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  1. yeah, I dunno how strict the festival is with artists about keeping quiet. It sort of seems like they're not arsed, and it's mainly down to the artist's wishes if things are held back. I might be wrong. But I know a few headliners have let things slip before, prior to the official announcement.
  2. Really? Cuz it's mostly things from her that's making me think she will. The quote from the NME that has been picked up by other news outlets: "Glaaaastonbury! I don't have permission to say anything about that" sort of makes it sound like she's keeping a big secret.. Like a headline slot. Maybe I'm reading too much into a very short quote.
  3. Alejandro? Paparazzi? BAD ROMANCE???
  4. Yeah well I couldn't see a thing, which didn't help. Didn't know for sure it was them til Thom said "we're called Radiohead". Ironically the only time I actually saw Radiohead that weekend was during Pulp the next day. They were walking off in the direction of the tipis during Common People. Thom fell over in the mud on the hill. I'm not making this up.
  5. Radiohead did do it tbf
  6. two women?? are you insane???
  7. There's yer 2019 headliner:
  8. RADIOHEAD?!?!?!
  9. We were naive to think the 90s Manchester band rumour mill would die with The Stone Roses
  10. Didn't get Conor Oberst for 2016 so Conor Oberst for 2017 please
  11. We already knew she was playing... it's just a question of which slot
  12. this please
  13. I knew when she asked if anyone in the pit had had a shit
  14. I went to T that year. The only one I've ever been to. It was just a ridiculous line-up. I watched Bright Eyes in the tiny tent whilst Coldplay were on