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  1. Yes, at a festival it is far easier for kids to buy drugs than alcohol. That was my main worry for my son going to Reading tbh. I think the honest answer is that there are a lot less teenagers at Glastonbury because of the dates and the fact that you have to pay full price for over 12s. This must lead to loads of kids being present and far less teenagers. Most other festivals have a tier in between that makes it more cost effective.
  2. Wouldnt it start going flat as soon as it was decanted? It is only one step away from the US theme park reusable cup scheme as well - they have a chip in the bottom so once you have paid for the cup for x days you can use any of the Coke freestyle machines every two minutes.
  3. I have a soft spot for the food confirmations and I used to absolutely LOVE the post-Glastonbury redacted report thingy.
  4. Yes the vodka jelly pots that splinter on the floor are the largest source of non recyclable plastic we pick up once you ignore, I dunno, camping chairs. Plus the fact that they splinter means you are on your hands and knees for ages getting all the bits up. If you buy them please put them in a bin!
  5. To answer the question re breakouts of stomach problems - pretty common to have those warning signs up saying that there is an outbreak in the recycling/Water Aid camp. Mind you last year or the year before the crew catering was given an unsatisfactory by the council yet still continued.
  6. Just seen that The Revolution are in Europe on July 11th. Please make this happen music gods.
  7. I have industrial ear defenders and sleep on my back, it reduces the massive pounding noise to a faraway thump. We are up at 5.15 anyway for shift so have to get to sleep at 12.30-1am at the latest.
  8. 1. Prince, Hop Farm 2011 2. Everything else https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-14009720
  9. Just to add to the above post by Dondo, the charities teams were done and dusted before Christmas (at least mine was).
  10. I think I'm in the depends what's on West Holts' camp. I can only hum 2 Taylor Swift songs. Mind you thats 2 more than Kendrick but I am more likely to go and see him.
  11. giantkatestacks

    Guns N Roses

    Haven't seen them since Wembley 1991 with Skid Row and NIN. God it was roasting and packed down the front and I was only a tiny 16 year old girl. NIN got a right pasting I seem to remember.
  12. LD as Labour no chance at all where I live.
  13. I have actually tried this t-shirt thing and it isnt true. I got zero responses in various places in India - my colleagues didnt know what I was on about and when I explained considered it quite a small festival. My US colleagues had never heard of it either..<I know - get new colleagues>
  14. we go to bed after the headliners, occasionally during them. We do have to get up at 5 though and do physical labour.
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