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    I don't really feel the need to pay homage to the site, but wouldn't mind going up the tor again (the first time is a long story which, briefly (and this is brief) involves a wedding, a white witch, a near drowning which would be able to vie for any slap stick comedy award, some sweets blessed by a Buddhist, a very long joint being lite from a man in his underpants in the owners kitchen of a B&B, and finally a report on the local radio news that sections of that specific area of Somerset now had checkpoints with soldiers manning them, because they were looking for IRA suspects in a specific colour, make and model of car. Well, I was driving exactly the same colour, make and model of the car, and it was registered in my dad's name - an Irishman with an Irish surname. I drove up to a check point (which was in my way) and thought 'fuck me. I've got a real hippy white witch in the back of the car, with enough drugs on them to warrant immediate arrest'. I really can't remember what conversation went on, but he let us go. Anyway, I really enjoyed my visit to the tor. It was almost spiritual, but I'm still unsure on that one. It was definitely meaningful. I'd like to go back again, camp at Ashcombe Farm (always wanted to camp there) and saunter in to The Apple Tree, possibly out of my mind on drugs.
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    As the title suggests, this weekend I went to the Glastonbury site when it wasn't on with a group of people who I camp with. Here are some photos, see if you can guess which areas they are as I can't be bothered to caption then
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    I don't think it's that they've dropped off as such; they just kinda stayed exactly the same and then fifteen years passed. ^ Meant to mention also that he said he hasn't been given a tentative release date for the Arctic Monkeys album so them going on tour next summer might not be as likely as we have been thinking.
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    Not only there, but right down the front of the so-called No Filter Pit with the WAGs and supermodel offspring on one of the 4 or 5 tickets for it that were made available at non-ludicrous prices. Jaw on the ground close. Gig was great, albeit was a wee bit cheesed to miss out on Dancing With Mr D. Still, Shine A Light more than made up for that, so swings and roundabouts. Keith hasn’t improved any since last time out, to be fair, but it was quite something how loud in the mix he was and how discordant and edgy it made them sound. Almost avant garde at points. I was so wasted that afterwards I queued for what I thought was the train back to the centre but it turned out I’d been waiting in line for half an hour to see Dutch house megastar Headhunterz at the Ziggo Dome next door. The bouncer was so amused when I waved him my train ticket that he was going to let me in for nothing.
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    There's an email signup link just underneath the Facebook button, on the right hand side. I shoulda just put the direct link to that but we're here now.
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    How fast do you think hyde park will sell out? I havent got a chance this month.
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    Unreal gig. The skeleton tree songs were better than in my wildest dreams. They way they did Magneto was incredible. By far the most emotionally charged gig I've ever been to. A lady next to me was in floods of tears at girl in amber, I need you and distant sky. It took all I had not to join them. Spine tingling stuff. Usually I'd moan that all the older songs they did were just the usual "greatest hits" but not this time. Fan-favourite rareties would have been out of place at that gig. The classics united the crowd I think, and the whole thing ended up being a majestic, triumphant uplifting experience. I will never ever forget that gig. I had to laugh at how baked bobby gillespie looked though. Absolutely fried.
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    the police used force against their own people. the people they should be protecting. I don't know why you think the question of the referendum is relevant. Think of it as a peaceful demonstration if you like. The fact that Catalan police and firefighters involved themselves in protecting peaceful civilians says it all. I'm extremely concerned that the actions of the police are being defended, would you be defending them if the violence wasn't in connection with attempts at independence? back to primary driving force again - the fact that the relevant issue for some has been the legality or otherwise of the referendum, and not the intimidatory tactics used by the police, suggests what's more important to some. This is an unacceptable face of democracy, if you can still call it a democracy that is.
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    I haven't got a clue what I have done here / not sure this will work. Anyway, if it does, it refers to cellulose paint, which is currently fetching £44.50 for 2.5 litres on ebay. My advice - find out if Homebase does it, and ask one of the staff if they'll nick it for you for a tenner. I used to know a bloke who worked for a national home improvement chain as a high flying salesman. He was shifting the stuff alright, but not to the benefit of the company. Then again, I was once given the job of 'managing' 26 blokes on a building maintenance team. The first thing I did was to tell them that they were all naughty boys. The second management tool that I used was to let it be known that they could carry on robbing the company. And then I let it be known what my terms and conditions were. They were to let the system run as it was, absolutely no drop in productivity, if not a little improvement, and they wouldn't see that much of me for management guidance, as I would be in my bed at home sleeping the night before off. Wow, that bender lasted years!
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    The Gasometer in Vienna. Seen Arcade Fire and Interpol in there, and it always amuses me that it is an abandoned Gasworks. Metropolis in Montreal. Which is really tall but on the floor is very close to the stage. Knust in Hamburg and the skeleton that hangs off the wall. Den Atelier in Luxembourg. Which is a cracking small-medium sized venue with loud sound, and decent beer. Gebaude 9 in Cologne is a filthy venue in the best possible way. Run down, ragged, down and dirty. Darnforth Hall in Toronto. A decent sized old school musical theatre. Columbiahalle in Berlin needs to be mentioned. Zurich Volkhaus as well. And how could I forget Peyote in Instanbul? And the Barby Club in Tel Aviv???? On outdoor venues. A-38 Tent at Sziget The Forum in Vienna is class. It's this run down ampitheatre with all kinds of graffiti, old posters, and different food and drink options. Du Pont Arena in Abu Dhabi is surprisingly good for an outdoor venue. Saw Chemical Brothers there and the sound was fantastic. Well managed as well, especially in the Middle East where these things have a tendency to go wrong. In terms of just the UK Albert Hall Manchester, Brudenell, The Haunt in Brighton, Bristol Academy, Hull Welly, Sheffield Leadmill, The Cluny in Newcastle, and Hammersmith Apollo. Although lets be honest, London venues have never come close to The Astoria.
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    Either: A. Take the opportunity to spend more time with the family, maybe go camping and take my small daughter to a couple of low key festivals. Generally take it easy in terms of expenditure and hedonism. Or: B. Get ON IT good and proper at Boomtown.
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    I reckon it would've been next weekend, otherwise the coach package sale would have happened in September which has never happened before. Something about no pattern.
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    it wont be easy but if they can expand pink parking and then open up some of the parking fields { such as yellow 31 and 32 } to camping that may be enough but it still means a extra 30,000 stumbling about - time will tell - I am fine but its too early to say if I will regain my full walking ability but its looking promising and I have a very handy walking stick - { does nothing to help me walking but makes people feel guilty on the tube so they offer up their seat !!! }
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    La Cigale looks the biz. Yeah Reds is a unique one. Heres a vid I took (no filming allowed!). Thats Red beside me.
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    Muse Liam Blossoms Giggs Architects
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    52. Is that old enough not to be patronised?
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    QOTSA + Gorillaz - Metallica - Nick Cave + The National - Arctic Monkeys w/ Kasabian, Nine Inch Nails, The War On Drugs and The Killers as subs and Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, Fleet Foxes and Elbow in the Barn. (but this is honestly so much wishful thinking.. puh) For Belgian acts I think we can espect Triggerfinger, Absynthe Minded, Millionaire and Stuff or something..
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    My current guess: Metallica The National/Gorillaz co-heads QOTSA/The XX co-heads Arctic Monkeys Throwing in Oscar & The Wolf as a Stromae-like party closer; The Killers/Nick Cave/Bastille/Triggerfinger for subs; and Nine Inch Nails/London Grammar/dEUS/Bon Iver for Barn headliners. Can't really see Pearl Jam playing next year. If they supposedly cancelled European tours 2 years in a row due to the terrorism threat, I doubt they'd probably change their mind in a few months. Especially keeping the Ariana Grande concert in mind...
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    A little Pearl Jam gossip if anybody is interested... If true, Rock Werchter seems very likely for Pearl Jam.... https://www.alternativenation.net/major-pearl-jam-summer-2018-tour-rumors-revealed/