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  1. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    i'm surprised how badly it looks to be selling, tbf doesnt seem to be have been the best pr release, not seen anything away from the main music scene, no mick/keef promoting it ?
  2. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    I was there was a way to pre-enter card details for glastonbury sale. I have dyslexia and tend to get sequencing wrong, I missed out on the 2016 festival because I put a digit in the wrong place in a panic, it had sold out by the time I realised where the mistake was I did email the festival to no response, I suppose its easy to look at as sour grapes
  3. Rock Werchter 2018

    It feels like announcements have been more frequent this year. I wouldn't be suprised if they were holding off for a big announcement next week than 2 average ones.
  4. Rock Werchter 2018

    I wouldn't worry about it selling it. It's the price rises as it fillls up.. I check each week. Not entirely sold on the line up. Going to them this week and next to add more I like
  5. Rock Werchter 2018

    Liam Gallagher, Tame Impala, Killers for the Friday is my guess
  6. Rock Werchter 2018

    Definitely doesn't fit the undercard for the day. I'm expecting more youthful acts rather than heritage for Friday
  7. Cool Britannia

    The Jacksons headlining Rewind festival, the Hope and Glory fella has booked them and seems on good terms with them, Cool Britannia has lots of acts from H+G fest hmm?!
  8. Cool Britannia

    Can you let me know if this comes to anything
  9. Rock Werchter 2018

    Any chance of tame impala, the national, prodigy?
  10. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Now its sold out, they can announce whoever. 1 downside to a festival selling out so quick is, they can be cheap on the rest of line up
  11. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    strong line up for that area and reasonably priced, not particularly to my tastes but theyve nailed it with a good mix of heritage, new bands and big names they have given big green coaches a shed load of tickets which are still available if you pay £25 to travel with them
  12. The National

    whats the national song with a lyric about 4 4 time?!
  13. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I seen something in the press about Killers playing Liverpool 8th November when the tour was announced in July, it then disappeared and I assumed would reappear when manc dates sold out instantly, over 3 months later its announced for the 9th. 3 weeks out? bizarre
  14. Foo Fighters

    I think seats will be cheapest and most expensive. Standing somewhere in between.
  15. Glastonbury Tea Towel

    wanted a couple of 2017 tshirts but they went pretty quick

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