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  1. It should stop peeing in those hedges maybe as well?
  2. Only just realised that there is a lot more live on Eurosport (I dont have Discovery obvs) bastard IOC and their moneygrabbing.
  3. So excited now but so worried I will test posoitive beforehand that I've marooned myself in the house. Which gives me more time to find the gazebo.
  4. There's useful thread in Questions - have you looked at that one? The baby there is younger but still lots of advice.
  5. I got that nightime thing from here (though the communal fire does contradict it): No amplified live entertainment will be offered; however, guests will have use of the existing family friendly visitor attractions during daylight hours, such as;: Kidz Pink Castle Cadmus Kids Play Ship Stone Circle The Dragon The Beehive
  6. Did I not read somewhere they were going to close the stone circle at nighttime presumably to stop all night drumming etc? I am a bit worried about the closeness of the tents - absolutely expected at a fest but not at a glamping site normally.
  7. I'm there on the 30th too. V excited.
  8. Anyhow, the only thing on our calendar now is Worthy farm camping!
  9. Yes, it has been absolutely brutal for my 6th former. Crap GCSEs, half a year of A Level teaching missing, no driving, no going out, no socialising in person. You can say these are first world problems but the affect on their mental health is frightening and getting any help is laughable.
  10. I would agree with both Janet jackson (missing Lizzo!) and Primal Scream in 2013. Otherwise nothing massively srpings to mind as I'm easily pleased for the most part.
  11. Wells cathedral is lovely too
  12. pillows, proper ones.
  13. I have tickets for Black Deer at the end of June - cant see it happening At All. Which is making me sad.
  14. I'm just here to say that I thought Ukraine was terrifying but in a good way and that the UK effort is a proper banger, if only we could just submit the video and not do live staging.
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