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  1. I don't even know what to expect of the Wormhole but any announcement is a good announcement.
  2. An inpatient looking Alice in wonderland gif has been sent The Wormholes' way.. I'm working at 5pm tonight so knowing my luck it'll be then
  3. betharm

    Resale Club 2019

    Just thought I'd check in and wish you all the best of luck, I'll be on trying for pals but of course will be checking back on the spread sheet if I get anywhere. Remember, today might not work out well but don't feel too sad as we also have Sunday ♡♡♡♡ xx
  4. I'd love her during the day on the pyramid. I can't remember what time Katy Perry played but around then would be perfect.
  5. I am sure this caters to lots of people's tastes but to me this announcement seems so plain. I'm a big Foals fan so I'm excited they will be in my area, if only they had The Vaccines/Editors/Glasvegas support day. Not a big fan of Noel G or any of the Foals supports. Waiting on the Stereophonics support as a 3 day ticket could be fun if I have the money. It is about a 20 min walk from me so it's a shame to miss it.
  6. betharm

    Emily interview

    Had to just spread a few angry reacts to the Facebook comments of the announcement. 'Downward spiral' my arse. Janelle will put on a fantastic show.
  7. Stealing Sheep also.
  8. Lady Gaga Robyn Post Malone The Strokes Primal Scream
  9. betharm

    Other Stage

    I wanna see Chvrches headline Other (personal preference - they did a great job of subbing New Order in 2016. Not sure by June 2019 they would be put that high up though). I reckon The Streets is also a good shout. Then maybe either someone like The Vaccines or an older, more 'legendary' act. Or GAGA.
  10. betharm

    Parquet Courts

    Hmmm.. they maybe aren't the best band to see if you aren't too familiar with their work. Oh well, the lights were a nice touch.
  11. betharm

    Parquet Courts

    Seeing them in Newcastle tonight although I am only familiar with the few songs i've heard on the radio (Got the tickets on a BOGOF deal from a friend). The setlist from last night is 21 songs! Will be an interesting show based on the above comments. I was going to try learn more songs in the last few days but it's nice to be surprised sometimes.
  12. I'd just like to say what a great festival this is! I will definitely be returning. Saw some amazing bands, met lovely festival goers and other volunteers. Such a friendly atmosphere, and so tiny it's impossible to get lost and easy to nip between stages. Highlights for me were: Girl Ray (the sun was out after a horrible morning of rain - I nearly went home in a strop but so happy I stuck it out), Melenas and Colour Me Wednesday. Of course the campsite disco deserves a mention, can't beat a good dance to indie bangers - even Moldy Peaches got a spin! Such an excellent weekend. I have officially found my field of bumblebees.
  13. Got my rota. Still get to see 6 out of the 8 bands I wanted to see which is really good. Lots of time in between to see new things. Very excited for my adventure!
  14. I really enjoyed Friendly Fires at TRSNMT. I am a big fan of them and everyone else on the line up that day, so to me they weren't really out of place. It was a good opportunity to see them after all these years, so I can't really disagree with them being on. Obviously the golden circle wasn't great as there was a lot of space which could have been filled with more dancing bodies (think I was the only one moving), but I don't really think that impacted performance, they still seemed pretty chuffed just to be back which was lovely.
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