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Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2019
Hillsborough Park , 70 Broughton Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 2AS, England MAP
currently £85
Daily capacity: 30,000
Last updated: Tue 2nd Jul 2019

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Alice Wilmot
Sat 20th, Leadmill Comedy(C) Alistair Barrie
Sun 21st, Leadmill Comedy(C) Alistair Barrie
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Amy King
Sun 21st, Leadmill Comedy(C) Andre Vincent
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Annie Mac
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Another Sky
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Anteros
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Avital Raz
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Balcony
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Becky Hill
Fri 19th, Leadmill Live(C) Bedroom High Club
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Before Breakfast
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Birdspeed
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Blackwaters
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Bloxx
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Brandon Gray
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Casey Lowry
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Cassia
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Chic featuring Nile Rodgers
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Children Of The State
Fri 19th, Main Stage(C) Circa Waves
Fri 19th, Leadmill Live(C) Clean Cut Kid
Fri 19th, Main Stage(C) Cora Pearl
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Courteeners
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Dami thegannette Okhiria
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Danae Wellington
Sat 20th, Leadmill Comedy(C) Daniel Muggleton
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) DJ Pinnacle
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) DJ Pinnacle
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) DJ Pinnacle
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Doves
Sun 21st, Leadmill Live(C) Drenge
Fri 19th, Leadmill Live(C) Easy Life
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Everly Pregnant Brothers
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Exiled
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Fauves
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Georgia
Sun 21st, Leadmill Live(C) Good Cop Bad Cop
Sun 21st, Leadmill Live(C) Graces
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Guest Singer
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Hands Off Gretel
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Happy Mondays
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Hey Charlie
Fri 19th, Library Stage(C) Himalayas
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Isaac Stovell
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Isaacxhopes
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Jack Young
Sat 20th, T'Other Stage(C) Jade Bird
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Jaws
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Johnny Marr
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Kiran Malhi
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) L.A. Salami
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Lewis Capaldi
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Lio
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) looms
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Man & The Echo
Fri 19th, Main Stage(C) Manic Street Preachers
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Marsicans
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Matic Mouth
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Matthew J Hall
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Miles Kane
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) October Drift
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Oddity Road
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Oh Papa
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Otherkin
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Otis Mensah
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Perfectparachutepicture
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Peter Hook and the Light
Sun 21st, Leadmill Comedy(C) Phill Jupitus
Fri 19th, Library Stage(C) Planet
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Ra'siah the Honeybear
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Rag n Bone Man
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Raluca de Soleil
Fri 19th, Library Stage(C) Red Rum Club
Sat 20th, Leadmill Comedy(C) Reginald D Hunter
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) Reverend And The Makers
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Salma Lynch
Fri 19th, Main Stage(C) Sea Girls
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Sez Thomasin
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Shame
Sun 21st, Leadmill Comedy(C) Shappi Khorsandi
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) She Drew The Gun
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) Skinny Living
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Sleeper
Sun 21st, Main Stage(C) Speed For Lovers
Sat 20th, Leadmill Live(C) Sports Team
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Tehillah Henry
Fri 19th, Library Stage(C) The Estevans
Fri 19th, Leadmill Live(C) The Futureheads
Sat 20th, Library Stage(C) The Japanese House
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) The Repeat Beat Poet
Sun 21st, Leadmill Live(C) The Reytons
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) The Rifles
Fri 19th, Library Stage(C) The Rosadocs
Fri 19th, Leadmill Live(C) The Seamonsters
Sat 20th, Main Stage(C) The Wired
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) The1Devotion
Sat 20th, Leadmill Comedy(C) Thomas Green
Sun 21st, T'Other Stage(C) Tom Grennan
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Tonia Victoria
Fri 19th, Main Stage(C) Two Door Cinema Club
Sun 21st, Speakers Corner(C) Vanessa Kisuule
Sat 20th, Speakers Corner(C) Vora
Sun 21st, Leadmill Live(C) Whenyoung
Sun 21st, Library Stage(C) Yonaka
Fri 19th, Speakers Corner(C) Zara Makinta Adeyemi

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