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  1. There really needs to be something better in place in the two front entrances at the pyramid for the top acts. Been in quite a few crushes on both sides over the years, i'm sure the festival are aware of it, Emily cited that Corbyn got jammed around the markets. I know a small amount about crowd safety/management and spoke to a steward just before it happened, saying something needs to be done to prevent a crush. He said nothing he can do, didn't bother to radio or anything and just moved away from where it was about to happen. I think they need some people with proper knowledge and power to act rather than a young kid working for oxfam that those points. The problem for the festival, the area is a market rather than an entrance so cant just put up one way in on the left, out on the right barriers as it will impact the stalls, they really should be diverting people to head to the back before they even get to the market. They do it for the South East corner of a night. So far no serious injuries but lots of panic and anxiety attacks. I've no doubt there is ridiculous planning for it and it is incredibly complex, but that doesn't seem to feed down to on the ground there. I remember there was something in place for Rolling Stones to divert people, definitely needs looking at again.
  2. No worries at all mate Sometimes sounding off to strangers who wont judge, hopefully makes it easier, its good to talk. I'd say fuck worrying about letting your mates down or losing your ticket money, cos in time neither will matter. Do whats right for you and your dad. I hope he is ok, and you manage to go the festival though!
  3. Rumour has it the John Peel TBA is dreadwing and his missus clearing the air and putting all this to bed
  4. Catfish and the bottlemen will also being playing all TBA's
  5. Anyone know of any decent pilsners available in cans? Preferably 500ml pr pint cans. Usually some decent stuff in bargain shops going out of date soon, however it seems only expensive trendy 330 mls ins stock when Ive looked today. Only finding anything I fancy in glass bottles. Any help appreciated!
  6. I spoke to the company who make/made the bags, and they said glastonbury havent spoken to them this year, maybe theyve changed supplier but seems a bit harsh to not inform previous?
  7. I feel the pain for anyone missing out Missed out 2014 and last year, running secretglasto last year slightly healed the pain. I think after missing out, it will make your return in 2019 all the more sweeter.
  8. where is the flying swan?!
  9. who did you vote for?
  10. Look what happens when you click on Liam Gallagher on the line up...
  11. excellent work, if not disappointing, how the hell did you come across that
  12. every year people stand hopelessly at the park on a Sunday, only for the crew to pack away its not happening. Although if I were EE I would put something on 1 year for a laugh to continue the cycle of misery for many years to come
  13. the killers are way too big to do a known set in the JP though