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  1. Field Day 2018

    The Instagram post is a collection of people asleep, none of the other images suggest camping:
  2. Predictions for 2018

    Don't usually get the first announcement until around mid-Feb, so a long time to wait yet.
  3. British Summer Time 2018

    Got some tickets for this. Family day out with my parents and sister. Good way to celebrate my dad's 70th next year.
  4. Predictions for 2018

    From the same year that Calexico last played, I'm amazed that Mercury Rev haven't played again since. Especially now that they're on Bella Union
  5. Predictions for 2018

    Kurt Vile and The Growlers have played before. The Growlers did a secret set "in disguise" when they played. I say "in disguise", but they basically blacked up.
  6. Predictions for 2018

    Did you see Will Oldham at the Union Chapel last month? He was bloody brilliant. I know Simon was there, hopefully tapping him up. And what is Pajo up to these days? Haven't heard from him in AGES
  7. Predictions for 2018

    But if we were to get ANY of these, I would be ecstatic: bonnie prince billy deerhunter julia holter deafheaven Nick cave nils frahm fuck buttons jim orourke david pajo
  8. Predictions for 2018

    You could have just written "All the bands" @wolfamongwolves
  9. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Even as a non-vegetarian, those seitan buffalo wings were like crack to me!
  10. Predictions for 2018

    The National must be high up their list of potential bookings. Beck too, I'd say. Heard a rumour that Feist was actually meant to headline this year, but stuff happened. So maybe she'll play next year instead. Smaller bands? Oh I don't know, after all the plaudits they've received this year, maybe WH Lung will be catapulted up the bill.
  11. 2017 - How was it for you?

    They do generally, although there were a few during Vaudou Game that made me laugh. Peter Solo made an example of a few on the barrier and even after being publicly shamed, they still didn't dance. There was also a dude in leather down the front, looking like some sort of weird SS agent in wellies, who was simply "too cool" to dance and enjoy himself. You could see the pretence crack every so often as the good times tried show their self in an unavoidable grin.
  12. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Cracking weekend again. Was a bit of a different experience for me this year as I was with a fairly large group of friends, as opposed to the usual wife and one mate. This meant that my priorities changed a little. Whereas I would normally spend the whole time, flitting around, trying to cram in as much music as I possibly could, I tended to loiter with my less-musically-enthusiastic friends a lot more (not at the front of a set, I hasten to add. Well out the way of others). Don't get me wrong, I still saw crap loads of great artists, but missing out on some things felt less of an issue. Fave acts of the weekend were, Jens, Perfume Genius, WH Lung, Japandroids, FJM, Vaudou Game, Parquet Courts, Bill Callahan, Blanck Mass and numerous others. Didn't get on board with Mac, I like his music, but I was just not engaged with his live show (I was also pretty drunk by this point). Also, Julie Byrne's set was spectacularly disappointing, as already mentioned. Was gutted to miss Alex Cameron as he was a must-see before the festival, but I simply got my timings wrong. Was also stood by the bar during Car Seat Headrest, chatting to some other friends, would have liked to got closer and more engaged in that set. Sounded really good. Chatterers and stage campers were their usual irritating selves, but I think the only time I really had issues with them was during Bill Callahan's and Nadia Reid's sets. They are just so ridiculously selfish and unaware of the nuisance they cause. I was queuing at the Beavertown bar, and there were a couple of lads absolutely bewildered that they'd been asked to shut up during a performance they previous day. Apparently they'd never experienced anything like that before and couldn't comprehend why it might happen. And guys, picnic blankets and chairs at the Garden Stage are a pain in the arse at the best of times, but those f**king inflatable sofa bag things are seriously taking the absolute piss. I'm actually not getting early birds this year, as I get back from a Mexican holiday two days before next years, and I'm not sure I can handle it with jet-lag. I'm fairly sure I will change my mind at a later date, especially if the line-up is as killer as it was this year. But I always feel this way after the misery of rain, so it may just be the comedown talking.
  13. EOTR Newbie

    Your other option, is put a shout out on the Happy Campers Facebook page. You might be able to convince a driver to run you down to the Tesco that isn't too far away.
  14. Bands for 2017

    Pinegrove and Flamingods were your traditional secret Tipi sets. Wild Beasts were a secret but in an announced slot, Jon Hopkins was a total surprise but I think he was only meant to be on the disco ship. The weather meant that he was moved to the Big Top, and it was mega!
  15. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Both of those strike me as exactly the sort of bands that would do late night secret Tipi sets