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  1. Have we ever had a stage announcement before the poster ?
  2. have you heard that some of these acts have been confirmed and are now locked in ...
  3. Pyramid Stage to be renamed ... Looks Similar to Crazyfools Hat stage
  4. john peel might be one that could change ... they've obviously changed West holts /jazz world before ...
  5. absolutely no issues with anyone taking it with a pinch of Salt ... Just passing on info I was given ... independently quite a few of the DJS for pangea seem to match what has previously been given by Joey T ... so I would be more confident in the additions on that thread personally
  6. just hearing it via others so might not prove to be accurate ... id be more confident of the DJs for pangea that I posted across the way
  7. Also hearing McCartney and Kendrik are still likely ...
  8. which will mean there is something in there thats not great for him ( obviously ) and thats the info the MET will get .... its not good either way for Boris ... the public have seen through him now ...
  9. Some names suggested to me for Pangea ... make of it what you want ..... some already been spoken about so might well be accurate . four tet , Chase and Status , Calvin Harris , Chemical brothers , Annie Mac adds to @JoeyT info ..... @Obiginnaw only just read above .... might be in luck
  10. Sue Gray also says hes not received it ...
  11. Got my shit together .... got our groups registration numbers sorted ( for some reason mine was wrong ) might have been that I deleted an old registration and since ive moved made sure the postcodes were correct .... ready for the sale now ... Ive also been painting my suit with UV fabric paints ( vid tomorrow ) to simplify my wiring and battery requirements ... ive a handheld UV torch which will show it up well on strobe mode
  12. Is he going to be lapping it up … or will he see his job going to the dogs …. Maybe Sue Gray will hound him out
  13. So report released after the newspaper round … or midnight ?
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