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  1. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Lee became director of the company yesterday his wife resigned today. Still no refunds from eventbrite and skiddle which the vast majority of tickets were sold..
  2. Festival cancelled due to mud

  3. Festival cancelled due to mud

    I wonder if the chap running it woo'ed them with his talk and the plans he had at face value. They have given him a free run unsupervised. I've honestly got no idea how anyone independent signed off on that site before the gates opened declaring it safe.
  4. Festival cancelled due to mud

    I was expecting the council to go for them but I sense they won't come out of a proper investigation well either
  5. Festival cancelled due to mud

    The bridge thing is weird there was no space for a bridge and not seen any plans with a bridge. If there was planned access not provided why was it allowed to open at all
  6. Festival cancelled due to mud

    its real, its surreal that you cant tell the difference..
  7. Festival cancelled due to mud

    liverpool council staff (festival on their grounds) gave away todays band riders of food/drink to a local homeless charity, which it supports and donates to, he rang the police to report this theft
  8. Festival cancelled due to mud

    He also has had a run in with the IOW council/authority over money, I looked on his personal facebook ( now deleted) and he clearly has a chip on his shoulder over it, calling the IOW full of peados. My reading of it, purely based on reading up today is he is clearly connected in the industry and is probably ok at booking bands/helping his bands out but putting on a event is way beyond his skill set.
  9. Festival cancelled due to mud

    previous event by them I cant get my head around the fact, they think they are in the right, its their event the buck stops with them
  10. Festival cancelled due to mud

    oh man https://twitter.com/HopeAndGloryFes
  11. Festival cancelled due to mud

    i'm gobsmacked, I was in shock yesterday just how badly organised it was, thats one thing. If they/he would have thrown their hands up and apologised and said we messed up, refunds coming them then fair enough but their response... the chap who put this on, isnt from liverpool or any knowledge of the space and the city comes back badly, tbf the council should have done more, why did they allow a festival to go ahead without the planned access bridge is beyond me
  12. Festival cancelled due to mud

    complete silence from them since this morning
  13. Festival cancelled due to mud

    the facebook is just as bad, they posted someones details saying its his fault which is ridiculous behavior. even if it was his job to build the bridge for access, doesnt explain why doors were late, massive queues, bands 3 hours late etc etc
  14. Secret Glasto text alerts

    bit early for those
  15. Secret Glasto text alerts

    one way to tailor the line up to your taste!