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  1. Found a bum bag at 5am this morning near Glade, benches on right hand side towards other. Didn't look inside - gave to security. if it is anyones on here- hope you get it back.
  2. Wallet or pocket and you can have no complaints if you're caught really!
  3. Set off from 10am Wednesday from Burnley, pick up in Rossendale drive round manchester to the M6. Hopefully the traffic Gods are kind! still undecided whether to come off the M5 and go through Bristol and the a37 or carrying on further down the M5 for a39...? Just want to get there for the fireworks this year
  4. Friend "no Mum I don't take pills at raves- you know I've never been able to swallow them" LIE
  5. Brilliant as it comes up from the righthand side at Exit. Great dance stage/moat to party!
  6. So your feet are dry but legs get wet (+warm) is that the idea?
  7. Floating back through PGC, up the hill to bed
  8. Had to drop my Mrs off at the trailer early when we got the taste of it one evening. Fourth trip back to it I couldn't find it, even with the inflatible wine bottle rising from it
  9. Aye welcome. I expect you've been here before
  10. Doubt you'll be walking in with a massive bag each day, probably a small beer bag, so decreasing the likelihood of a heavy search.
  11. Not really
  12. One of our party is an old retired punk. Wanted to take him to the 1977 special that does not seem to be in the list? Or is it seperate from the car part?
  13. 10 litres doesn't sound too much really. Don't leave your decanted spirits around in unmarked bottles incase anyone is thirsty in the night and thinks they're water! There is plenty going on Wednesday
  14. Wore my new walking boots all day yesterday- no problems, be like slippers by the time the festival comes around!
  15. drugs

    Ive never been on those sites, I was referring to the pill testing companies around Europe. Some are sent by the presser (probably higher than the average) these are posted in various website and word gets out. i would imagine someone carrying a large number to a festival could do the same, Do loop tweet the clean/strong drugs, in the same way they do with dodgy stiff?