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  1. The Joanna Newsom Thread

    she's brilliant. really hope she plays next year. 
  2. The Joanna Newsom Thread

    she's brilliant. really hope she plays next year. 
  3. Who popped your Glastonbury cherry?

    the rakes 2009 :/ friday morning when the jacko news was everywhere. the singer made some kinda joke about it. probably the most memorable thing about their set. 
  4. The Park Stage 2016

    The Park is great. I've camped up by there my last few festivals. V chill atmosphere. And yeah there's no beating Pulp's set. The sound doesn't always travel well tho - was pretty excited for Rodriguez and ended up leaving because we couldn't hear a fucking thing. To headline Joanna Newsom would be nice... and Conor Oberst please
  5. RIP Steve Mackay and Carey Lander

    Carey Lander was fundraising for Sarcoma UK before she died. It's a rare and underfunded form of cancer. So if you feel you want to do something in light of this horrible news her justgiving page is here:
  6. Eminem for a headline slot anybody?

    i don't think those people have a 'rapper of choice' 
  7. Eminem for a headline slot anybody?

    /double post.
  8. Eminem for a headline slot anybody?

    An Eminem/Dre show would be incredible. But even post-2008 when Jay Z took everyone by surprise and put on an amazing show Glastonbury has been pretty hostile towards hip hop 
  9. Your favourite Glasto images

    amazing pics glasto-worker 
  10. Ticket auction

  11. Ticket auction

    Weird that bidding for the side of stage Pyramid tickets is at more than twice any of the other 'experiences'. I mean yeah, that's the most appealing add-on, but surely the tickets themselves are the main draw? 
  12. Headliners 2016

    Rihanna is fucking great. I think she's pretty unlikely to do it though. 
  13. Foals

    Seeing them at Dreamland in Margate next month and I absolutely cannot wait. One of the best live bands around at the moment. I first saw them pre-first album and they've just got better and better. Don't fancy Wembley myself, mind. 
  14. Returning after a few years

    I'm returning next year, having missed 2014 and 2015. Not really expecting much to have changed but I am absolutely itching to get back there. I didn't miss two years by 'choice' - I tried and failed to get tickets in October both years - and then made other plans. I guess I was ready for a break as I didn't try resales etc. and I'm sure I'll appreciate it all the more going back.
  15. The best set you've ever seen at Glastonbury

    Pulp surprise set 2011. Went to the top of the Park hill and they played a storming set as the sun set. During Common People Radiohead walked past us and Thom Yorke fell in the mud. Cue various people pointing and shouting 'it's Thom Yorke'. He gave a friendly wave and they walked off towards the tipis. I couldn't quite take in all I was seeing.   Also Blur 2009. My favourite band of all time come good. I had seen them a couple of days before play Goldsmiths student union. Damon was shitting it about Glastonbury. Seeing them bring the house down was rather emotional.