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    I hear both are strong contenders for Sziget 2006
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    there's an announcement tomorrow
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    Sunday night of 2017, enjoying the last few hours of the fest up on the hill...
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    How do people who want a second referendum actually propose to get one? There is nowhere near a majority in the house of commons for a second ref, the vast majority of mps (somet like 400+) are in leave constituencies, and only 70 labour mps have said they want one. If there was a very clear shift in public opinion towards remaining (not just like 52/48 remain or whatever) then mps would possibly back it, but there hasnt been that. Given that is the situation we are in, labour either pushes for a soft brexit or accepts a hard brexit/no deal as the default. I personally think Corbyns proposal is a fair(ish) compromise.
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    Glastonbury has announced 3 names to Doctor Music's 40. And it's the month before...
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    I still believe this tour gap has to be filled with Inmusic...
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    And 11 more than Mumford.
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    Easy target, I guess. But they know how to pick a setlist to give the best show they can, and they did.
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    Just heard back from my email I sent to Radio 1, slight delay to announcement and we won’t here anything for a couple of weeks.
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    Based on the fact that this thread now has a tendency to be dominated by a different specific artist each day, can I suggest that the first poster of the day start their post like Jesse from The Fast Show.by saying "Today I will mainly be speculating about "enter artist of choice"
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    Fontaines D.C just announced their debut album 'Dogrel' out April 12th and brought out a video for Big which is the opening track! Got massive hopes for this album, gonna be a belter
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    Music taste is entirely subjective. I love the line up, if you don’t, that’s not my problem!
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    Fat birds covered in beans, every time.
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    Crrrrrrrrrr Williams shall surely be GREEN this year on the farm I predict an Irish take over Murder Capital Just mustard Fontaines DC 90%%
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    I imagine the average age of the crowd will be quite MidgeUre
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    I emailed the AXS support and they told me that there will still be other performers added. Everything is exactly the same except the sponsor for Neil Young.
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    Groove Armada are doing some festivals as well. Just imagine if, on the farm, we had: The Chems; The Prodigy; Orbital; and, Groove Armada.
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    I'm not an idiot just throwing out an idea it's honestly not a bad shout. She'd probably be a better announcement than George Ezra or Stormzy but whatever. I don't think she'll get announced but it's a suggestion
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    Like I said before, I'm pretty sure Foals won't headline SBSR and this second name to be announced today sounds a lot like a healiner.
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    I posted it - and I'm ruddy fuming.
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    I have done a playlist, feel free to add what you want, something is missing.
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    Posted this other day, yes betting is no definitive to go on and yes she’s like 8/1 now, but wondering if has any substance? ( don’t shoot me down, only guessing like everyone) I’m just an excited glasto debuter this year! 😊
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    I find the idea of anyone choosing Wu-Tang reserves, who’ve been stinking up academies across the countries for ages, over Madge astonishing!! And I’m a fan of them!!
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    Would want Gaga any day over Madge personally 👀
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    Mondays, Psych Furs, Smiths, Bunnymen.
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    The more I read this forum the more I feel a vast majority of its contributors are either in their late 40's or over 50..... I mean Madge?? really? I would rather watch GaGa and im not a fan of her either. I think maybe i'm just a cynical fart and adverse to a lot of pop music shite...
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    I couldn't think of a better booking. Genuine legend, with a huge back catalogue, who I've never seen live and never will unless she plays the festival. For me that's the best type of headliner, if it's someone I'd actually pay to see then I'd rather go to their own show.
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    my rep is damaged because i thought slaves could headline latitude 2015. I was wrong. I look back and laugh. Your rep is damaged because you sprout shite 24/7
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    Another from earlier Sunday eve 2017, taken from Theatre tower
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    ZAZ - https://tournee.zazofficial.com/ The Cure
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    They're headlining one festival that The Strokes are headlining. The Strokes headline every festival they play, all over the world, including many festivals as big as Glastonbury. Chemical Brothers don't headline anything anywhere near the size of Glastonbury. You won't find them headlining anything bigger than APE. That's like me saying Solange couldn't headline Glastonbury and you replying "Didn't Solange headline Latitude last year, where The Killers ALSO headlined? Therefore, by your logic.... " Just because two acts headline the same festival, doesn't mean one is as big as the other. It's quite clear Chemical Brothers aren't as viable a Glastonbury headliner as The Strokes are.
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    Prodigy always pop up at Indie/rock festivals, wouldn't be surprised to see them at trnsmt eventually.
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    Rejoice, All! Wanted Pyramid. Our Wishes Excitedly Realised.
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    Defo. The Pyramid stage has power for the lights and speakers and stuff. I see what hes getting at. Iggy with Mike Watt on bass. Its happening. Mark him as TBC Neil.
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    Avoiding Ryanair, those are the things I like to hear! Think I paid about 120 last year, booking in early November 2017. Still think flying is rather cheap.
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    Nah, there were plenty bangers on the second album (Clearest Blue, Bury It, Never Ending Circles, Leave a Trace) and they upstaged New Order when they subbed them on the Other. There's no doubt the third album was a disappointment and they've stalled but prior to that they were on the right trajectory.
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    Here is a list with over 600 acts that are touring in August and could be announced for Sziget!
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    You can go for Bob Smith's sweaty arse to close out your Glastonbury 2019, or you can trade it all, in for what's in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka3cV4VDApI
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    Sideways look + dog + Simpsons gif. Look out @dentalplan, that top spot will soon be mine...
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    Thanks everyone for your input. I’ve seen the YNOT line and just gone for Kendal tickets! For one heart stopping moment, I saw they had sold out but went for the payment plan option. Bizarrely they haven’t sold out of them. See you (back) in the fields!!
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    Its tough but Catfish wrote a song about Glasgow, The Eagles would need to re-record Hotel California as Hotel Caledonia before they could headline
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    One of my friends got the nod they were going to be on at John peel , he said it was a awesome set , and rammed in tight . crossing my fingers for you in April:-)
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    Beautiful again from Wand, new album out in a couple of months and I cannae wait, they've hit new heights with their last couple of releases. So good live as well, never seem to get to the farm though.
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    That's some nice fluting, Boy
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    Why does he have to be so goddamn elusive.... and in such a tantalising close way this year!!! Bastard. Fingers crossed for a Glasto appearance though, and at least now I know not to expect him on Friday, I won't be disappointed when the line up drops
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    Stumbled across an article online suggesting Coldplay could be on the festival circuit this year. We shared Killers with O Son Do Camino last year ...
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    10 years of royalties to Fleetwood Mac there.
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    Gamble everything on getting a Glastonbury ticket in the resale.
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    That's before you end up under the patio...

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