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  1. crazyfool1

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    maybe take a laptop/tablet and teather it .... just find it a bit less fiddly
  2. crazyfool1

    Self Confirmed for 2019

    https://www.facebook.com/FiltaSound/ so my thoughts are these guys although not totally self confirming have a look at comments on thread
  3. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    im now sorted but feel free to use this thread to makeup groups
  4. crazyfool1

    Advice needed: Wedding invite for the 28th June 2019

    Glastonbury will be great however many people decide to go... our numbers have dwindled from 16 to only the 2 of us last year ....I still loved every minute of it ..it just made me do some stuff on my own with less waiting around for others to organise themselves . Enjoy either but ask yourself what you would regret most ? and see you at the efest meet
  5. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    ok deal will pm you
  6. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    definitely a possible will pm you once ive spoken to friend as it would mean splitting us up and potentially going on own ... how many times have you had success ?
  7. crazyfool1

    Can you select your carpark?

    I was speaking from my experience and personally I have followed the parking stewards directions ... if we didn't it would cause chaos and possibly safety issues
  8. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    What I was looking for was people who would also be able to try and help myself and friend, I would also be trying for whoever it was but want to trying increase the odds with a larger group than 2
  9. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    so is it a group of 4 you have ... it needs to be that they are trying for myself and friend also .... FMS definitely WORTHY of help they have helped me in the past
  10. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    will see what gets posted if you dont mind ... but not ruling it out ..... loved the match this eve too
  11. crazyfool1

    ticket help given /wanted

    I have decided to try and book tickets for just myself and one other ... does anyone want some help to make it up to a group of 6 ? you cant be in any other groups and I would prefer a longer term efests member to team up with , I have quite a good track record but want to try and maximise it. post below
  12. crazyfool1

    Prepping for sales day, similar festival/event sold on seetickets?

    True but people sometimes offer up help when on booking page ... and ive had a ticket this way in the past ...
  13. crazyfool1

    Coach parking

    nothing provided so sort yourself someone will probably post the locations of pickups and some reasonable parking places after ...
  14. crazyfool1

    Can you select your carpark?

    unfortunately you cant you will get randomly allocated a car park depending on what field they are filling when you arrive although they fill the nearer fields to the gates earlier but that means a longer wait to get out ... you only thing you can really decide is the direction you arrive at the site
  15. crazyfool1

    My best tips for ticket day....

    should it read got jam on my phone while eating crumpet one year