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  1. The fact that we can't agree on their best tracks is a testament to the quality & diversity of the Girls Aloud back catalogue
  2. #GirlsAloudBetterThanFooFighters
  3. Bieber's written some good stuff himself actually. He's talented, which is why it's a shame he's such a tosser. Doesn't stop me enjoying the bangers though
  4. 1) Sound of the Underground 2) Love Machine 3) Biology
  5. With my crew, giving my first timer mate the grand tour
  6. I stood next to Wayne Rooney and his crew and didn't notice for a good 15 minutes. This was in 2013. I vaguely thought 'that man looks like Wayne Rooney', but it was only when people started coming up to him and shaking his hand that I realised it was actually him. Because, like, who cares. Was much more excited to see Tilda Swinton last year
  7. Me too! And I say that as someone who's missed out on tickets in the past
  8. Well I didn't say it was illegal. Just that it would raise a lot of legal questions about how to deal with money, the legal status of applicants (are they competition winners or consumers?) etc. And the amount is relevant - it's the difference between a deposit (which there certainly is precedent for with other major events) and buying a ticket which isn't actually necessarily being bought (which I don't think there is precedent for - can you point me in the direction of any other major events that do this?). I think they'd be getting onto potentially very dodgy ground.
  9. Yeah, but that's not what he said. He said everyone would pay the full ticket price upfront to enter. I.e. they are paying for a festival ticket that they're not necessarily getting. And apparently everyone unsuccessful would get a full refund, not a refund less the admin fee as is the current system. So that's millions of pounds the festival would have to fully account for in the time between taking money and refunding the unsuccessful.
  10. I hear a bit of St Vincent
  11. Even a cursory glance at Twitter on ticket day would tell you that hitting F5 is very much public knowledge. I assume you don't have an answer to my question I asked twice yesterday about how the festival could legally take ticket money from thousands of people until it is returned/they get a ticket?
  12. I did the same but with the current Pope
  13. I saw Thom Yorke fall in the mud during Common People when Pulp played the Park in 2011. I pointed and said 'it's Thom Yorke!', and then people around me looked and also said 'it's Thom Yorke!' The rest of Radiohead helped him up and they waved happily then walked off in the direction of the the tipi field.
  14. Er, it's objectively a banger. I should leave this thread. I'll just declare bangers left right and centre. Though in anticipation of someone saying Ed Sheeran - yes, you should feel bad about that.
  15. All of those factors were introduced to prevent touting and people paying over the odds for a ticket. Which it has done very successfully. Probably more successfully than any other music industry initiatives to combat touting. So, on that basis, it is 'fair'. And on what legal basis would they keep the money people paid to enter the ballot until it is refunded/they get a ticket? I haven't succeeded in getting tickets every year I've tried btw. So I've experienced the system from both sides. I still think it's about as fair as it can reasonably be, without introducing ridiculous admin for the festival