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  1. OBface


    @Tuna @Mezhyp1 no ticket for me 😭 Have muted everything Glastonbury related as I really can't cope. Make sure you have a dance for me... preferably in the Downlow! Everything crossed for next year. Have fun everyone! xx
  2. OBface


    We had 52 people trying - 6 tickets bought. Not sure I can wait out the 6 months of pain for resale but might change my mind.
  3. OBface


    Same. The whole thing was brutal.
  4. 6/52 for us (not my group). All regulars. Tried both coach sale and today. Made worse by the fact I got through on Thursday but got the message saying I wasn't selecting the right number of tickets for registrations (I was) and someone else failed for me at the payment stage. Desolate.
  5. GOOD LUCK EFESTERS! In a just world we'd all be through in the first five minutes... fingers crossed.
  6. I really hope so. This year feel different somehow though. We had over 50 people trying and not a sniff. Pretty much all who'd been multiple times and know the deal on ticket day. Maybe more trying after the fallow year?
  7. I had this as well as some others in our group. Very very frustrating.
  8. Nothing here. Got through to the booking page but repeatedly came up with an error message saying all registrations had to select the same ticket type (they were) or only keeping the lead booker and no one else. Out of 52 people trying 4 tickets were secured (using spaces in another group). Not hopeful for Sunday.
  9. Good luck everyone! Just driven (the 10 minutes) home just in case of traffic issues. Shitting it.
  10. This only works for me in the lead booker box (tried all the short keys I set up) - what am I doing wrong?!
  11. Am I to take it that Despacio is going to clash with the stages rather than be post headliner? (massive wishful thinking on my part)
  12. OBface


    Yep! All Saturday tickets sold out as soon as they came online. Like within 5 seconds. Looks like public supply was very very limited. Lots of crew and performers missed out as well.
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