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  1. Green day?
  2. They were asked about glastonbury and they said they had their headliners in place already, like they wanted to.
  3. Not a usual support though. James Skelly produced their album and they were on his label. He's helping them and exposing a new generation to his own band who were probably in nappies when their hits came out.
  4. Mutual friend told me couple of weeks back. With James Skelly putting about festivals and liking glastonbury stuff, a assumed it was OK to mention it!
  5. The Coral are playing, little addition. No idea on placing would love it to be other opener
  6. i'd say its overspill or a small hint whats next after belgium
  7. they announced it themselves last time at the nme awards?
  8. can we get these lads boogarins at glasto please?
  9. Secret set on the shell of the pyramid to a handful of cows
  10. Having missed out in 14 and 16, cant wait for next year and the gaps *almost* make it more enjoyable. Wednesday sat up on the hill watching the sun set across the site with a can is a treasured moment. Another year eh?
  11. NOS as already sugguested, Belgian fests are worth a look Rock Werchter, is just after Glasto, lots of similar names/big names. 3 stages. Pukkelpop in August, smaller names, bit more of a mix. Eurostar is usually just under £70, travel withing country free with ticket. Great organised festivals and usually decent weather
  12. I got sorted via here.
  13. Stu H answered my plea on here and sorted my two. delighted
  14. Legend!!
  15. Sarah Jones 79661734 L25 4SP Adam Brown 2493713389 L25 9NX will paypal money over asap