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  1. I love it too. I really think Donald Glover is a genius. I was a fan of his comedy before he started releasing music. His new show Atlanta is so good
  2. Nah, it's alright. Would still be pretty excited to see Prophets of Rage!
  3. Oh. Oh well...
  4. Everyone on here seemed to be keen to see Prophets of Rage but personally I'd much rather Public Enemy. So this is good news for me
  5. Maybe. I can't say I've followed them that closely. I just remember hearing a lot about them a few years ago, I guess when their debut came out, and thinking they were rubbish. Haven't really heard anything since so I assumed they'd kind of dropped off but maybe they haven't
  6. They haven't got any bigger since then though. So I don't see why they'd be bumped up
  7. I think you're vastly overestimating their popularity
  8. It isn't going to happen. As an aside: both his and Take That's tours seem to be selling poorly. Maybe these things do have a shelf life.
  9. Didn't one of them say in an interview a week or so ago that they hadn't been asked? Am I imagining this?
  10. This one really hurts
  11. Know your local history!
  12. yeah, and all the driving scenes are around that area of North Greenwich, before it was developed. You actually get a split second view of the Sun in the Sands as they drive around it. Anyways...
  13. Nope. If you actually read it it pertains to hundreds of contractors who have worked for Trump on a variety of projects
  14. Fun fact: the row of houses next to the Pilot Inn is where Blur's Parklife video was filmed (you probably already knew this...)
  15. Pays them?! Erm... He also worked at his father's property company when it discriminated against black potential tenants... Again - my point had nothing to do with why Trump won the election. I was picking up on your argument that he isn't bigoted because he may or may not employ people of minority backgrounds (as he is required to do by law).