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  1. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Never been, but that lineup is making me wish I wasn’t a 30-something married father...
  2. 2019 Headliners

    1975 Arctic Monkeys Beyonce
  3. Rolling Stones 2018 support act speculation

    James Bay would be the only one I’d have been genuinely disappointed with.
  4. Rolling Stones

    My guess would be LG 7-8 with the Stones 8.45-11.
  5. Rolling Stones

    What has Bobby done to upset them?
  6. Rolling Stones 2018 support act speculation

    Happy enough with Liam but would have preferred Florence given the choice.
  7. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Happy enough with Liam. Always fancied seeing him but not enough to pay or pick him over any major festival clash. Would have preferred Florence though.
  8. Football 17/18

    I’m usually a big fan of Klopp’s but his post match comments were pretty twattish. How dare we not prepare the pitch in a manner that allows them to beat us... For the absolute shitshow thus season is been it's pretty funny that we’ve played Liverpool three times and not lost.
  9. Football 17/18

    He’s certainly doing his chances no harm with each match. Personally I have my doubts that he’s ready for what will be a huge job next season, but he’s a hugely popular figure at the club and would have the backing of the fans.
  10. All Points East Festival 2018

    Just stick them on Twickets.
  11. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Very tempted by those Pixies gigs...
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    You've never lived.
  13. All Points East Festival 2018

    Anyone had their eTickets through yet? My paper ones for LCD have arrived but waiting on the National ones.
  14. Album of the Year 2017

    Seeing as it was asked for in the New Music Thread: 10. Superfood - Bambino 9. The Horrors - V 8. Lorde - Melodrama 7. Black Grape - Pop Voodoo 6. Kendrick Lamar - Damn 5. Noel Gallagher - Who Built The Moon? (I'm as shocked about this as anyone, but it's really good!) 4. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream 3. Idles - Brutalism 2. Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life 1. The National - Sleep Well Beast
  15. Football 17/18

    I give him till Christmas.
  16. All Points East Festival 2018

    Six quid for a warm can...
  17. The Elusive Chanteuse

    One billion people and they pick the foreign established pop star???
  18. Football 17/18

    Shaqiri has been in the PL for three seasons now. Other than a world class goal at Everton what else has he contributed? His impact on the league has been pretty minimal.
  19. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    The Stones (although Adele was close), before that Blur.
  20. Football 17/18

    It’s all cyclical, I pissed myself laughing when Wolves and Villa went down. Now they’re on the rise and we have to take our medicine. Few years from now things will change again and hopefully we’ll be laughing again.
  21. Football 17/18

    Saddens me though that we’ve been in the PL eight consecutive years and in that time have contributed the square root of fuck all. Our relegation will be met by a shrug from most fans.
  22. Football 17/18

    Can’t argue with that. Every team outside the top six/seven has their time eventually.
  23. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Of the ones I’ve been to: 09, 13, 04, 11, 10, 17, 14, 15, Pablo Honey, 05, 16, 07
  24. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Adele was the best thing about 2016, really enjoyed Beck too (shite crowd notwithstanding) and Art Garfunkel. The rest was fairly “meh”.
  25. The Gaming Thread

    Spent my morning commute playing FM and listening to Pixies. It was like being 15 again.

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