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  1. absolutely ... we all want the same thing ultimately ... just we all have different thoughts on the way it should be achieved ... I dont think actually my thoughts on it are necessarily right .... we actually dont really know whats right and it might be sometime long away that we get some idea .... would love a cider with all of you in June
  2. Good to see some positivity coming through on this thread today not just from me ..... like I said lets hope the vaccine makes some kind of difference very soon and we limit the damage of this virus to life , livelihoods and mental health above everything else .... Might be time for another poll once the vaccine arrives and we start to learn how effective it might be and more definite timescales for rollout .... Gigs around march time I think will happen with testing and followed by festivals in June when we are near the point of vaccination rollout completion ...
  3. Time to drag out the resale spreadsheet again ..... that might be the next mission .... although id be so happy on everyone else's behalf that a festival might take place ... me being there might be the cherry on the top of the 3 tiered cake
  4. I think there a few other things that feed into it like hospital capacity ..... but it does feel like the goalposts move so they can avoid a nationwide firebreak.... because they have said they dont want that ...
  5. I have to say im feeling a lot more positive the last couple of days , around the virus and Glastonbury too .... we have some tough weeks ahead but there is reason to be hopeful ....
  6. Where have you seen this ? Wasn’t it just the vulnerable and health workers getting it though ?
  7. They were retweeting it for some reason ...
  8. Not sure who runs the oxlyers twitter account ... would have thought they would want the festival to happen ... some odd retweets
  9. Nor mine ... why risk mine or my parents lives for a box of lynx Africa
  10. Don’t give me ideas
  11. Nice effort ... I think I’m gonna carve one for next weeks efest meet ... don’t think I’ve ever carved one in my life ... gonna be interesting to see how it turns out ...
  12. They missed the Tor visits ...
  13. Because actually they are just honouring a purchase ... unfortunately the people without tickets are an unknown quantity ... so why wouldn’t they keep that money in the system ... ticketless but I’m fine with that ... it makes sense in terms of making the festival sustainable... no guarantees in a future main sale with all tickets back in the pot anyway ...
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