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  1. Thanks guys ... it’s just all seems to be at once today... just had a call from best mate and it’s likely he is going to have to isolate too ... after working closely with someone now showing symptoms .... I shouldn’t be worry about what hasn’t happened I know ... but it doesn’t stop me
  2. Sadly one friend I’ve neglected to be in contact with much during this .. I’ve messaged him now although I know there is nothing whatsoever I’m able to do ... but cross fingers .. it’s just hoping time ... she’s 83 😞
  3. Just fingers crossed time for the two mums ... at the moment one doesn’t have it and the one has a temperature not definately covid but likely ... just crossing fingers it doesn’t get worse for them ... it might not ... it’s just been tough for visiting for my 2 friends of late ...
  4. It’s good to see the needle of yesterday is gone 🙂
  5. I’m imagining everyone else having them ... that’s enough to make me happy for now 🙂
  6. Shit half hour that one ... one of my friends mums is in a home for dementia and now has a temperature likely from covid ... he’s had a call from the home about care .... best friends aunt is also in the same wing of the home ... they don’t test them because of the distress it causes 😞 .... added to that someone at work has unfortunately decided to end his life ... not someone I’m close to particularly but always someone I’d speak too ... that’s 2 guys in just over a year 😞
  7. Wales starting to lift restrictions end of the month mayb .... glimmers of hope even if they are small ones ...
  8. Already looking to organise something in the Glastonbury area IF the festival doesn’t happen .... once we have clarity either way ... and depending on what restrictions we might have left ...everyone welcome
  9. I thought we were in the headliner thread talking about spice girls with all these mute points
  10. Yep fair ... it’s tough but I worry that those impacted in the early phases were the lowly paid and often the ethnic communities that live or work in cramped conditions and those people now deliver us food so we can remain safe ... I’ve not ordered a single takeaway throughout this pandemic ( yet )
  11. Oh and please don’t forget the mental health of those that are essential workers ... and having to work ... that mental health argument that you should have a takeaway is curious to me ...
  12. How many people work in the takeaway industry under cramped conditions ? I’d just tried google searching but couldn’t find anything ... I’d suggest it’s not an insignificant number .... bring everyone’s family’s into the equation and you have plenty enough to tip that balance
  13. ill be on from usual time of 7
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