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  1. Take it if you're worried, it's a small item. Beware taking antihistamines when you don't need to - they can dramatically affect how your body copes with alcohol, which might be a thing at the festival.
  2. I sense you've not been through this thread when things are actually looking bad....
  3. Permaculture garden has suitable ponds, it rarely lasts into the festival though due to sheer number of people for them to hit
  4. Walking boots seem like an unnecessary extra until you've twisted an ankle and had it cost you days of festival.
  5. The impromptu water sculpture my flatmate has assembled in the courtyard in a last desperate attempt to cool the flat would lead me to concur with this assessment. Also one of my active speakers blew up
  6. Working now? Matt, on a scale of 1-10 how glad are you that you found Glastonbury?
  7. Applying human emotions is going a bit far no?
  8. Latest GFS and it's ensembles out now - still looking mighty fine major breakdown after the festival, several days after though - long may it stay that way
  9. Is anyone taking bets? I'll put a couple on didn't try and book it until the weather looked alright - but I'm an old cynic
  10. I think that's the Monday before the festival
  11. Everybody fingers crossed for Guy's van now the weather is sorted I reckon! In something of a state of disbelief it's about to be the festival with all the weather and the chaos going on.
  12. Isn't that what some aim for though? Preferably with a minimal body count but a maximal security response - secures funding, creates jobs etc in a time when cuts are rife.
  13. It's traditionally the farmer's one, and used to be the best you could get Now we have the onlines and it tortures us.
  14. not really afaik, it's more maintain than recover