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  1. Managed to nab two
  2. No Glastonbury... no LCD.... no luck for me this year
  3. That is, er, reassuring!
  4. What will I read when this thread is no longer active?
  5. Thanks - think I'd have to whack it on a credit card then! I don't know why I'm putting so much thought in to this still to be honest
  6. If by some miracle tickets did go on sale today and I somehow was successful. How much would I need in my account to cover four? Chances of them going on sale and me getting through and getting 4 are stupidly low, I know, but I'd like to know just in case...funds are a little low!
  7. This can work both ways though I think. In 2015 the person checking my ticket (which had a relatively poor photo on it) got their supervisor over to have a look. And it was me in the photo! I think a lot may depend on when you turn up. This was Thursday afternoon when there was no queue. I think they may be more rigorous with checks at less busy times.
  8. Rob has just said on twitter that there is some "exciting (but still secret) news just in for Thursday shenanigans on our new stage The Temple"
  9. Hope so! I don't think we'll have RTJ as I'd previously hoped for though as they seem to be in America that weekend...
  10. The fear of missing out means I keep checking's been an emotional ride...
  11. I've finally lost it. I thought you'd got the years wrong but you haven't. At all. Congratulations SEE. You have broken me.
  12. I don't want to be the one to break it to you...
  13. First went at 17 and am 36 now. Out tent got waterlogged and I got trenchfoot at my first. Have learnt how to survive it better since
  14. - I missed this. Checkpage didn't ping, did it?
  15. I guess that is it, yes.