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  1. The amazing Moulettes are on Croissant Neuf at 1pm on the Sunday, as per their Instagram announcement! They're in the headliner position on the poster, is 1pm the usual time for 'headliners' on this stage?
  2. copperbottom

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm amazed how little we know about what he's dropping considering it's around 12 hours until it releases worldwide; such a successful rollout, the hype's through the roof. To echo what everyone's saying above, the cover really does look like that of an instant classic - can't fucking wait to hear it, and I'm struggling to comprehend how lucky we are to be able to see it live so soon after release, on the world's greatest stage... he's gonna send it to the stratosphere. Closing with 'Sing About Me' would be transcendent, we can only hope so hard 🤞
  3. Moulettes are an absolutely amazing booking, they're so fantastic live. Definitely check them out.
  4. Neither particularly hidden, but beyond excited for Yves Tumor (never seen them before!), and I can vouch for Orla Gartland who's playing Avalon - one of the more emotional and life-affirming sets I caught last summer! Here's Yves: And here's Orla:
  5. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 110 Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 90 Pearl Jam 52 (-3) Talking Heads 100 (+1) Kate Bush 115 (+1) Taylor Swift 16 Nick Cave 110 (+1) Dua Lipa 85 (+4)
  6. Daft Punk 92 Depeche Mode 117 Elton John 85 Rage Against the Machine 100 Pearl Jam 109 Talking Heads 100 (+1) Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 80 Nick Cave 85 Dua Lipa 100 (+9)
  7. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 97 The Strokes 20 (-9) Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 100 Pearl Jam 104 Talking Heads 93 (+1) Kate Bush 90 Taylor Swift 70 Nick Cave 95 Dua Lipa 70 The Jam 55
  8. They were my standout surprise of the festival, saw them blind and they absolutely blew me away, simply infectious with happiness and groove. One of the most joyful hours in recent memory for me - definitely check em out if you get the chance:)
  9. Have we any idea where / when Big Thief are playing? They're shaping up to be one of my must-sees - seems they're in Cologne on the 23rd and Brussels on the 28th so any day is possible really at this point.
  10. copperbottom

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'd say there's every chance he drops a new single ahead of the summer shows, but late last year, he began touring a setlist that was essentially a victory lap of his career so far, going through his albums one at a time and playing a selection of "the hits" as well as some deeper cuts from each, which I think would be an incredible set for a Glasto headliner slot - a chance to cap off things so far, before launching into whatever comes next.
  11. Don't reckon he'll show up - as kalifire said above me, he said after 2019 that the negative responses he saw online turned him off from popping up again for a while. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/chris-martin-glastonbury-coldplay-interview-3560599
  12. Daft Punk 80 (+1)Depeche Mode 61 The Strokes 54 Led Zeppelin 59 Eminem 49 Elton John 64Fleetwood Mac 44The Stone Roses 59 Madonna 19 Rihanna 50Red Hot Chilli Peppers 57 Rage Against the Machine 62 Iron Maiden 50Green Day 50Pink Floyd 50The Weeknd 50P!nk 50Pearl Jam 90 Talking Heads 70 (+8)AC/DC 44 Kate Bush 70Taylor Swift 82 Nick Cave 61 (+1)Dua Lipa 56The Jam 50Genesis 20 ABBA 60 Lady Gaga 50The Smiths 70 Portishead / Massive Attack/ Tricky supergroup 55
  13. Would very much appreciate help for Sunday, gagging to go to this year's one - if anyone's up for re-opening the sheet or plain helping as a good samaritan, please feel free to drop me a PM 🙂 so glad so many got theirs tonight!
  14. Inability to sleep led to me look closer at the build video, and closer inspection revealed a (admittedly blurry) board of the cinema times, so I've made a go of transcribing them in the hopes it helps anyone with their plans:) Here goes! (Apologies if there's any slight mistakes, I've checked them against the runtimes and it does seem to be pretty accurate) Thursday (curated by EOTR) 18:30 Woman at War 20:30 Blindspotting 22:15 A Simple Plan 00:30 The Friends of Eddie Coyle Friday (curated by Andy Starke) 10:00 The Wizard of Oz 12:00 Star Trek: This Side of Paradise 13:00 Witch: We Intend To Cause Havoc 15:30 *Mystery Film* 17:45 Nuts in May 19:30 Patrick 21:15 Possessor 23:15 Censor (w/ Intro by Andy Starke) 01:00 The Blair Witch Project Saturday (curated by Ben Wheatley) 10:00 Fantastic Mr Fox 11:45 Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles 12:45 Sisters with Transistors 14:30 Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes 16:15 Q&A with Writer/Director Caroline Catz 16:45 Squid: Expanding in Space (Premiere) 17:00 Stardust 19:00 Privilege 21:00 The Legend of Hell House 22:45 In the Earth (w/ Intro by director Ben Wheatley) 00:45 The Borderlands Sunday (curated by Jonny Greenwood) 10:00 The Kid 11:15 Sherlock Jr. 12:30 North by Northwest 15:00 High Society 17:20 The Trout 20:15 Hair 22:30 Midsommar 01:00 Haxan
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