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    Put your verdict here!! Had an absolute blast. 6th EOTR, 2 with the good wife, and now a further 4 with young kids. Had a great time! Would have liked to have seen more music but that's the way it is at the moment. Everyone I saw was great: FJM being a highlight (strings brass and projections!), also, the better tracks from Pure Comedy and not the long dull ones. Didn't think much of MDMarco but could be as we were at the back and it all seemed a bit random. Loved the extended disco ship / cinema area - worked really well, much more space over in that part of the site. Loved Band of Horses = all the 'hits'. Margaret Glaspy, Real Estate, Courntey Marie Andrews, Nadine Shah - all impressed. Enjoyed the conga during Vaudoo Game, in the rain. Great start to a miserable day. Disappointed to have missed CarSeatHeadrest - caught the last song and looked good. Had to bail late sunday afternoon, school for the kids this morning and the weather wasn't great for absoutely shattered kids. But the weather was great really wasn't it? As always, a special mention to Andyloos. Didn't walk out of a loo at any point and some were cleaner than my home (don't judge!). Is it the company or is it that lack of big boozy groups that mean the toilets are always immaculate/ Can't think of one negative thing to say really.... we will be back! (Not sure if it will be next year as we tend to try to mix things up year to year at the moment).
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    A beautiful example of Neil's constantly moving goalposts.
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    Not at all, I'm laughing at the picture and the tosser that looks for every opportunity to bash the nats.
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    Think it was £84 after fees, not 100% though as my mate bought them
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    Ugh cba with The fucking Courteeners stinking up the lineup once again.
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    Hi everyone . Newbie here on the forums , but a veteran of many festivals and events . I've been to Glasto 6 times over the course of 20 odd years as a performer , attendee and event professional. Still my favourite festival ever to work or to visit and one of the few events these days that still gets the butterflies really going . Best moment undoubtedly was seeing Rage Against The Machine in 94 . oh .. if anyone finds the keys for a 1991 Ford Escort opposite the Pyramid stage .....then you're a better man than I was that dark rainy night lol
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    Kraftwerk would be good but Pearl Jam no thanks. !!
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    well done with the tickets. The reason why I could pin down the date is the song because while its a great song - there was lots of people shouting for it ' even although he had already sung it ' now it could have been the Hammersmith Odeon as I also saw him there but what the hell it was somewhere. A right balls up over the pre sale - God knows why people dont mention things. I called up my friend who is Icelandic but they were at the Stones concert in Copenhagen last night so they are traveling back today. The bloody idiot tried to buy tickets on a bloody train going to the airport His flight is not until 2pm so have no idea why he left so early . and surprise surprise - his connection was lost so he is not sure if he bought them or not - he just called me ' it did not go though ' I had offered to get him the tickets but he said he could manage it - if he had told me he was going to try and book them on a train I would have just bought them. He has now closed the link and will reopen it ' as its still taking orders ' he does like doing things the hard way anyway I and two other friends have tickets he had the luck of the devil - he was able to buy two tickets - i brought up the link again and it comes out ' No seats were found for the selected number of tickets and price levels ' - so he must have been one of the last to buy a ticket
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    I’ve seen it before and had the same worries but yeah I think it’s just admin as you say.
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    advertised as £65 each, 2 tickets actually cost £147.20, and that's with the free print at home option. Robbing twats. I thought the same thing. I'll be fuming if he adds a couple of o2 shows. Wasnt diamond hundreds of quid though?? I hate the fact I've forked out for this gig.
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    Yeah that’s standing.
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    Could also do Summer Sessions to make up for it, and then R+L as well. Can’t see them still being on tour next summer though; they don’t usually tour for long and that’d be almost two years on the road.
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    my favourite band tea towel currently on the market
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    Talkover talk at the Toon. Please let it be true and the nightmare reign of Ashley to be over.
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    Were Al-Qaeida better than ISIS?
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    Rather glad if I'm honest.... feels like stress dodged and holiday time freed up for next year at the moment
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    Top 6 for me in no particular order, because just 5 was too hard: Jens Lekman - Already seen him a bunch of times but he never fails to disappoint, pure joy from start to finish. The stuff off the new album sounded a lot tighter than it did when I saw him at Oval Space back in March. Vaudou Game - Biggest dance of the weekend, the conga line through the crowd was just brilliant. Peter Solo is a vaudou God! The perfect way to start off a Sunday that was musically by far the strongest of the three days, despite the shitty weather. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - I’m pretty obsessed with the Go-Betweens/jangle pop/Flying Nun vibe so no surprises that this made my list. Sounded a bit muddy on the Woods Stage in the afternoon but they got the balance just right in the Tipi last night. Had my biggest singalongs of the weekend for Wither With You and Sick Bug. Bill Callahan - So damn beautiful, the man’s got a voice like velvet. Finally got to hear one of my favourite songs ever (Jim Cain) performed live, and Drover was just phenomenal. W. H. Lung - Probably the best new band I have seen/heard all year. Hard to believe they are already this good with just one single and a handful of festival shows under their belt. The frontman is electric, really reminds me of a young David Byrne. Amadou & Mariam - 9 years since I last caught them at Latitude, which was one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. This performance didn’t quite reach those heights (mainly due to the sound issues at the start - way too much bass) but they brought it home triumphantly. Showed everyone why they are known as the magic couple. The only real disappointment was Father John Misty, who bored me to tears after a decent first half an hour and made me really regret not going to see Ty Segall. I like Pure Comedy but I guess the first two albums just aren’t for me. Just sounds like a poor man’s John Grant. Another excellent year overall, up there with the best EOTRs I’ve been to.
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    Yeah, it really is a great festival. It goes down on our list of 'must do's' every year. Of course, it helps that it's just 5 miles down the road from where we live! I reckon we may have to miss it next year though. My nephew has decided to get married that weekend, the selfish git. It does sometimes amuse me how people think Glastonbury is so diverse and I suppose it is to an extent, but you get so much more at Womad. I like the crowd too (generally), even the youngsters seem to be fairly chilled. On the Sunday evening we were walking out behind a group of young lads and they were enthusing over what a great time they'd had and how they were definitely coming next year. I did hear someone saying that the festival runs at a loss each year. I hope that's not the case. It would be a real shame for it to stop.