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  1. Yeah that pic of Damon is from 2008 when blur announced their reunion So - weird!
  2. Can't tell if you're taking the piss? that photo is very fake + Gorillaz are currently in Germany
  3. Can this be done on a non-smartphone? I want the alerts but don't really want to take my iPhone!
  4. Noooo it can't all go to shit at this stage
  5. Yeah I see it now. Oh well - doesn't look that bad
  6. Are you looking at Pilton, Somerset?
  7. BBC app has no rain whatsoever for the whole festival
  8. Last day, and it's a busy one! Probably will end up ditching a lot of what I'm supposed to finish before going, and will be faced with a mountain of work when I return
  9. Yeah quite glad I'll be traveling on the coach in the afternoon. Though I'm having flashbacks of being stuck in traffic on a coach with broken air con in 2010
  10. The important thing is that it's getting closer and closer and we still seem, for the most part, to be dodging the rain
  11. What's that? Am I being dim?
  12. For most of yesterday BBC app was saying there would be storms in London at some point during the day... There weren't, and that was the same day forecast
  13. I always do