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  1. Bloody hell, just got in from a full day trip and the phrase I told you so springs to mind.
  2. It will be this week as I'm on holiday - it has happened before this week. I'm supposed to be having a lovely family holiday and instead I'm glued to my phone with dodgy wifi muttering about clashes.
  3. We only litter pick uphill. So yes. (we get completely confused on a flat surface and just mill about)
  4. Normally on the coach coming round that corner and getting your first glimpse of the site. I always want to start whooping but noone else makes a noise so I am whooping inside my head.
  5. Yes, we were at Bjork too. We heard afterwards it had been about drugs and at a jo bananas stall?
  6. I took a birth cert once for my son - wasn't asked for it though.
  7. I would like a ferris wheel at the end of it like you get on trad US piers.
  8. I have already purchased me gold hotpants
  9. D'you want anything from the shop?
  10. They will have to put it somewhere easily accessible to the road for deliveries. I would go for either where John Peel used to be or down the road near to Wicket. I bloody love Michael Eavis though, what a good deal for the village.
  11. I see Mark Ronson has been rumoured to be doing a secret set on the Saturday.
  12. Yes, some of the 'headlining' circus acts you would have to pay £30 for to see normally. We normally do one of them instead of a Pyramid headliner. We also spend lots of time in the Left Field listening to interesting people. Billy's round-up always good value with a mix of chat and performance. When I was younger and knew all the stand-ups I used to spend a lot of time in the cabaret tent as well - lost touch with that a bit now.
  13. I had that for Planty at the RAH. Felt very odd. No queues for the women's loos though.
  14. Love St Vincent but we have had her relatively recently. Another for me would be kd lang's 25th anniversary tour of Ingenue. Have put off paying 50quid each for rubbish seats at the top and back of the Apollo.
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