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  1. Ufc

    Benson Henderson has signed with Bellator. Not surprised, he will be a much bigger fish in that smaller pool. The Reebok deal really is fucking the middle tier fighters over.
  2. Films

    Roth was hamming it up - well his character was, because during "the four passengers" chapter, he was as "cockney geezer" as they come. finished it yesterday - loved it.
  3. The Gaming Thread

    I lent my copy to my daughters bf just before xmas, and I havent even bothered asking him for it back. I've not looked into the player numbers but I reckon it must have dropped down the active player charts drastically by now!
  4. Films

    see thats what I like about Tarantino, the fact that stuff takes ages, the door in the haberdashery, the making of coffee, the telling of stories, the serving up of the stew. obviously i havent finished it yet, so cant give my full opinion right now, but theres nothing I dislike so far.
  5. Films

    So whats with the cryptic review of hateful 8 Slm? Did you like it or not? I watched the first 2 hours on the train on thursday, and thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. I obviously have about 45 minutes left.
  6. Ufc

    shes not the first to choose bellator over UFC, and zuffa are well aware of the talent's perception of their terms. it will get worse (for zuffa) over coming years, but ultimately they have the brand, and will pull through just fine. mcgregor wont do shit without zuffa behind him, MMA is a minority sport in the USA, in europe its probably just one rank above pro-am tiddlywinks. he might manage one croke park gig on his own (who else would be on the card? all the other irish names are signed with UFC, and they are mostly shite), after that, it will be tumbleweed all the way.
  7. Who's watching what on tv

    i think thats totally unfair. its well acted, well shot, well lit, well edited. how can you say its badly made? writing is subjective, its not a million miles away from the original series. i didnt like it, but i can't say its shite.
  8. Films

    I thought Lucy was a great idea that just fell down in its delivery, and Mad Max was one of those films you want to like, but it was just so relentless that it feels like being attacked by a mob.   in other news, people are talking about Joseph Feinnes being cast to play Michael jackson, dunno if its a hoax or not to raise some heckles in black hollywood?
  9. Who's watching what on tv

    well the new x-files didnt grab me. ive never been a big scifi fan, but always kinda liked the conspiracy theory angle. episode 1 was OK'ish, then episode two lost me about halfway through. we paused it for a loo break for mrs t8y, and I went to bed rather than finish it. some might like it, but its just not my kind of thing any more. interested to hear other peoples thoughts. 
  10. Ufc

    no-one so far. stipe will be gutted, he finally gets the title shot and it looks like cain v werdum will be back as the made fight when they are both ready. hendricks looks like the main fight now, although not officially listed as headliner yet.
  11. Ufc

    werdum has withdrawn now. the HW class needs a large injection of talent. with so many ww's and mw's, either a TUF heavyweights, or a swoop on bellator etc is in order.
  12. Films

    Oh I get your point, but its quite a challenge to view stallones performance as nomination worthy anyway. he is without a doubt the most convincing of the characters in the film, but its not even a 6/10 in terms of acting ability.  it doesnt hold its own against any of the rocky films - not even close. it has none of the soul, none of the genuine emotion, and none of the uplifting qualities of the originals. creed is an interesting study in casting actually, because the only white people of any note in it are stallone, and the "baddie" (a brit nonetheless, in keeping with villainous brits in hollywood!)
  13. Films

    creed is fucking dreadful, no-one deserves any recognition for it. comparing it to the likes of the revenant displays a huge lack of understanding of the art of film making. creed is popcorn, and if you like that kind of thing - fine, but no serious person could say it stands alongside other oscar winners in any way.
  14. Who's watching what on tv

  15. Who's watching what on tv

    I've just bought a 4k telly, which was a fucking bargain to be honest, its a 48inch panasonic viera, from currys, with 3d (not bothered) smart tv, and 4k. If you bear in mind they were £2,500 only 2 years ago - at £429.00 its amazing. As a result, I might finally watch S3 of house of cards on netflix, as its one of the very few titles on there that is actually in 4K UHD.