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  1. Green Man Festival 2018

    Why stop there. Be greedy. Let's have both of them.
  2. Latitude 2018

    Well I'd buy a ticket for that, which I'm not likely to do if we get the equivalent of this year's dross.
  3. Top 5 Performances 2017

    Car Seat Headrest Lucinda Williams Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever The Surfing Magazines W.H.Lung
  4. 2017 - How was it for you?

    I saw Car Seat Headrest last Tuesday at the O2 Forum Kentish Town. Whereas at GM, Will just said 'this is a James Brown number', at the O2 Will explained they were close to the end of the cycle of playing the 2 Teens albums and were getting rather bored by it and were yearning to move on, so they often now mess around with other stuff as a relief to try and stay fresh, then they played the James Brown number. I rather felt that the EOTR perfomance was a game of 2 halves, get the 'hits' out of the way and then play the non-standard stuff that hasn't been part of the set for the last 2 years. Didn't lessen the performance in any way, but I think it does rather summarise the issue for bands that have been playing basically the same set for 2 years, and I know CSH have because I'd seen them a couple of times before the O2 performance.
  5. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Agreed, and I do hope you're right about that, but then we may run into a clash with Japandroids? So if that happens, it needs to be the one you saw during the day clashing with Japandroids. So it comes down to a coin toss. It all gets very complicated.
  6. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    So you've now got the problem that a number of us have: Nap Eyes vs. Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever clash.
  7. Festival Buddy for End of the Road Festival

    That's a pretty good description. And we will be roughly where the 'G' of 'General Camping' is on the map above and to the right of where the Public Showers are marked. We should be there with the flag up fairly soon after the site opens on the Thursday.
  8. New Site Map

    I think it is pretty much where Karaoke in the Bath was last year.
  9. Learnings from Green Man

    Set was more of the same; not many numbers but, as per the 2 Spotify tracks, longish ones. Rough Trade should have the single with those 2 tracks (got mine at GM - have to keep waiting for my wife to go out before I can play them with the dial suitably turned up). Also I confirmed with Rough Trade that will have some CSH vinyl.
  10. Festival Buddy for End of the Road Festival

    Dom, we are going to be in the spot again, with the same flag, and many of the same cast of welcoming, friendly faces, although maybe not the Cherry Bakewell Tart vodka.
  11. Weather

    Probably should have included this in my Learnings from Green Man: BBC Weather Forecasts more than 12 hours ahead can be complete bollocks, and those under 12 hours at least partial bollocks (although this may of course only apply to Welsh mountains river valleys). This can work either, sun instead of rain, and rain instead of sun.
  12. Learnings from Green Man

    W.H. Lung were sensationally good. I can't recommend them highly enough. If the Clashfinder is correct and WH. Lung clashes with Car Seat Headrest (and BoH), then a lot of people are going to miss an amazing set, and going to have to make a very difficult choice. Probably best not to introduce Aldous Harding as Aldous Huxley. If there is a more bone-headed line-up decision ever than putting on Aldous Harding in the Big Top, I can't think of it. Clearly should be Garden Stage.
  13. Green Man Festival 2017

    Nathan Ball, WH Lung, Fionn Regan, Kikagaku Moyo, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Chris Forsyth and Gill Landry were all on my 'A' list, but its a bit of a clash fest.
  14. Green Man Festival 2017

    You might do if you are stewarding or glamping, but I wouldn't know about that. As an ordinary punter, you pay for a programme and lanyard. I seem to remember it being £7 last year, but I could be wrong about the price. Hopefully, as in previous years, before the festival proper starts, a steward or settler will get hold of the stage times and sending photos of it to someone who can update the clashfinder.
  15. Festival Buddy for End of the Road Festival

    Hi Dominic, I would expect us (Happy Campers) to be in roughly the same spot again this year, but can confirm nearer the date. At the moment it is only on FB, not WA.