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  1. I was at the Reading site post-festival and most of the tents left were extremely cheap. They weren't trashed for the most part either which was good. The more expensive ones left were trashed as presumably that was why they were left. The tents weren't the grimmest part for me but the general litter that people just leave - they have been literally living in sht all weekend and then they just get up and leave at the end of it leaving food, clothes, camping equipment, all sorts of stuff. Following behind us was an army of litter pickers and behind that was a bulldozer that just pushed and picked everything up and dumped it in a massive lorry for landfill.
  2. I would do it if it wasn't so far away from everything else I do. Just getting to The Park is a mammoth effort. I had to take provisions just to get to the Co-op which made it slightly pointless.
  3. We might take stock after next year as well - it is just the logistics and the shifts are hard. Plus with Prince gone there isn't anyone I'm holding out to headline.
  4. <warms to theme> we could have soundscapes and movie soundtracks and contemporary stuff. It would be aces.
  5. I'm another one who can't cope with Idles and I wish Glastonbury had a classical music arena. Notthat you could hear it over the fking sound bleed unless it was Wagner who I cant stand.
  6. giantkatestacks


    The only time I had an issue with the sound was at Billys round ups at the Leftfield. It is jarring listening to an emotional acoustic song about knife crime in London while the Glade starts pumping out halfway through. He did comment about 'our friends at the Glade' at one point.
  7. giantkatestacks


    Thank you everyone that was on toilet cleaning duty- we really do appreciate it.
  8. I would like some canopies of sun or rain shade around the edges - not enough to interfere with the tractors etc but enough to help out with the only shade in the entire field being the tree.
  9. I saw Gabrielle Aplin and Eric Bibb and had a lovely time dozing/lying at the back of the stage recovering from the heat. It is very good for that but I understand that isnt quite the point.
  10. NOT Glastonbury related but thought you might enjoy it: https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/2/16961244/super-bowl-halftime-show-audio-patrick-baltzell-2018
  11. Only bought four meals this year between two of us as we got through a lot of crew cheese baguettes. The usual amazing wood fired pizza in T&C, the bowl of mega onion bhajis, a stonking burger and chips cooked fresh to order from Block 9 and a permaculture plate of veggie goodness for the husband.
  12. I thought the opposite - compared to the last few I thought it a lot lighter and more joyful. I ws often surrounded by large groups of young uns who were chatty and happy. I performed the public service of explaining who the PSB, Johnny Marr and Nick Cave were at various sets as my exasperated husband looked on.
  13. Yes my application and deposit is often done and dusted well before ticket day. We have to commit to doing it rather than missing out on tickets and then applying.
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