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  1. What/where is that?
  2. if and big if they do play, it will be under wraps and if you're not in the vicinity at the time you'll miss it, no way will it get out especially after the park secret sets and the chaos, it will be a in and out 20-25 minute set with regard to tweeting from the secret glasto twitter, I wont be tweeting out unless I think its safe, not worth injuries or worse but will play it by ear
  3. dont know 1 or 3
  4. do you need the artist or song?
  5. very quiet compared to last year, no doubt due to accounts like this spreading info, the death of big secret sets. I wonder what secret sets where like pre internet
  6. Ive booked Friday off work to do this so coverage will be patchy on Weds/Thurs but should be on top of things when the main acts are on the site.
  7. anyone not get it? once we have enough people needing another test run, ill do it, ideally dont want to do too many before the fest. Will be another this week and 1 next atleast
  8. I have only just received it from last years method
  9. Test tweet done. Already going over a few heads
  10. need the account details first
  11. They won't transfer it. Opens a can of worms whole point of photo regs stops the secondary could buy a ticket and transfer it over the odds
  12. sounds like reverand and the makers
  13. are we human or are we dancer?
  14. Dcs looking for people. I'm in 2 minds
  15. im not sure I could stay awake til 5 am