that ignores getting between stages of course) so still some clashfinder issues to come out
  11. Please tell me Low aren't directly clashing with Dry Cleaning 😞
  12. this won't sell out, not with that line up and x3 very similar festivals taking place that weekend. if you are patient, and don't need to buy for a big crowd, you'll pick up resales easily below £200 and perhaps sub £150 in the ten days or so before.
  13. good live, seen them twice supporting, be great for them to have a full set. happy to chat pre / post gig also.
  14. Have to say, really happy right now - that I'm doing EOTR and that I also have GM! Does it put Ezra Furman in the mix for Green Man? Not done either festival post Tim Sandusky.....
  15. Want a clashfinder, now 😛 !!!
  16. Am going for Aldous as Garden headliner opposite Pixies, and Mike Hadreas opposite Fleet Foxes. Both acts are very known to EOTR, and (personal opinion) feels like they'd benefit more from the Garden intimacy (a la John Grant, Jonny Greenwood, Low etc)
  17. Not a Pixies fan, but get that many are, otherwise I'm pretty happy with this. And the undercard looks excellent where I know it, and exciting to look into where I don't 🧐
  18. there's a whole host of us that do it, there is a 'EOTR Happy Campers' fb group if interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/125270931623
  19. GM pluses and minuses [my view,] Mountain Stage GM: glorious amphitheatre setting, terracing making it very 'casual user friendly'. Great acoustics. Loads of adjacent facilities. 10/10 Woods EOTR: actually not a bad long distance view, great bar, easy access. 7/10 Far Out GM: great location, good bar, a good walk though, sonically decent 7/10 Garden stage EOTR: one of the most beautiful places on earth (imo), good slope, tree beauty and follies 10/10 Walled Garden: Cider bar! Lovely setting, lots of busy food outlets and very central. Generally good sound, -1 for access 8/10 Big Top EOTR: effing sweaty pit, brilliant sonics, right in the middle and real ale bar. elephant disco ball! -1 for sweatiness. 7/10 Rising GM: this place really is the nuts. Slightly secret, wonderfully 'MC'd', intense but fabulously curated. Did me and BitF really just stand and chat with Dry Cleaning here only 3 years ago? This place is the future, now. -1 for no bar. 9/10 Tipi EOTR: okay, this gets +2 simply because of the secret sets. It used to be ridiculously wonderful, but is edging towards wedding venue now. So base score 6/10 but secret sets +> 8/10 I'm supposed to be ace at maths but can't be arsed adding up. Chai Wallahs and piano stage to consider. End analysis: we are blessed here 🙂
  20. GM vs EOTR.... I agree with BitF, whichever grabs you first won't ever let you go. But the other gets you eventually so you want both! Have now done x11 EOTRs since 2009 (and those saying Garden Stage is still the headline stage are spot on btw) and now x3 GMs. I wouldn't miss EOTR for all the world, something about heading through the ancient lands at end of harvest round Salisbury to my special place. It also feels as if, maybe, the idea that it was a bit competitive between the two has diminished a bit? Simon Taffe's interview on how hard it was to put on EOTR through COVID mentions just how closely the (truly) indie festivals worked together through the pandemic, and he mentions notably working with GM. So actually, don't they complement each other rather beautifully?
  21. SXSW fake bands - lie witness news it is just a step on the slippery slope to this....?
  22. sorry mate, I was facetious and that was unfair. they COVID cancelled ages ago along with all the rest of their dates. it was a stunning festival however 🙂 and I also hope you get to see them soon as 🙏
  23. ^^ this. also King Hannah (mentioned earlier) please, maybe Panic Shack for a good mosh, and my wee guilty pleasure Luke la Volpe (don't laugh) just 'cos. and if we don't get Murder Capital I'll cry and Born in the Fifties will start a protest march. can definitely see Lump headlining Garden Stage after that GM set. as said elsewhere, interesting to see how much desire there is to focus back on overseas artists (plenty of Scandi traditionally for EOTR too) after such an immense showing of UK and Irish talent. we are blessed.
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