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  1. Arcade Fire's Win Butler in front of me in the queue for a falafel stall in The Park at 3am, the night they headlined the pyramid. woke up next day and thought I'd dreamt it (huge AF fan)
  2. George_92

    The Cure

    'Open' would be the best Pyramid opener! Also, it's under-rated – but bring back 'Wrong Number'.
  3. the story of 'That's Life' choice was amazing
  4. George_92

    The Cure

    from last night:
  5. George_92

    TBAs 2019

    Blossoms could be somewhere – William's Green maybe? They have a new single out Thursday and mentioned being at Glastonbury in an interview a bit back
  6. George_92

    TBAs 2019

    what about The Raconteurs for John Peel Saturday night?
  7. George_92

    The Cure

    Really hoping for an opening similar to Hyde Park last year – or better still, 'Open', which would be great on the Pyramid. Want them to see it more than just another show and do something a little different.
  8. I still think they'll do an unannounced/secret set though, as The Killers did before headlining the following year
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