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  1. Williams Green

    If it turns out to be Chvrches or Grimes I am going to be super pissed. However, it's usually the current Radio1 indie hype bands.. Also how early do people turn up to get in?? It always looks disgusting whenever I've walked past.
  2. LCD Soundsystem....

    Almost certainly will be in the same situation, might have a friend or two with me for LCD ... but more than likely flying solo. Still worth it. Does help I have seen Coldplay before, including once at Glastonbury.
  3. Expected but missing

    Oh Wonder were on the clashfinder for JP before, I assumed that it was based on something but was it just rubbish?
  4. The Adele Sub - Who do you want?

  5. Next Announcement thread

    Anyone know what happened to Oh Wonder?
  6. New bands added, happy?

    Happy to see Christine and the Queens, Hurts and AURORA added.
  7. LCD Soundsystem....

    Anybody else contemplating a sprint from Grimes to see LCD? Can catch half an hour of her and not miss the start of LDC. How big will the crowd be do we think? I don't want a shit spot. UGH
  8. New bands added, happy?

    With the walk (and crowds) you'll manage 20 minutes of Chvrches max >.<
  9. Next Announcement thread

    At the risk of sounding like one of the blanket brigade: I know it's the safe/boring option, but I was really hoping for at least one of Cyndi Lauper or Art Garfunkel to be early/mid Pryamid for some sunny afternoon fun. Instead they have bothered entered the fray of the already horribly clashy Saturday and Sunday
  10. Next Announcement thread

    Sadly very little of interest added for me, very clash central at the top. But that's exciting as it gives me more chance to do all the other stuff during the day I usually forgo for music. LCD and Grimes though
  11. Next Announcement thread

    Semi-realistics: Tegan and Sara Josef Salvat Christine and the Queens Unrealistics: Troye Sivan The Weeknd Little Mix Halsey
  12. Are we In or Out?

    So you're saying the EU and the UK Government will spend the ££ on exactly the same things? Speaking simply of course.
  13. Next Announcement thread

    For me the current poster is already a fucking mess, so I almost don't want any nice surprises >.< Nice surprises would be some of the predicted top two acts from some stages being popped earlier in the day. Nice surprises to come in the form of acts playing early in the day, thanks.
  14. Are we In or Out?

    This has been a massive frustration of mine, both campaigns have been terrible. Nice summary. Voting in, of course. But not with as much conviction as I probably would have 5 years ago.
  15. Radiohead at Glastonbury 2016? A brief summary.

    If it is Radiohead, it sounds like they didn't book in early enough, and said oh we don't mind subbing. The festival organisers are hardly going to turn it down are they? I dunno if they would even bother asking Adele's permission. I would probably be a bit narked/nervous if I was Adele though. Although she seems like maybe she just wouldn't give a shit anyway.