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  1. Tilda Swinton by the Pyramid after Beck on Sunday, heading in the direction of the Other... Reading back through this thread it seems that fucking everyone saw Tilda Swinton
  2. Damon's playing in London on Saturday, so he could really only show up elsewhere on Friday. If anything I think it'll be with Kano, who's playing late night Friday, but I think it's pretty unlikely. When Damon plays with Kano he's usually on piano and I don't think Silver Hayes (where Kano is playing) has the kind of set up to accommodate that.
  3. It looks so pretty all lit up right now. And we will be there SO SOON!
  4. I'm trying to make the Art/Chvrches decision. Two of the acts I most wanted to see! I'm slightly leaning towards Art as I don't know when I'll next have the chance to see him, and I don't think I'll be short of opportunities to see Chvrches. It'll probably come down to my mood on the day - whether I'm up for a bit of a dance or a bit of a cry. Also - the Acoustic is gonna be absolutely overflowing for this, isn't it? Even with the three-way clash with Tame Impala and Chvrches
  5. You scared me. I've got to get Southeastern to Victoria for my coach on Wednesday. But knowing them the trains will probably be fucked either way
  6. That was one of my all time favourite gigs
  7. Blur 2009. My favourite band headlining my first Glastonbury. I'd bought tickets in October '08 and Blur announced they were getting back together in December. That was some universe-coming-together shit.
  8. Well yes - that's why I was anticipating this being the set of the weekend before they were even on the lineup. But I think it's the potential big names that will be making headlines, rather than the beautiful Syrian music
  9. Pyramid's the place to be lads. I don't wanna see a hundred topics on here after the festival saying 'I can't believe I missed x guest because I was watching James'
  10. I find it interesting that several people have said "sexism doesn't exist at Glastonbury" (and variations of this). Yes it does. It exists everywhere. It would be lovely if there were some sexism-free zone we could all go to for 5 days, but no such place exists. No, not even at Glastonbury. Glastonbury has always had a strong political element. This is part of that lineage. Whether the 'venue' is good or bad we don't know yet. I don't know what it's going to look like. But it's raising an issue. It's not supposed to be Glastonbury's number 1 party venue that men have to miss out on. It's trying to raise an important issue. And I think we have to wait and see if it does a good job of it.
  11. They came this morning!
  12. Yeah, we were fine with it, obviously. Clearly children have to take priority in the designated children's area! I'd just assumed based on my one experience of trying to get into the Kidz Field that you did actually have to bring a child with you, because the guy on the gate looked at us so weirdly when he asked where our accompanying children were. We just wanted to watch Rastamouse!
  13. Me and my mates got turned away for not having kids with us! We wanted to watch Rastamouse. And we were only 18 or 19 so essentially children anyway.
  14. Of course. It's lovely seeing people in this thread helping one another out by posting competition links etc. I very much understand the feeling of not having a ticket - I missed out in 2014 and 2015 - so this year I'm returning to Glastonbury for the first time in 3 years! Obviously it's very unlikely I'll win, but someone has to, and I hope it's someone on here!
  15. I always watch live election results, like a nerd. I won't be streaming BBC News at the festival or anything like that, but I'll definitely be celebrating the result, if it's a good result!