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  1. Oh I forgot a much more obvious choice - Celine Dion I do think Jessie J could make a top 10 of best, popular music, living singers. She is a phenomenal, completely wasted talent. But she isn't top 🤣
  2. This could be a fun game actually. I'll start with Brittany Howard
  3. Piano only or riot
  4. Sorry but can I just lodge a request we move Panic! guy to permissible. Also, expected: Michael and Emily, as it's Sunday. Also hoping Jack Antanoff and The Dixie Chicks (both very unlikely) may be around...
  5. I remember being pissed when Weeknd dropped out in 2013 (?). I did think Beauty Behind the Madness was an amazing album, thought Starboy okay but now he seems stuck in that musical rut? Those 2 albums worked I think because they were progression (for him), but he seems to have stalled. A massive next album though with some "mainstream" hits and he could theoretically headline. Don't think he's got any links to the festival though and sure they aren't short on headliners planned. I've not read the thread yet so an uninformed guess for 2021: Arctic Monkeys Elton John The 1975
  6. Ask any GP, already is apparently 🙄
  7. Refunds not reschedule - UGH All in for a good spot at Glastonbury now.
  8. A cinnamon tea (probably sourced from the Healing Fields)
  9. This. I was down 3rd row for her last Pyramid set bawling my eyes out, friends towards middle of Pyramid field (even those who liked her) said it was very lost back there.
  10. I'm in but only if she sings Ave Maria. (Wish I could lob you a week's worth of up votes)
  11. Guuuuys you can tell he's trolling when he put Robyn in. Which he well knows is a red rag to the bulls of defending "proper pop music" (i.e. myself back when posting on her was more fun). Just ignore.
  12. She was cracking on JP back in 2016, thought she'd go onto big things but wasn't quite imagining the ridiculous world domination this new album seems to be taking her to. No sign of a second album slump too ... Could be one of the sets of the weekend. Imagine if they get Charli XCX on before her?!
  13. Festival Liam

    2020 headliners

    Not sure you've really heard much Halsey if that's so? ... it's definitely a nod to many things wouldn't say her. Taylor will be doing a great Halsey impression Sunday night with Miss Americana. Ladyhawke is a great shout for inspo for Physical though.
  14. Festival Liam

    2020 headliners

    Na I don't think I could stand still for an hour plus waiting for Taylor setting up. Though it would give me energy for a toilet break... Physical to open the set and wake everyone the fuck up. She can close on Be the One or (actually likely) New Rules.
  15. Festival Liam

    2020 headliners

    Yeah I saw her there too, she was great. Be the One is still probably her best tune, but Physical may be a close second.
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