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  1. crazyfool1

    2020 headliners

    never own up sensing this kind of thing on a public forum
  2. Id just seen it’s on Twitter too
  3. crazyfool1

    2020 headliners

    Not whilst we are scratching around in the Glastonbury mud for anything that might come close to being news
  4. crazyfool1

    2020 headliners

    Yes is the short answer ... but it could take several pages of off topic discussion to finally come to a definitive answer
  5. It’s going to have a Stanley don wood font if I can find anything similar ... or if I can just copy and paste from photos
  6. The question is ... is this better than them consuming fragments of a growler ? ... and it’s not
  7. Have you all got those mugs and T-shirts yet ?
  8. crazyfool1

    Sam Fender

    im going with in the next 8 ... unless year 8 is a fallow one ... then I will backtrack to 7
  9. crazyfool1

    2020 headliners

    of course its going to change ... anything that doesnt change goes backwards ... we've seen that with other festivals closing and the high street getting decimated ... the music industry is changing to along with the availability of super band headliners ... if it wasn't for Emily the superb area of the park wouldn't exist ... I presume you dont go up there then because its so bad ?
  10. just seen this on my timeline .... 5 years ago I had the great pleasure of sitting with Michael for Dinner at a charity event at Maunsel house just outside Taunton .... the last tickets available and they put us on the top table with Michael because apparently I sounded so nice on the phone .... and what a pleasure it was ... and adds to the June determination
  11. ... and Robbie too but at least he’d tell you he was going to entertain you
  12. The 50th display will be spectacular I would think ... and yes but remembering back its probably just over 10 years ago we would head back after headlines ... start campfires with 3 for £5 wax flares burn paper cups and sit around waiting for people to play shit versions of wonder wall on a guitar .
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