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  1. good good ... now to meet / say hello to team mate
  2. its getting closer to my group im getting far too much enjoyment out of seeing those crossings out though
  3. I might make some money with boat trips from the M5 junction now they have a purpose built pier for docking ...
  4. I can confirm that the Somerset levels a not important floodplain is under significant amounts of water ...
  5. threads like this , the weather , and state of the ground hook you in however much you try and get away ..... much like the Glue of the Glastonbury mud
  6. hope not ... folks heading to london to watch sister and husband running it ... its harder to get in than Glastonbury isn't it ?
  7. where's that list of Guesses ? I mean knowledgable and educated guesses ...
  8. less so of late ... I would hesitate to say ..
  9. mad is just how we like you ....... crazy ..... fool
  10. Always entertaining Yog .... dont change .... I was trying to figure out what was going on ... I probably should have known
  11. I saw that posted earlier I think but its confused me as to why this figure ? how on earth did they come by it ?
  12. if memory serves me correct they had some Kangaroos bouncing around ? ..... id try to forget but its still in there
  13. id just looked it up ... its bizarre .... but hawkins
  14. welcome to the friendliest team of unknowns on the internet
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