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    I hear both are strong contenders for Sziget 2006
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    there's an announcement tomorrow
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    And 11 more than Mumford.
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    Easy target, I guess. But they know how to pick a setlist to give the best show they can, and they did.
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    Just heard back from my email I sent to Radio 1, slight delay to announcement and we won’t here anything for a couple of weeks.
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    Music taste is entirely subjective. I love the line up, if you don’t, that’s not my problem!
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    Fat birds covered in beans, every time.
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    Crrrrrrrrrr Williams shall surely be GREEN this year on the farm I predict an Irish take over Murder Capital Just mustard Fontaines DC 90%%
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    Groove Armada are doing some festivals as well. Just imagine if, on the farm, we had: The Chems; The Prodigy; Orbital; and, Groove Armada.
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    Swear it wasnt long ago that no festivals announced anything the year before! People are getting more and more impatient! Happening on alot of threads! Think of us waiting for pukkelpop to announce!
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    I'm not an idiot just throwing out an idea it's honestly not a bad shout. She'd probably be a better announcement than George Ezra or Stormzy but whatever. I don't think she'll get announced but it's a suggestion
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    Like I said before, I'm pretty sure Foals won't headline SBSR and this second name to be announced today sounds a lot like a healiner.
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    I have done a playlist, feel free to add what you want, something is missing.
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    Eddie Vedder will play in Belgium, but not Rock Werchter
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    I find the idea of anyone choosing Wu-Tang reserves, who’ve been stinking up academies across the countries for ages, over Madge astonishing!! And I’m a fan of them!!
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    Would want Gaga any day over Madge personally 👀
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    Happy Mondays, Oasis, The Smiths, New Order. James?
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    Mondays, Psych Furs, Smiths, Bunnymen.
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    The more I read this forum the more I feel a vast majority of its contributors are either in their late 40's or over 50..... I mean Madge?? really? I would rather watch GaGa and im not a fan of her either. I think maybe i'm just a cynical fart and adverse to a lot of pop music shite...
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    Literally outweighing financially, yeah. But saving £50 or so on flights which I can spend on another night of Airbnb and make my holiday a week (I'd always have done at least 5 days), is preferable to me. Save on the flights = spend on the holiday if you get me.
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    What happened to the slightly odd vegetarian thread that popped up the other day? Has it been deleted?
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    I couldn't think of a better booking. Genuine legend, with a huge back catalogue, who I've never seen live and never will unless she plays the festival. For me that's the best type of headliner, if it's someone I'd actually pay to see then I'd rather go to their own show.
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    Another from earlier Sunday eve 2017, taken from Theatre tower
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    ZAZ - https://tournee.zazofficial.com/ The Cure
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    Not even a hint of irony in what you just said is there pal.
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    They're headlining one festival that The Strokes are headlining. The Strokes headline every festival they play, all over the world, including many festivals as big as Glastonbury. Chemical Brothers don't headline anything anywhere near the size of Glastonbury. You won't find them headlining anything bigger than APE. That's like me saying Solange couldn't headline Glastonbury and you replying "Didn't Solange headline Latitude last year, where The Killers ALSO headlined? Therefore, by your logic.... " Just because two acts headline the same festival, doesn't mean one is as big as the other. It's quite clear Chemical Brothers aren't as viable a Glastonbury headliner as The Strokes are.
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    @jezebel please say there's an announcement tomorrow
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    Rejoice, All! Wanted Pyramid. Our Wishes Excitedly Realised.
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    One down 599 to go. Not that Vampire Weekend are even on that list.
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    Please show me on the doll where Yannis hurt you
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    Absolutely no chance CH or any other shite Edm djs I’m talking acts like Chemical brothers/Prodigy/Chase and status/Faithless or daft punk
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    Defo. The Pyramid stage has power for the lights and speakers and stuff. I see what hes getting at. Iggy with Mike Watt on bass. Its happening. Mark him as TBC Neil.
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    I hope that Eddie Vedder info is correct. Personally I’d be delighted to see him at NOS. For me Pearl Jam were fantastic last year
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    Y Not? Sorry, that was on a plate!
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    Roy is definitely the more likely to be booked
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    Sideways look + dog + Simpsons gif. Look out @dentalplan, that top spot will soon be mine...
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    Seeing the drain-circling a load of other bands of 2008ish hype vintage are now doing just reminds me how remarkable it is that Los Campesinos! have continued to make successful and substantial changes to their lineup and sound while still keeping a loyal fanbase and winning new ones round with every new album.
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    You can play the recorder with your nose? That's impressive shit. Have an upvote!
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    Why does he have to be so goddamn elusive.... and in such a tantalising close way this year!!! Bastard. Fingers crossed for a Glasto appearance though, and at least now I know not to expect him on Friday, I won't be disappointed when the line up drops
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    I can’t get on board with the churros thing here. It seems to me that all they’ve done is re-purpose those donut stalls that were everywhere 15 years ago. It’s the same machine, just a different shape product
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    Twenty One Pilots are playing Nimes on 19.07 and Paris either 20.07 or 21.07, I hope it makes them less likely for FIB, does it?
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    Indeed it is, and I know it's not. That's why I said 'I don't think so'.
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    They would headline it but they could sub it, they were only that level a few years ago. They sold their reading day but it was when tickets were right down to £66 a day ticket with fees.
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    At the end of the day don't call someone out on what they've said if you've talked shit enough yourself to have a significant -rep, got bugger all to do with irony.
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    Yup my life is over because a shit load of people pressed downvote who I don't even know lol. Get a grip bloody hell.
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    Judging by your rep I'm not sure your comments go down the best so maybe look at yourself before others eh They went down in price for a couple of years and have now gone back up, a rise of £10 again is still quite substantial and the Foos day is £15 dearer before fees than that period, not massively far off it's highest day ticket point.

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