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  1. My apologies wasn't meaning to pressure you to drink, just answering a few other people's questions too It's a great festival if you're not 100% as it's all so flat. Was the first one I could dance at again after my thing as I wasn't so knackered from everything else, hopefully will be good for you too
  2. What we all need is proper driveways and gardens for our campsites, just to make a point. It did really surprise me how organised the paths were on the close up overhead shots they showed to make the point about tents being cleared, it'd be fascinating to trace it all. That picture is pretty great and a high rez one will be awesome if you're allowed it. I bet WV are really happy with their indian blanket tribute and wow the east car parks are small these days.
  3. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    That's rather lucky/unlucky, particularly as it's unfortunate that I think that's the only such incident I've heard someone talk about directly. I know more people who've been flooded out
  4. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    Spot on. It's all very Jeremy Vine show with the old lady on the phone congratulating herself for going to scream at the boys jumping off the pier because "someone will die one of these days!" just before saying she's been doing it for thirty years and it's not happened yet. Evidence counts more than worry.
  5. frostypaw


    I thought the sound levels were pretty great this year, and only really had to whinge about the Glade thumping over the quiet bits at the Other and Stonebridge managing the same near the Park - those venues need a bit of a rethink IMHO. Sustaining the Glade at that size and volume isn't really a thing while acts are on the Other. Was waiting to comment on this thread as we got our noise levels properly tested for workplace safety at one venue last week. Grazed in 2dB below the limit (83.2 aeq and 99.3 peaking) and we're mostly quieter than the festival as it's a very different environment. It's all good and fine wanting your eyeballs shaking but without everyone in earplugs you're just hurting people or yourself - it's better having it this way for everyone, go stand in front of the stacks/subs if you want really want that.
  6. Not far at all, it's tiny. Car parks right up to the gate, a few minute's amble to the campsite entrance kinda thing. They won't have any issue with you re-parking, you've paid for weekend parking - I suspect many locals will be doing similar and having their own bed If you look on the google maps satellite view and see the Lovell Tree Collectoin the car parks/entrance are the northern side of it at it's closest approach to the field, the campsites the southern with their entrance directly opposite - you can see a worn out patch in the grass Also: Pretty sure you have to approach from Bomish Lane Roots stage is indeed outside Alcohol is freely taken to the campsite pretty much, but not into the arena
  7. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    Why are people still talking as if fires were banned when they weren't? I thought the little paths and campsite hubs were a great idea and should be expanded. Bring back some of that magic - loved finding random campsite art installations
  8. I think that's a reasonable bet as they have embraced the Extinction Rebellion thing. Don't look at the weather, but the models seem to imply it's a lump happening to pass over us - doesn't have to move much to miss entirely so fingers crossed.
  9. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    Check out the old Radiohead pyramid set video and you can see campfires starting from halfway up the field mid performance. The complaining about smelling of smoke thing drives me nuts. Even as an ex-smoker still maddens me that the biggest issue people had was "my hair smells" not "cancer" ffs humans sort your shit out.
  10. frostypaw

    Camp Fires

    This and the wandering from fire to fire full of excited life recounting the days adventures and madness until the sun started to rise and we all headed to the stone circle was part of what I loved so much. All basically gone since the SE corner
  11. frostypaw


    This. And spark showers out the sides, or maybe wings - actually why not both? Also RGB strobes of the type that can pretend to be more innocent until BOOM
  12. free copies on organic bleach free paper available from the lockups next year
  13. This is about on entrance isn't it?
  14. No. All stuff you've made up between the lines, especially the last bit which is wildly, flagrantly and ridiculously wrong. The police and council and festival produce documents about this stuff, they're worth a read to see what they're concerned about. There is a huge undercover operation - this year was unusual seeing more uniformed officers thurs-sat - and it's all focused on people watching and tracking what's going on to find dealers and stop the supply market. They've completely destroyed the roving dealer thing that used to go on, and the amount of people shouting out what they've got to sell is tiny these days. There are cameras in all sorts of discrete places watching, it's not hard to spot the folk up to no good. They do search, they do check - but in reality the only things such efforts catch is the amateurs and youngsters. I've had security take one or two things out of my bag just looking me in the eye then say "i wouldn't find anything anyway would I" enough times to know they're all aware how screwy it is really. That part is more about weapons, glass and egregious nonsense than thinking they'll strip every pill off every punter. That's not 'their' policy at all, that's just festival security in general.
  15. Nothing special or clever to it really - the festival's been running for ages and had time to go from complete free-for-all through trying to regulate and now settling on this dealer focused approach. The vast vast majority of drug problems are dealer related. People generally want to take care of themselves and each other and just have a good time. Left to their own devices they'll get known things of known strength from friends who've tried them already rather than randoms from some dodgy deep in the crowd, and have fewer accidents on account of it. Security and police have both been on record saying it's mostly better dealing with people on things other than alcohol as they're less violent and nasty. It's not really in anyone's interest to upset the boat.
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