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  1. Frank Ocean

    I am debating a year off next year but the thought of Frank Ocean playing will be what tips it the other way. Plus he doesn't seem like the extensive touring type. Third Pyramid, maybe sub if he truly takes off. Those two slots seem pretty interchangeable these days as it is.
  2. LCD Soundsystem....

    Oh I had no idea who he was. But I now remember talking to him at Glastonbury in 2011 waiting for Imogen Heap. We disagreed on him thinking her stuff with Frou Frou was better than her solo stuff, but he was thoroughly lovely. On his own and chatting away to random people. Had no idea he was a minor celebrity, but he stuck in my mind enough from that encounter.
  3. LCD Soundsystem....

    I think LCD on an outdoor stage with no crowd must fall flat a little bit. As much as I fucking love them, I don't think they are a band that can benefit from that setting. Tiny crowd indoors, maybe, but I can imagine that gig was a bit flat
  4. Tent walkabout post festival

    "I thought they donated them to refugees or something" A response off a friend I know who admitted he had left his tent last year. While it is a fucking shame the festival has to deal with all of this, the fact is they do. Therefore, I think they need to be much more active in at least spreading the message about this. Is it just me, or is the leave not trace message getting quieter and quieter each year? I don't see it as much. It needs more explanation of the lengths the clean up process have to go to, wasting valuable money that could to go charity etc.
  5. Thank You eFestivals

    What the fuck was everyone doing it with their bag before?? Clutching it while sitting?? Risking the floor? Making little loo roll platforms for it? Squeezing it next to you and hoping it didn't topple in when you forgot to hold it standing up? Making your mates hold it?
  6. Thank You eFestivals

    Wait you didn't do the door thing before?!?
  7. The Legends spot

    Rod Stewart said in an interview last year he would love to play again, and specifically mentioned the legends slot.
  8. Missy Elliott

  9. Next Announcement thread

    ohh yeah that would make more sense perhaps. Maybe Beck was under Adele, Goulding under Coldplay and D'Angelo somewhere 3rd. Although his poster placing would indicate otherwise...
  10. Next Announcement thread

    D'Angelo subbing Pyramid?? Bonkers surely.
  11. Thief watch 2016

    What the fuck was up with Ellie Goulding? I am a bit of a fan of her better numbers, and thought her new album was actually brilliant if you edit it down to a 12 track album.... but she had an absolute shocker of a set. Saw her sub on The Other in 2014 and she was "okay", cringe at times but enthusiastic and she cracked out the good songs. This time though .. nervous, voice was off, terrible visuals, stinker of a set list ... the list goes on. Also, the crowd was empty and dead. Really surprised given her reasonably large popularity. Thank fuck she didn't sub in the end.
  12. GRIMES

    Somebody tell me it was shit. I couldn't face a pre LCD park sprint and back with the mud and Sunday fatigue. Absolutely gutted.
  13. Brexit at Glastonbury 2016 - a video compilation

    Most artists were more noticeable in them not saying anything. Most I saw was Damon who behaved, and Adele and Ellie Goulding giving speeches about love. Surprised The 1975, who I would have assumed were on a tight management leash, were the ones to say the most. I thought it might be the BBC, but I guess it more likely to be management, or the artists themselves, just not wanting to alienate any of their fan base. Fair play to the 1975 actually.
  14. Adele

    Can't believe people didn't think she could do it. Absolutely fucking smashed it. The atmosphere down in the pit was just incredible. Never been in a crowd so friendly and excited for a headliner. (Yes it was primarily girls under 25 for the record). Ended up bawling several times, just couldn't hold it back for Hometown Glory and When we were young.
  15. Tell us about your 'Moment'

    I was absolutely bawling during Adele's We Were Young. Although I guess the first "moment" might have been during Hometown Glory. . . Not a dry eye down in the pit for her.