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  1. Anyone else raging at National Express not offering the group discount this year? Hoping to get enough people fired up that something can be done about it. £100 to get to Glasto on top of ticket price is ridiculous. I paid £66 last year. 😞 As the environmental factor is mentioned on the Glastonbury/National Express page you would think they would be making it more affordable for all.
  2. I'm really fancying a Saturday day ticket as I love Mystery Jets. Love the idea of them limiting ticket sales so it has an intimate atmosphere. Loved Glastonbury this year but the only pain in the arse is the size of it/ridiculous amount of people everywhere.
  3. Large group of us going with tickets this year, however a friend has just decided she cannot miss out so has bought a ticket off a random. I think her spontaneity of deciding a day before and her 'fuck it' attitude is what keeps the Glastonbury spirit alive, much like what you are planning to do and the positive responses received in this forum. Rock on! ? I however, for the last few Glastos, have experienced squeaky bum time/sweaty palms when i'm at the gate showing my ticket that actually has my picture on, so I think i'd be the one to just watch it on the BBC from a camping chair in my living room if I was unlucky with tickets. Best of luck and gan radge when you're in there. X
  4. Why can't I see this on the webcam? I thought it would have been easy to spot haha
  5. So.. is he on? Any further info? My group have just got a flag of him printed for the campsite
  6. According to National Express we arrive 6.45am Wednesday. I know from experience this means nothing.. 2014 - smooth sailing the year we decided to get a coach from London. 2015 - booked a private coach as it was cheaper, big mistake as we ended up in the shuttle bus queue for 5 hours as the sun came up. 2016 - National Express, from Leeds this time. Arrival was meant to be 6.30am however we ended up onsite about 1pm due to the flooding. 2017 - National Express from Newcastle. Tickets were part of the coach package so the time was assigned to us. I remember getting there a lot later than the rest of the group going from Leeds but apart from the long journey time I think this one went okay! 2019 - tbc
  7. betharm


    Thanks! really enjoyed it. Went down far too easy.
  8. betharm


    I was wanting a stash of Old Rosie but settled for Westons Wyld Wood. Not seen it before, just on ASDA's bottom shelf. This stuff is 6% and comes in a 3L box. Dangerous but giving it a little try now.. just a small glass
  9. betharm

    Crow's Nest

    Self Esteem at the Crows Nest wooooooooo
  10. Glasto booked Marti Pellow... uh oh..
  11. This thread is me all over. I definitely post the most in our group glasto chat, I've been pestering them all for their clashfinders. I've got my clothes ready, booze bought, tent out ready to go. I've done the trip to Poundland for the shewee, rain ponchos, rennies etc. I feel I am ready/excited too early but I am glad this forum is with me :-)
  12. Stormzy (maybe, saw him at Big Weekend and had a great time but I'm thinking maybe use this time for exploring while everyone's at a headline act). Hot Chip (definitely - but i'll be gutted if the John Peel TBA is Foals or Robyn). Janelle Monae (devastated that Christine is on at the same time but JM wins for me).
  13. betharm


    This video has got me knee deep in the land of YouTube Glasto video blogs. Some of these people are unbearable but I'm so desperate for glasto footage it is worth it. Even though I'm appreciative of these videos now, I can't imagine spending my Glastonbury filming everything. Much prefer to be in the moment.
  14. betharm


    Wow just watched. I'm obsessed.
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