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  1. First announcement 2018

    It doesn't usually sell out until about 4-6 weeks before. This year might be different with Glastonbury not being on, but I'll be stunned if it sells out before the beginning of July. There were approximately 100 musical acts over the whole weekend last year, and 62 acts announced so far this year. We're still in for another fairly hefty announcement, which is likely to include some pretty decent sized acts. It's far from done.
  2. Predictions for 2018

    They didn't, they were in the Big Top. Unless there was a secret set that I missed. They were phenomenal that year though. Such a great band.
  3. Predictions for 2018

    I heard that Feist was actually meant to play last year, but something happened to prevent it. Would explain the strange promotion of JAMC to Woods Stage headliner. She will definitely headline the Woods Stage, she is far too big for the Garden Stage.
  4. British Summer Time 2018

    Well, Squeeze might be alright, I suppose. Richard Ashcroft though
  5. Predictions for 2018

    The Friday was fabulous last year:
  6. Predictions for 2018

    2016 the Saturday was a wash-out, 2017 the Sunday was as relentlessly grim as you could ever expect. But the rest of those weekends have been fine to glorious.
  7. Predictions for 2018

  8. Predictions for 2018

    Incredible. Fucking stunning! So much fist pumping going on as each name was revealed on the video. Solid from beginning to end.
  9. Predictions for 2018

    I think EOTR have always had a very strong female presence, and I think you're right. But going back on what I just said with regards to "mass appeal not being as important as simply the right artists", I guess everything would have to align to get three female headliners touring and with material to promote ready at the same time. That's more of a comment on the industry though, as opposed to a slight against EOTR's booking policy. I mean, of EOTR type acts, who would be feasible headliners right now? Angel Olsen Courtney Barnett Sharon Van Etten Bjork PJ Harvey Joanna Newsom Yeah Yeah Yeahs St Vincent Sleater Kinney Laura Marling First Aid Kit
  10. Predictions for 2018

    Nervous Conditions won't play. Not with recent allegations hanging over the lead singer.
  11. Predictions for 2018

    The same Ezra Furman who is playing Brixton Academy this year. Selling out Brixton is a different story though, I grant you. But it's fair to say his stock has risen enough that he potentially be a Woods Stage headliner. Don't forget that Animal Collective, JAMC and Bat For Lashes have headlined in recent years. Nobody would peg them as big enough to sell out a venue of that size either. Sometimes I don't think it matters too much whether they have the mainstream appeal. An EOTR crowd is a more discerning audience, and will generally welcome a headliner if their show warrants it. Ezra's probably does but it only seems lazy because he's played a fair amount in recent years
  12. Predictions for 2018

    I'd take that in a heartbeat.
  13. Predictions for 2018

    Predictos (of artists who have not been mentioned yet): King Krule King Gizzard Ezra (Sandy) Alex G Flat Worms
  14. Predictions for 2018

    It's what we've all been waiting for. It has to happen one day and I know Simon was at his Union Chapel show (which was brilliant!), so I'm hoping he chatted Will up then
  15. Predictions for 2018

    Thing about the lower tier acts at Green Man this year is that a huge amount of them played EOTR last year. There's definitely some good stuff there, but nothing that really makes me sit up and say "Wow! Wish EOTR had got them!". Obviously early days though. I hope next week's announcement gives me something to get excited about. I mean, there will undoubtedly be a loads that I love, but I really want a few acts that I haven't seen loads of times before haven't seen fairly recently are new and exciting to me But I guess that's what we all want really.