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  1. crazyfool1

    2019 Headliners

    yes ..I heard those words from her lips ... but things might have changed since possibly maybe
  2. crazyfool1

    Glastonbury with a 3 month old?!

    I would be ticketless if it wasn't for 18plus strangers ... and up to this point had a pretty good success rate .. so I'm glad I put into place a backup plan ... might be able to help some of those on the resale thread now to repay the Efest ticket gods
  3. crazyfool1

    Glastonbury with a 3 month old?!

    or more specifically a member on here who got the tickets when I joined their coalition ticket group ... I had no luck myself not a sniff
  4. crazyfool1

    Glastonbury with a 3 month old?!

    you've made a flying start to efforts on this forum ... are you speaking from experience ?
  5. crazyfool1

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    I enjoyed it to like most of your posts ...thanks
  6. crazyfool1

    2019 Headliners

    still got some time to change hasn't it ?
  7. crazyfool1

    Taxis from Gate B to Gate D and back

    über shuttle
  8. ordered my love the farm leave no trace t-shirt that I've designed will post results when it arrives
  9. crazyfool1

    new here? introduce yourself

    welcome ... there isn't a single person here with a glastonbury obsession dont know what you mean
  10. crazyfool1

    Deluxe diner

    he is I once sat and had dinner with him at a charity function ... im from somerset too ... so also had to a chat with him
  11. crazyfool1

    Deluxe diner

    have a great 40th I had mine there a couple of years ago .... apparently there is a birthday tent somewhere near acoustic .... make sure you wear a big birthday badge and you might get happy birthday sung to you by random people a few times ... its a great feeling when lots of unknowns sing to you enjoy
  12. crazyfool1

    EE site phone reception

    dodgy memory im afraid ... 4g patchy in the daytime once people are up and about at least it was on my phone
  13. crazyfool1

    EE site phone reception

    we've been so many times we have set meeting points at most of the stages these days .....saves the hassle of that red flag deciding to go for a piss at the wrong time
  14. crazyfool1

    Type 1 diabetes and Glastonbury

    yep ... its going to be a hot one .... I keep mine in a frio wallet ... which is a wallet you activate by soaking it in water just reactivate it again during the fest ... very easy to use available on lots of sites including amazon ... just google it .... I also take spares of everything I can and keep these in the festival lockups ..... this year will be my first using a freestyle libre for checking blood sugar which will prove amazingly helpful ... If you haven't had them prescribed I believe they are available for about £50 and can be scanned with lots of smartphones.I see you are in Somerset and they are quite good at prescribing them as I am too . ... any further help just quote me on here ...