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  1. I so wish we could have stayed - that was the original plan. Far too hot though.
  2. Kylie, nice sit down in the Avalon, met Michael, Blue Aeroplanes, Bananarama, food, Janelle
  3. Overheating - not wearing a proper sun hat or drinking enough water when it is hot. Know your limits in all things!
  4. Have I uploaded this before? Kylie flashmob dance recorded by husband while I was in the medical room. 66495322_624529951391224_4316457624427036672_n.mp4
  5. we will be at our inlaws having a bbq but will take the laptop with so I can join awkwardly. Often I miss the meet as the inlaws have wanted to do something else at the time so it feels strangely appropriate.
  6. I have been/am very low too. It is very hard to shake. I have bought some pear cider though and will drink it at meet-up time.
  7. giantkatestacks


    and the cows are all having a nice lie down. So gutted still and cant say anything IRL as to other people it seems inconsequential which I suppose it is but I'm still very sad.
  8. Just watched Mr Brightside again with Johnny Marr and started crying. Fcks sake whats wrong with me.
  9. I have kept my original hols from work so this will suit well, plus I dont need to get up at 5am and litterpick the high street.
  10. giantkatestacks

    The Killers

    The husband and I were talking about this the other day and without any forethought he came out with it was the most enjoyable headlining set he'd been to. <eyebrow raise> it was fun though. Everyone around us in the pit was really joyful.
  11. My rules for this slot is that you have to be able to imagine someone crowd surfing in an inflatable boat along to their set. So Duranies yes, Sting? No.
  12. <goes off to carefully google>
  13. I 'did' an online festival this weekend - Into the Wild Beltane. The talks and discussions were good as were the healing and yoga type stuff. DJ sets also worked well. Acoustic stuff less well but thats because it was just set up on FB live which they couldnt help. I really enjoyed dipping in and out of whatever was on - it did manage to create the vibe really well.
  14. Interestingly and obviously anecdotally I don't know anyone who may have had it with milder symptoms that could have been 'just' a cold or flu or asthma etc and is therefore unsure. I know people like me who almost certainly had it because of my work cluster and the symptoms. Locally there are acquaintances who have had it badly enough to have been hospitalised but otherwise everyone is asymptomatic, including everyone else in my household - thats what makes it so dangerous.
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