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  1. Was anyone at Orla Gartland earlier? What an incredible set, straight up there with the best I've seen.
  2. What a fucking day... too many incredible shows to count, and Squid -> Wolf Alice are two of the best back to back shows I can imagine. Both phenomenal bands tearing it the fuck up.
  3. Yeah Lynks was absolutely on fire - was down the front, crowd was loving it!!
  4. Yeah Lynks was absolutely on fire - was down the front, crowd was loving it!!
  5. Amazing news mate, so happy for you both. Wolf Alice for me - was a tough triple clash (Dry Cleaning's album is phenomenal) but I've seen Hot Chip and I've got tickets to Dry Cleaning in 2022, so Wolf Alice it is! So excited to see them - Don't Delete The Kisses is probably one of my favourite songs, so the chance to belt it out with thousands of others is one I couldn't pass up 🙂 Coaching in as we speak! Buzzing out of my mind that this is real after all this time.
  6. Looking forward to probably camping near some of you closest to the arena then! Any predictions / guesses for what (or more likely who) will be going on at the BBC Sounds between 13:50 and 16:00 on the Sunday? Has to be a special guest, right? 😁
  7. Feeling a bit bad for Mark Kermode - he's been proclaiming his love of Wet Leg on Twitter, and they're playing during his live podcast! Got to sting a bit, haha.
  8. Thanks so much for being so quick on it! I was in the process of making one too but you've sped over the finishing line:) Still blown away by the lineup, so many incredible bands they've got for us. Buzzing!
  9. Too fucking right, I'm exactly the same mate. Gems on the lineup would just be extra icing on a cake I've been waiting to eat for 2 years:)
  10. Any last minute line-up predictions / hopes & dreams? 🙂
  11. What's the quickest way anyone knows to pass 3 hours? 😄
  12. Jeff's just shovelled a metric tonne of coal into the engine of my hype train...
  13. Not to mention, 1/3 of The Smile is already confirmed to be at Latitude, with Sons of Kemet playing on the Sunday! Hmm...
  14. 100% with you on The Smile, that would be the best possible (feasible) outcome I reckon. Yorke's played Latitude before, right? Just did a search and it looks like he had a similar slot to Supergrass's this year in 2009 (12pm on the main stage), and a surprise solo set in 2015, so The Smile could rock up and open the Obelisk one morning, or tuck themselves away in the woods for people to stumble across...
  15. MP Fay Jones has just asked about Green Man on PMQs, asking if the PM will give Green Man his support and encourage the Welsh Gov to give it the green light; Johnson then babbles incoherently as per usual about how he hasn't been invited but thinks it 'sounds great' and says 'he'll do what he can to pass her message along'. And also the update from Drakeford sounds very, very promising! "from Saturday, there will be no limit on the amount of people who can gather outdoors in Wales - and we will no longer have to social distance when outdoors." Has to be confirmed!
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