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  1. I guess so but I think that people probably have different ideas about which the best positioned ones are. they are all well spaced out from each other so the only real considerations are whether you want a short walk from the entrance to the field. in that year, some friends also had one and we wanted them to be together - so that was a consideration.
  2. yes. i would definitely recommend. they're pretty basic inside - just a hessian carpet. but you'll have loads of room with four of you in there and the location is really great. have done it a few times in the past and would happily do it again.
  3. If you arrive early enough, you can choose. they allocate them as people arrive.
  4. yes. I bought one in May that year using a page tracker.
  5. BrewDog Nanny State is 0.5% and pretty good. Not sure about any 0% ones.
  6. DJ Harvey DJ Sprinkles Eris Drew Octo Octa Daniel Wang Eric Duncan
  7. rostro

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Octopuses have (rather sweetly) been confirmed by the dad of one of the band.
  8. Thanks both! that's really helpful.
  9. Our group have got 5 or 6 vans and are hoping to pitch up together. (We've got east camper van tickets) Our current plan is to meet up a few miles from the site around Tuesday lunchtime and do the last bit in convoy. Would this work?
  10. as i said, i don't think that this is thread is particularly sexist. but the debate as a whole on the forum about this has (imo) been sexist. i think we can all be better and that we should call these things out where we see them. I'm sure that 'public discourse' can handle a bit of 'dragging down' but, if it can't, then maybe it's not a discourse worth having.
  11. that is a very fair point. the last part of that was probably written in frustration, tbh. i wasn't suggesting that the OP here was being sexist at all. albeit- i would say that i can name only 1 Strokes record (for example )but that is just a reflection on me and my taste.
  12. on the three threads discussing Janet Jackson - there's been a comment about vagisil, one about getting her nips out and a general theme here that no-one would know her music (albeit that she's sold 100 million records). that is sexism. i'm generally a lurker here and have been for a fairly long time - this is one of the more shameful reactions to anyone ever being rumoured.
  13. rostro

    2019 Headliners

    Thom Yorke is the same age as Kylie. Dave Grohl is two years older than Janet Jackson.
  14. rostro

    Best Bogs

    This is the correct answer. I possibly prefer them to my toilet at home.
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