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  1. There is some sort of tendering process for its replacement
  2. Ha! That’s true. A couple of my mates had to leave. No idea why they couldn’t have opened the sides of the tent.
  3. Lizzo BCUC Snapped Ankles (William's Green)
  4. yep - absolutely awful. i'd made the mistake of permitting it to use location services and realised after two days that was why my battery was going flat in half a day. Deleted it in frustration.
  5. Dime Bar milkshake with spiced rum is too good for Tories.
  6. rostro

    Park Area Announcement

    that's why i'm interested. but the synth orchestra thing is different. nothing at all on google.
  7. rostro

    Park Area Announcement

    does anyone have any idea what/who Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra is?
  8. I guess so but I think that people probably have different ideas about which the best positioned ones are. they are all well spaced out from each other so the only real considerations are whether you want a short walk from the entrance to the field. in that year, some friends also had one and we wanted them to be together - so that was a consideration.
  9. yes. i would definitely recommend. they're pretty basic inside - just a hessian carpet. but you'll have loads of room with four of you in there and the location is really great. have done it a few times in the past and would happily do it again.
  10. If you arrive early enough, you can choose. they allocate them as people arrive.
  11. yes. I bought one in May that year using a page tracker.
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