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  1. https://www.clashmusic.com/live/pixies-bright-eyes-for-end-of-the-road-2020
  2. My memory of that was that James refused to start their set until the game was over and so they had about 25 minutes left of their slot as people headed back to field and they finally took the stage. They came on and said that they had designed two set lists one for if England had lost. And a greatest hits set if they had won - cue a party as they started with She’s A Star, Sit Down and Laid..
  3. I’m dreaming too. Such a nice dream ?
  4. Saw Michael on his last tour and also at Neighbourhood Festival last summer and live he is stunning. His sound embraces psychedelia, soul and rock and he holds the attention of the audience transfixed by jams and intense playing. Surprised to see him at EOTR but very happy at the same time
  5. Surely she is? I assume Four Tet will be Thursday
  6. Why? Hasn’t played since first EOTR. Not played in UK for 2 years. Has a back catalogue to die for. Possibly his last tour for some time to come. Wears his heart on his sleeve and interacts with an audience in a way that so many headliners just fail to do! I get he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but why a boring booking?
  7. TheWizard62

    Summer Solstice

    Glastonbury is always held on the weekend when the Friday is the first Friday AFTER the Summer Soltice. So the earliest it can be is Friday 22nd and the latest - as in 2019 - is Friday 28th Hope that makes sense
  8. Do people honestly think that Glastonbury will have 3 headliners none of whom are a 'current' act commercially active, and 'popularly' relevant - just not going to happen in my view - a fallow year and then Glastonbury reinvents itself as a heritage festival?? Gaga was brilliant last time there's is no questioning that. I have never seen The Cure so I am excitedly by that possibility. However Paul McCartney was dreadful last time - the only time in 18 Glastonburys that I left a headline act on any stage to go and sit in a bar! I've avoided the Arctic Monkeys on the two previous occasions but in the absence of a Taylor swift or Kendrick then surely they must be the popular meat in the icon sandwich?
  9. Heard about the new Marianne Faithfull album on 6Music this morning featuring Nick Cave, Ed Harcourt and Mark Lanegan and that she is going to play live dates next year - got me wondering whether a project like this could fit the Garden Stage like the No Other Band did a few years ago?
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