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  1. crazyfool1

    October Drift

    Anyone with a twitter account id be very grateful if you could spare a minute to vote for October Drift to get to the final ... Thankyou very much
  2. in respect to what ? headliner ? sunday slot ? or novelty Avalon ?
  3. I struggle to get the love for Kate tempest ... maybe too much concentration on the music is needed for me ...
  4. Thats an upvote on @bombfrog behalf ... Im learning to mind read
  5. oh and today I spoke to the cleaning manger at work and we have set up the returning of half a cage of recycling being returned per day to depot so over a year 180 full cages minimum that won't be going into our gorger and directly to landfill result
  6. thats probably exactly why im on here and not on facebook so much ... if worst comes to it keep the upvotes and use them at the end of the day for the most deserving .... or keep a post in mind that is so good or helpful and go back to it
  7. I agree with the limit, if they were able to be handed out willy nilly it would be like the russian rouble and worthless .. and akin to facebook where everything seems to be liked whatever it is
  8. Thanks everyone for energy information I switched from British Gas to Octopus because they gave me a much cheaper price but that doesn't seem like its been very accurate as they say ive been underpaying and my price has gone up ... so now its time for a requote and to see how this compares to some of the more ethical producers ....£70 seems too high for both electricity and Gas
  9. crazyfool1

    Camp Fires

    ill ask my boss who was a firefighter at the festival how many times how many tent fires he actually attended at the festival ... I remember the worst incident he said was a bus teetering on the edge of some camping ... not sure where this was on site or if it ever made the news
  10. Thats why I've just cut down ... its not something thats possible for me ... ive chosen to do other things .....maybe not the same impact but an impact all the same
  11. crazyfool1


    its just storage container I think ... it was parked up for a bit before the fest near the Beat hotel
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