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  1. I went to EOTR on my own last year; the first time I've ever gone to a festival on my own. I'd been to EOTR before so I knew what to expect which took some of the nervousness out of it, but apart from when I first walked in on the Thursday afternoon I didn't really feel self-conscious at all, particularly when the music started. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly at EOTR and to be honest I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to nip from stage to stage whenever I wanted. In fact I'd say EOTR is probably one of the better festivals to do on your own for the first time
  2. Not a huge amount I'm familiar with in today's announcement, but I'm happy with that. Reasearching and discovering is part of the EOTR buildup. That said, am I wrong to still be hoping Stereolab may yet be announced? Seeing as they are playing elsewhere on the same weekend.
  3. Keeley Forsyth would fit in nicely.
  4. If she doesn't appear in the official lineup, then hopefully she'll turn up on the Piano Stage.
  5. That would be very nice. Be hard to top that Perfume Genius/Bill Callahan double-header in the rain in 2017 though.
  6. Other than the acts playing Manchester Psych Festival, does anybody know of any EOTR-types acts who have gigs or other festivals in August/September and could therefore be in the second announcement? I see Passenger and Gruff Rhys are playing Mosely Festival on the same weekend.
  7. I think you've probably got most of that spot on, although I think Aldous Harding would fit much better on the Garden stage. Plus I can see Richard Hawley subbing the Woods. It does highlight though that there is probably at least one Garden and one Big top headliner to come, plus various subs, so still some decent-sized names to come in the next announcement.
  8. WH Lung Penelope isles Lanterns on the Lake Andy Shauf Toy
  9. That's a great shout. I never got to see Galaxie 500 live so I'd be thrilled with this.
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts on the possibility of Midlake playing in 2020? I'm sure Eric Pulido's comments during his set this year ("..maybe I'll come back next year with some friends") were light-hearted but they have played before, like the festival and Simon is a fan. Plus EOTR has history of getting acts returning after a hiatus. I've no idea if they'd still be headliner status now though.
  11. I thought they were great. It's been a few years since I saw them so it was good to hear the 'And nothing hurt' stuff even though I'd have preferred a few more LAGWAFIS tracks. Seemed to go down well with the majority of the crowd too. Setlist Hold on (intro) Come together Shine a light Soul on fire She kissed me Then most (all?) of And nothing hurt in sequence. Oh! Happy day
  12. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check these out.
  13. Does anyone have any recommendations for folk/Americana acts on the bill this year please? Some of my favourite EOTR performances have been those chilled-out, afternoon, more gentle/twee acts. Thanks.
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