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  1. Old Music Thread

    I'm curious if your post before editting was "Seriously WTF?" lol I get wierded out how some bands just skip past or are just background and you never really investigate them, years later you listen and find out that not only do you really like them but you seem to know a lot of the words despite not recognising the name at all
  2. Old Music Thread

    Cor lots to get through in this thread. This week I discovered Mazzy Star
  3. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    Rather glad if I'm honest.... feels like stress dodged and holiday time freed up for next year at the moment
  4. One month on...

    Hah! Just how it looks I imagine there would be some funny sights in the early hours of people still trying to be proper, glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm not sure it can be fair to compare other festivals against the whole of Glastonbury, it spreads itself so wide. Bits of it can be beaten though, and the vibe can be nicer away from the bucket listers I reckon
  5. One month on...

    was it as posh at it looks like it could be?
  6. Boomtown Fair 2017

    The queries that you ponder, there are questions you should ask - but what you really should be thinking - WHO'S THE MIND BEHIND THE MASK? Already excited for next year. As put so very well by the Independent "Just bear in mind once you go to this festival, everything else will feel a bit tame..." http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/boomtown-2017-music-and-mayhem-gives-a-welcome-break-from-reality-a7897401.html
  7. Acts you don't "get"

    Watched the show, still meh on the National here too - tho I do get it, it's just not warranting the excitement it seems to get..... Having more fun hunting the right shooting stars remix this afternoon
  8. Acts you don't "get"

    Is true, and there's some VERY fast and loud rocky stuff I like - it's funny where the lines end up falling I'd love to argue with that, but there is still House music so I can't defend it all wholeheartedly
  9. Acts you don't "get"

    I have all sorts of issues with metal. I think I can 'get' almost any kind of music even when I don't like it and have only bad things to say about it, but a lot of metal I don't get at all - it's like someone gave them an entirely different impression of what music was meant to be about and that it was actually just a competition to play as "loud" and fast as possible.
  10. Glasto 2017 from the eyes of a first timer

    I wouldn't be worrying about that There are some people who just aren't bothered by it all, but if it presses your button it stays down for many many years. Lovely read - next time the fling will turn into a love affair - hope you make it!
  11. Boomtown?

    They've never sold out quickly before - with the lack of lineup at release and it being out of the mainstream pop music thing it's appeal is limited
  12. Boomtown?

    This is a blessing - the place can be a nightmare when you've actually got a full line-up to see and rush around! There are too many crazy distractions to actually manage it and you'll miss loads There are people who go just for the games.... I have never found the time but the space kittens from our group who did were loving it
  13. Boomtown?

    I used to think you were such a nice chap
  14. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Back and very broken from a rather harder work Boomtown... that was rough. My feet feel totally pulverised and I've done something awful to my left big toe, but reality is starting to creep back in. Seemed like it took a day longer than usual for the vibe to really settle after the unfortunate queue chaos and mud-shock - was just incredible how many people had turned up in their nice white trainers considering the obvious weather issues, but by Saturday almost everything was completely solid again and all the colour came back The scanners failing on the public gates is a curse and blessing. After that happened all new supershiny scanners that worked FAR FAR better than anything we've had in the past 5 years turned up - it may have been enough of a whoopsie to kick The Ticket Sellers into action and could well mean it'll all run more smoothly next year. The new bar folk seemed to run things better too but no Black Rat to be found anywhere sadly. Friends who played through the game/story stuff said it was great fun and had a variety of mad experiences, seems it could end several ways - still failed to do it myself though! All the BHI stuff was very slick with the ads and videos all over. Great step up from last time The Jolly Dodger was missed apparently it had rot. Seems there might be big changes next year with full on redevelopment of Mayfair by Banghai Industries, the Lion's Den having an entire new crew and threats of Oldtown getting bulldozered. The next chapter title has been revealed as "The Machine Cannot Be Stopped" 16th - 19th Aug
  15. Boomtown Fair 2017

    It's been hammering it most of today... Production side is a bomb site, public areas not so bad as folk have tried to keep off it. It's all gonna be down to when this stops and how quickly it all drains. Should be walking boots stuff.... Will go have a look in the bowl later and report back