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  1. Ticket Competitions

    I also had h 17
  2. Ticket Competitions

    Ee phone company with the biggest 4G network. I think is people's thinking with that pick
  3. Ticket Competitions

    4G not g4 ...
  4. Ticket Competitions

    todays comp that finished at 9?
  5. Ticket Competitions

    I went for pyramid but L7 rather 8
  6. Ticket Competitions

    reality has kicked in that im not going, pretty sickening tbh sitting at the top of park watching the sunset on a wednesday looking after the site is a feeling ill never tire of, just gonna be a 2 year wait for it
  7. Ticket Competitions

    Anyone who entered ee comp leaving a space between letter and number made an invalid entry. Ffs
  8. Ticket Competitions

    its sad how busy this thread is, hopefully perseverance pays off for some!
  9. Ticket Competitions

    Can I ask how many entered the Efest comp? No worries if that's sensitive info.
  10. Secret glasto

    i'd be interested in doing this I wont be to do it during the day Weds-Fri but evenings and the weekend, would be better than nothing at all?
  11. Were you successful in the resale?

  12. Were you successful in the resale?

    4 unsuccessful sales followed by 4 unsuccessful resales is difficult to take
  13. Foals

    got 2 lower balcony spares for Liverpool on Friday if anyone needs tickets
  14. Rock Werchter 2016

    Ive done it twice, ive found it fine. Can be tiresome on the legs on the last day!
  15. tickets and how it could be done better

    its fine the way it is, ive missed out in the last 3 general sales and 2 resales...