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  1. now time for boris .... with your memory being so bad do you think you are suitable to run the country ?
  2. has todays briefing happened then ?
  3. ah ok ... stand corrected ... fingers crossed for no tue bounce back either .... but numbers do seem to be going down I would agree
  4. that is great news ... the bank holiday numbers aren't accurate though are they ? this will catch up in a day or two
  5. whilst dangling from a zip wire and waving a flag yes ... how did you know ?:)
  6. yep Weston was mentioned on here earlier .... hope that eases soon .... keep clear of those crowds as much as you can x
  7. did any of those mps they just mentioned change their minds .... ? had to go for a necessary toilet stop ....
  8. people won't buy this ... they are fuming
  9. An estate with 3 houses ... just a few concrete blocks ... how awful
  10. 19mpg ish if its a range rover
  11. hes lost ... the poor guy
  12. what does his car do on a full tank ? range rover isn't it ?
  13. the papers will do a route map ...
  14. commence crazy fool expletives .... not considered resigning
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