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  1. Latitude 2018

    While I think Gorillaz are likely, I don’t think this adds any weight to it. As they say, Damon has headlined twice with two other projects (and the most recent time he played a few Gorillaz covers)
  2. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    NERD, Bon Iver (heard he was rumoured for this year before he cancelled his tour), St Vincent, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Wiki, Noname (don’t know if she’ll be touring next summer but), Jlin, SOPHIE
  3. All Points East Festival 2018

    Another nice thing about it is the waiting list (and returns option) for events
  4. All Points East Festival 2018

    It doesn’t have to be “so much worse”, but any saving is worth having if you know that the festival isn’t going to sell out before it becomes available on dice. Generally though, a service charge of over 10% does seem expensive, especially if you’re getting an eticket and other places offer the same service for 10% or less
  5. All Points East Festival 2018

    This line up is gonna make me sabotage my pal’s wedding, so that his stag do that weekend is cancelled
  6. the "coolest" festival

    It’s probably worth bearing in mind that some of these millennials surveyed were 20 when the millennium arrived. Perhaps a lot of the responses were based on nostalgic memories, as opposed to “cool in the last three years”
  7. Latitude 2018

    I’m wondering if the reason for the three “APE Presents” gigs, as opposed to a two weekend festival, are because one or more of the acts are booked as a festival exclusive somewhere. Could see TWOD or Future Islands subbing Latitude, also hoping for Lykke Li, now that she’s touring again
  8. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I’m gutted, going down and staying in London for a long weekend the week after (Nils Frahm and Bonny Bear). Not sure I can justify two trips down in that space of time
  9. Latitude 2018

    Yeah, fits the bill quite well for a Sunday afternoon main stage slot
  10. Kendrick Lamar

    Axs. Prices are: £95 golden circle (insert "sick" emoji here) £70 standing £70/60/50 seats if you've got the o2 priority app it'll direct you to the axs "waiting room" where you can select tickets etc
  11. Latitude 2018

    It will have been 4 years ago (by the time the festival rolls around) and they've released 2 albums in between. I don't think they'll headline, and I'm not sure if they'd take the same slot again but I wouldn't say that it would be because it's too soon
  12. Latitude 2018

    It never gets crazy muddy, especially at the main stage. Something to do with being at the top of a hill and/or the soil type, I'd guess. The dust is a fucker in the particularly dry years though
  13. Bon Iver 2017

    Yes please, if no one's already asked
  14. Latitude 2018

    Gonna sub LCD Soundsystem
  15. LCD Soundsystem....

    There were quick scans, not sure if you could get away with flashing ID confidently. I didn't see anyone get turned away, but that doesn't mean it wasn't happening