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  1. I should have probably got the name the correct way around although I doubt they're playing either...
  2. Are Rolling Coastal Blackout Fever likely to play on one of the main days as well as the Monday?
  3. Either way Sunday is going to be massive...
  4. Wow, those clashes are harsh if correct.
  5. True, it's more recently they've become so popular. GM have certainly had enough time to be flexible on the stage splits though!
  6. IDLES surely won't be in the tent either; that would be ridiculous given their current standing and Glastonbury reaction.
  7. Aren't Big Thief playing the Sunday as well? That's well stacked...
  8. I'm not a fan so wasn't advocating this! I find it strange how vague they've been in the updates and the lack of last headliner.
  9. I think it's been mentioned previously but do you think it could be Christine and the Queens (Chris) and they're holding off announcing her due to APE?
  10. Could be Doves or Foals with upcoming tours being announced?
  11. Saw Ladytron on Sunday and think they'd be a good fit for the Far Out Tent.
  12. Mountain and Far Out are about 10 mins from each other. Obviously if you're front row Mountain Stage this might slow things down...
  13. To be fair Iceage just bumped one of those artists off...
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