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  1. Never forget: https://np.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/bqy5zf/i_am_james_corden_alongside_ben_winston_and_five/ Not only is he unbearable on screen, but apparently even worse behind them.
  2. I think reading the hysterical reviews of it are going to be more entertaining than watching it, even off your tits for a laugh (which was my plan about 5 seconds into seeing the trailer for the first time). I read a review pointed out that even though its batshit, it also manages to be really boring in many places.
  3. That is some Coleen Rooney level shit and I love it. I wouldn't worry, it's pretty subtle. On the face of it, it is a pretty clever play on words. I remember on the third or so listen actually applying some brain power to the lyrics and being like "hmm wait this makes 0 sense".
  4. Oh I read it all ... was a stark reminder of why I took a 3 year break from the forum.
  5. Regarding guests, remember when we were all stoked to see who Beyoncé was going to bring out (she even did a bait and switch mentioning Kelly and Michelle) .. Gaga? Jay Z? ... oh it's.... Tricky ... with a broken mic... Hopefully Swift has bigger plans.
  6. Thank you @MetaKate for so eloquently explaining what I forgot to do a couple of days ago. @FuzzyDunlop as above, it basically makes no sense. Simplifying somewhat but the song/video/message of the song seems to be directed to actual hate and anti LGBTQ+ protests, who are doing a lot more than simple "throwing shade". Nice to see some Paris is Burning featuring in the thread too @CaledonianGonzo. ... Christ what fucking dumpster fire occurred whilst I forgot to reply to this, I half expected to see it as the last post in the thread still.
  7. Whilst being part of said minority group, in an otherwise great song/video/message/promotion of minority rights ... that line is the absolute pits. It takes the word out of its original meaning and completely misappropriates it. It simply doesn't make sense and it's a lazy misappropriation. All in for spelling is fun though.
  8. I think it's Oasis reunion or nothing for most of these muppets.
  9. Festival Liam

    2020 headliners

    So boring to have to explain why she's not just some Little Mix type act (who I love and would happily watch headline Glastonbury anyway) for the 40th time in a 600 page thread.
  10. Found the gammon or baby gammon lads
  11. Well that's good for the post election blues.
  12. Festival Liam

    2020 headliners

    No it's popping on a condom and putting your appendage somewhere you might not want to, but for the good of the country. (Imagine being in a lib/con marginal and voting Labour, to find the Tory wins by 1 vote )
  13. I am really looking forward to the prospect of some sort of "20 year anniversary" tour where she just does the whole of 1989, including the bonus tracks of course, in full. I know she doesn't seem the type, but I'd be all over that.
  14. You're missing probably the most under rated pop song of the last decade - Style. Checked and she has done it live on her longer setlists recently, was worried it might fall by the wayside...
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