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  1. LCD Soundsystem....

    Thanks. It's really frustrating because they've got like 2 hours worth of "must play"s imo, and that's excluding the new album. Trying to hold out as much as I can
  2. LCD Soundsystem....

    Can anyone confirm if they're playing the same setlist or mixing it all up? Going to see them on Friday and don't want to spoil it a bit by looking at the setlist if it's the same every night
  3. Latitude 2018

    Are we assuming that the capacity is going to stay at 40,000 or drop back to 35,000? Because those extra sales could lead to some bigger name acts than earlier latitudes have had (see: two of this years headliners, whether you like them or not). I don't think War on Drugs are big enough, despite the fact that I really like them. I'd say they're about as big as Fleet Foxes, who got a dismal crowd for a mainstage headliner. I especially don't think they'll headline alongside another American act. Arcade Fire or Florence et al wouldn't surprise me, can see them being overlooked for R/L in a Glastonbury fallow year. Reckon R/L will go for something like green day, arctic monkeys, Kendrick
  4. Latitude 2018

    Very true, I was struggling to think of an active act in that field that's the right size. I know they're planning a comeback, and nostalgia is selling a lot of tickets nowadays it seems. The Script? I know their single is getting radio 1 play
  5. Latitude 2018

    Wolf Alice, Snow Patrol, LCD Soundsystem You've got your up & comers on Friday, your picnic blanket fodder on Saturday, and your critical darlings on Sunday
  6. Arcade Fire

    I know this is a bit of a reach, but does anyone have a spare standing ticket for the Thursday London gig? My girlfriend's friend managed to get 4 but there's 5 of us in the party. No worries if not, I'm not arsed enough to go and sit on my own but if there's a convenient spare that'd be lovely. Tia
  7. NYC Downlow

    Out of curiosity, what's the hygiene like? Do people tend to clean up after themselves or is the onus on you to tolerate/appreciate any leftovers
  8. Latitude Festival 2017

    Yellow campsite is closest to the arena, though that does make it furthest from the entrance gate. It's the most rowdy, but still much more civil than some other fests. The showers are also located in yellow campsite, they're communal. There's more showers per capita than other places, although water temp and pressure suffer at busy times
  9. Latitude Festival 2017

    You can definitely get in the car parks earlier than 2pm, I usually arrive 1pm ish. On occasion they seem to open some gates earlier than 2pm, but I think that's down to their discretion re: queue size, and they only open about half an hour earlier anyway
  10. Headliners 2019

    I agree. I'd definitely appreciate a new act to the "headliner pool" but not a new act full stop. Saw Florence & The Machine headline latitude on the back of their debut and they just didn't have enough songs for it, popular or not. Stretching 50 minutes of tunes into 90 for the first time is not something that should really happen on a mainstage. The newest artists I'd suggest would be someone like Stormzy who has had a successful album, got some big set experience, and has time to get some more music out (enough so he wouldn't have to play every deep cut) before the fest.
  11. Latitude Festival 2017

    I'm glad there are new bars to replace the defunct "The Woods" stage, otherwise Sunrise would've been at risk of being overcrowded.
  12. Latitude Festival 2017

    That's correct. You can camp the night afterwards in a day-ticket campsite near the car park, if that's your bag. So you don't need to head back straight away, and you can have a drink or two if you don't mind a night in a tent
  13. Electronica/Dance

  14. Latitude Festival 2017

    My main concern for capacity would be Fat Boy Slim. He's definitely got more mainstream appeal than Fleet Foxes, so could pose a problem. That tent has been packed out in the past (acts like Foals, Vaccines, Catfish have been v busy in there)
  15. Electronica/Dance

    Cheers guys, I'll have a look around. Not holding out much hope then, it's blawan, shed and jon Hopkins I'm after mostly