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  1. He’s out my friend didn’t take previous into account
  2. The Cure - 59 REM - 59 +10 David Bowie - 79
  3. Might mean the rise of some smaller localised pubs rather than some of the chains that now dominate and close all the completion nearby
  4. No pressure yog it’s definately the thought that counts 🙂 ... I’ll be there somehow in the end I’m sure 🙂
  5. 😀 cheers just a love of the festival we all share
  6. Yeah I get that .. return to work was tough for me after being away during lockdown 1 ... it was something I had to accept as part of the return to normality although in my head it certainly wasn’t easy ... and I’m still not entirely comfortable with people now .. we all adjust at different rates I guess ... but saying that I’m slowly getting there now 🙂 all the best
  7. Any chance of getting participants to sign up and get lateral flow tests before hand ? They are available to everyone now ... as for other things ask for the windows to be open and ensure that the room has more than adequate space ... those first steps aren’t easy ... best of luck
  8. Edit must read ... no notification till after the close in 2022 😞
  9. I’m onto it now ... just had an email back giving the adress to write too to get the winners list ... I’ll post it once I get it
  10. Within 5 days was the notification period ..
  11. Seeing how you’d word it would be fascinating to me 🙂
  12. Good to see both first doses and second doses increasing over the past few days
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