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  1. I’d only realised this time how much they bloody stink … not sure why I’d not realised before
  2. im not in disagreement .... to find them though it might either mean more extensive searches though ( which some might not appreciate ) .... or some kind of campaign to stop them ..... I noticed some vigorous removal of them during pet shop boys when pit security dived into the crowd to wrestle them off people on a couple of occasions
  3. Nah it’s definately covid 2 tests saying it’s covid and some symptoms … I presume it just means my immune system works and is fighting it off quickly
  4. I reckon I’ll be in the clear tomoro … positive test wed but the line has nearly gone yay 😁
  5. You and your team go for your group first . We had a watts app group and would mark them off once done . You would then go for another group that hadn’t been marked green on a spreadsheet
  6. it seemed a little rushed ... we didnt really know for sure we were getting it until quite late .... and its arrival onsite was late too ... im sure they know the setup time but that seemed like it might have been a basic that will do for this year with hopefully plans started already for 2023
  7. whats peoples thoughts on where we go from here ? spider development or something completely new ? spider seemed weirdly small after seeing the crane ... Probably because ive seen it quite a few times ... interested to get newbies thoughts on it , oh and please post photos
  8. Yes they do … they read efests for absolute definate .
  9. crazyfool1


    Very much looks a decent spot will consider that for next year … added bonus of a sit down too 🙂
  10. crazyfool1


    For future ref the railway line is a pretty decent place to view … you get all 3 sets of fireworks … they definately shut off one of the access points off the railway to the park by the glade although I’m sure that’s happened before … it does look way busier though
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