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  1. Ufc

    just a heads up, the fights are on now. s. korea time diff ftw!   sexyama fight is great so far....
  2. Boxing

    Quite looking forward to this, will be watching a stream of it later. Thoughts? I'm no boxing aficionado, much prefer MMA these days, but its a pretty damn big fight. 4 belts on the line, and Fury has been entertaining so far with his shit talk. I just hope he can back it up in the ring. Never liked him over his comments on Cain Valasquez (Heavyweight MMA Champ at the time) but will be rooting for him tonight anyway. Great info and accurate times etc over here  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/boxing/12019241/What-time-is-Wladimir-Klitschko-vs-Tyson-Fury-what-TV-channel-where-will-fight-be-won-and-lost.html
  3. The Gaming Thread

    shadow of mordor is £25 this weekend for the GOTY edition. here   http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/black-friday/xbox-one
  4. The Gaming Thread

    for all xbox one owners, "Borderlands : The Handsome Collection" bundle, digital edition is on the xbox one store for £18 this weekend. also, the wolfenstein bundle is £13, loads of people said that was woefully underrated.   scottie, 360 preowned are for pennies these days, dive down to a local game, or cex if you have one.
  5. The Gaming Thread

      Shooters I would go for Far Cry 4, and I would deffo invest in a 1 year pass for EA Access, as for about £24 (annually), you will get a free 10 hour demo of the new star wars, plus free access to all of the games in their vault, which are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EA_Access#Games_in_the_Vault even if you just wanna play the campaigns on BF4 BF:H etc. its a bargain. titanfall used to be fun, but dont know if anyone is still playing it.
  6. Who's watching what on tv

    blindspot isnt even a pimple, upon a pimple upon the arse of a pimple on mementos arse.
  7. Who's watching what on tv

    Well "blind spot" is utter fucking w*nk. Can't believe I thought the trailer looked interesting. TV Drama by numbers absolutely designed from the ground up to be able to be spun out for as long as the tv company are prepared to fund this poorly written, cliche ridden, vague yet predictable shitfest for as long as their mouthbreathing, easily manipulated fucking idiotic audience will swallow it. fuck right off telly people.
  8. Who's watching what on tv

    Im loving the new Peep Show, I dont often LOL watching the telly, but was conscious of it quite a lot during eps 1&2. not seen any more yet.
  9. The Gaming Thread

    totally understand it from that perspective, so maybe they should have just left it at 3rd person only. it breaks the balance of the game imho.
  10. The Gaming Thread

    do you not find it "offensive" that some noob with a blaster halfway across the map can damage you just as easily in 3rd person hipfire as a skilled fps player in first person aiming down the sights? it breaks the main convention of a shooter, which is accurate twitch aiming and use of cover etc. The hitboxes must be huge, with only one zone. It seems like a massive backward step in shooters.    i played walker assault loads, tdm doesnt appeal to me, i like objective modes, apart from in cod, where I mainly play FFA.
  11. The Gaming Thread

    And for me that's where it begins and ends. The rewards for being a skillful player are zero. Its a mess, grenade spam (there are 2 single uses of grenades in the SW films I am informed), awful spawns, terrible map design. I doubt many people will stick with it much beyond 20 hours - apart from maybe the most hardcore SW fanboys. Any game that has absolutely no difference in accuracy/damage stats between 3rd person, 3rd person ADS, 1st person, 1st person ADS is fundamentally dumbed down, and the game therefore feels like a "fisher price" shooter with a very pretty star wars skin. I played the 10 hour EA Access preview, and the beta, I bought it 2 days ago because I had a £20 asda voucher with an expiry date on it, and its still in the wrapper. Just Cause 3 comes out on tuesday, I think I'm gonna trade it.  Even with 6 more maps, the actual gameplay is just too shallow for me.  
  12. General News Discussion

    if the plane wasnt over Turkey, then let the shitstorm commence. If it was, Russia dont really have a leg to stand on.
  13. Who's watching what on tv

    I found the pilot for the man in.... a bit of a slog tbh, seemed like a great concept poorly executed. (I am aware of the source material) on another note, watched first 2 episodes of The Last Panthers, really enjoyed it, the bluray rip I mentioned a few posts ago is a waste of time, as there are no subs with it. so I will be watching it weekly along with everyone else.
  14. Who's watching what on tv

    theres a bluray rip of the whole series available in "the usual places".
  15. Ufc

    I thought the UFC card was shite tbh. Main event was OK, I just hate when 2 fighters consistently get into fight finishing positions, and fail to finish their opponent. Happened a lot on that card. I'm actually "over" Diego now. Standing in front of your opponent and waving them to "come and bang" isnt a technique. The fight against Giblert was great, but you can't come across as serious when you have zero gameplan.