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  1. Heard it's a nail bomb. Probably bullshit
  2. Full page pop up of elderly man shagging just then
  3. Thank you!
  4. Anyone got the link for Manchester?
  5. Bootleg beatles featuring Liverpool phil orchestra ft macca doing Sgt would be great
  6. Glasto Thurs. 270 miles to great Yarmouth ways for Friday and then back?
  7. Definitely see cabbage being booked for a main stage and this being in addition
  8. I've asked the company who make the actual bags and they've said they haven't had an enquiry this year
  9. Hacienda on, wheel Craig Charles on straight whilst they dismantle and sethe up the next band
  10. The police have dogs trained to sniff them out at football. Suppose they could have them here?
  11. Extremely wishful thinking but love to see Kol subbing foos if they fancy getting on a plane between mainland European dates Friday /Sunday. When asked if they playing their response wasn't no but they the festival have their headliners. First festival they ever played and gave them the bump to headliner. They play second fiddle on the continent at fests, their ego can take it and not as if they need the extra cash.
  12. I enjoy the surprise element of it, its funny how they book hundreds of quality acts, and its the handful of unannounced acts that whips everyone into a frenzy. Good to get everyone out of bed and a big crowd, and then an energetic set from the cribs/hives etc to really kick the day off.
  13. first thing when I saw the name of festival, is that it would go to the wall..
  14. Really is an odd booking. Didn't expect to go down so well on here as it has. Possibly the unexpected surprise, and the fact she's absolutely huge! I wonder if she approached the fest rather than other way round? I doubt she was on the radar for headliner, and a bit cheeky to ask her to not headline. Her team probably know what a good set can do here for future ticket sales. Going to be a massive crowd by the looks of it.
  15. hopefully the national get an other headline slot