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  1. Hahaha are you thinking of Nordic Spirit? It's snus. They've been everywhere they can with their table tennis schtick, being ignored. Hence quite hilarious you thinking it's vodka
  2. I feel your suffering, did the same journey in. There are more hills than I was previously aware of too, and tbh I was OK not knowing. Was much more civilised up there than I imagined
  3. No messing around there, that'd have been 177,777 over four days!
  4. Yup it's rain. We called the rain on Friday "added value" to the FourTet set, pretty as heck. I'm used to the bar staff getting a relatively poor deal but seizing passports and confinement are proper offences which has crossed the line. Their people management system failed too and didn't register some people's shifts so they got thrown out and are stuck with no pay and no passport, or gave them no shifts on arrival leaving them penned if all the stories are true.
  5. Great to see you again on such good form - I have found an answer to the bar thing - Freemans/Mint treated their staff appallingly taking their passports and penning them in outside of shift hours etc, will have been the least motivated bar staff in the world ever
  6. Yup exactly all of that. I think it can take it though, but will need some movement on the big stages to accommodate the inevitable extra crowds there. When you see the aerial shots they've got loads of room it's' quite amazing how much more efficient they've made their setup down there. Vegan stuff tends to be pretty salty which definitely helps.
  7. This made me lol - it's still a proper assault on the body, but nobody here was unaware! I really want to hear what the boardmasters refugees thought. Bumped into one tonight who'd missed the last tickets and she was fuming I'm hoping a lot of the extra capacity they've been granted goes on staff to better handle the venues that are ending up with queues
  8. They shouldn't be getting on anything tbh, they're working - properly working. They should be subjected to dogs and sobriety checks and held to a higher standard than the punters. The level of car crash of it turning out some coked up security beat someone and their tent was full of confiscated drugs should terrify management. I think if they tested them and searched their vans on the way in/out this'd already be over. They refused to let us even stop their vans to check wristbands last time we were doing gates, whole thing stunk.
  9. Wobble over, I'm there. Couldn't not be after that. Scoping out actual pre-festival work which would be nice
  10. It was all much more involved in the story world https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZKLvOPKBNnAmsS-0BN7iN4pOOG8JBx-B/view Yeah could have been longer, but basically we've been saved from destruction
  11. What did you get? I'm absolutely thrilled by my 187,286 steps complete with a run up the hill at the end to try and stop the helpless dancing. Came out the same weight I went in despite god knows how much drink and many many meals a day Just need a good stretch out
  12. Fan-fucking-tastic. An absolute classic, if anything only helped by the weather making things dramatic and interesting Helluva lot of good bands seen. Submotion Orchestra, Grouch in Dub, Xavier Rudd, Talisk, Infected Mushroom, King Kong Company, Bellatrix, Kosheen, Beans and Gogol Bordello all fantastic. Caught Kate Tempest again going with the group flow - had to swallow a lot of giggles at a bunch of younger citizens dragged by a mate and completely broadsided, busy apologising for needing to wait to stop crying before they could leave. Bunch of new proper fans made right there. Four Tet's set in the rain on Nucleus was everything I've hoped for from a Four Tet set that I'd felt denied, Alkan excellent after. The Saturday night at Relic from Chase & Status on was just gold, that whole day was pretty much two stages for me and glorious for it. The layout and set upgrades were extensive - barely knew my way around Downtown and Metropolis's towers were as impressive in their simplicity as the massive murals in Barrio Loco. The New Town Centre was impressive but I sorely miss all the projection mapping. It made for a particularly unique and interesting centrepiece. The rear of the set was mostly dressed too so very little scaffold on sight which really added to the feeling it was all solid. Relic's collapsed and precarious looking state was just glorious with the design and lighting planned tightly together. You'll see a lot of videos, it's far better when it's quite so gobsmackingly large with an endless sea of raving people in front of it. The sound was far far better and handled really professionally throughout, when it used to wander and get worse over the weekend seeming more like it was thrown together than properly planned. This was almost all tight straight away across the whole of the big arenas - and O M G the level it got to during the closing show at Relic - I can only assume everything else on that side of the festival had shut to make that OK. Genuinely one of the loudest outdoors things I've seen. For years after it shuts down at midnight the end of the festival has been full of roaming hoards desperate for more, it seemed much happier this time. Even the campsites were relatively calm - while I still heard a few grumblers almost everyone I asked thought they nailed it. Seemed like fewer food options? Urinals still not signposted in any way whatsoever and fenced off in the same style as everything else - they were essentially private facilities for the first two days. By Sunday it was hard to leave a busy one without a conversation and finding people sitting down in them - fecking boomtown. The theatrics didn't really intrude into normal citizen's lives other than the shows and changes in AMI - felt a bit more distant but still there as something changing. Despite that I think this one finally beat Behind the Mask. Really hope they'll put more into making the story intrusive for everyone as it was back then but otherwise sign me up now. What's that Glastonbury? You've got Iicon now? Hold my beer....
  13. Thursday yes, then there's the rather excellent Talisk on at Old Town Square at 8 The facebookers are having their meet at 6.30 there too so will be getting pretty busy, but they usually take over the seating area on OT side
  14. App is finally working! Ish. Just in time. Kinda glad we didn't get going super early having watched all that go past
  15. Weather report from up the A3 - some rain. Little blips coming through by the looks of the radar, fairly heavy but short-lived.
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