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    YMCA booms out over the soundsystem Crowd: *starts throwing shapes* dentalplan: "This meme is over ten years old".
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    Would love to see a Fantano stink piece on that article.
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    The prodigy must be a shout to headline the other stage against the 1975 now theyre coming back with another album.
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    *cough* Paolo Maldini: Former Italy defender beaten on pro tennis debut
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    2 buildings along (so the other side of the martial arts place), used to be a burger type place. I like it, decent music, good beer, and the venue downstairs seems good although I haven't caught anyone there except sneaking in to the end of Otherkin just after it first opened.
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    Jimmy's, decent enough replacement for the sorely missed Roadhouse.
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    Begin at the beginning: "Northern bands like the Sherlocks and Blossoms sell out stadiums but London's tastemakers pay no attention to what they call 'landfill indie'". Whoa, strong opening gambit!
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    The National. Soz National-fuckboi's.
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    Probably opening Bluebeard's locked room here, but I find it a pretty useful term. Given indie was formerly an ethos rather than a sonic formula its handy to have a shorthand that allows you to immediately distinguish between, say, Orange Juice and Jake Bugg - without having to actually listen to the latter. Granted it's a pejorative, but then that's up to the bands themselves to escape the tag by not trading in cliche.
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    Reminds me of P.J O'Rourke's line about the economics 101 class regarding the "let's pretend we have an island economy that produces either guns or butter. Somewhere along that graph there comes a point where the the cows are assembling howitzers". Hang on, found the quote: “A society can produce both guns and butter, they say, but if the society wants to produce more guns it will have to – because of distribution of resources, capital and labor – produce less butter. Using this example you’ll notice that, at the far reaches of gun-producing efficiency, Howitzers are being manufactured by cows. And this is just one of the reasons we can’t take economists too seriously.” Sorry for the flashback. As you were.
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    posting this has made me listen to Breezin'..... and for that 5 minutes of pleasure on the earholes, i have given you an up vote good sir.. never given one before... have no clue what it means or how it works and whether it has done you any good.. but enjoy. Go listen to George Benson people..!!
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    True enough... Friday night headlining West Holts it is.... as long as it isnt fecking windy like it was for The Jacksons..
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    I suppose Imagine Dragons selling out arenas on their second album is getting ignored as usual then? EDIT: Worth noting I think the new album is shit. But our opinions mean nowt if people are willing to buy tickets.
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    Nah, I know mate. I meant more the media than fans in terms of gushing over the Arsenal performance / result. I agree that it's a good result considering you haven't won at the Bridge for five years or whatever. Think it's a good point all round to be honest. I don't mind a draw. If you can draw against the top teams and generally do the work against the ones further down the table, you'll come out on top!
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    Hello there man next door, Me and my wife don't spend very much time apart in any 24 hour period. We may, at a push, spend some time apart in different rooms in the house, but that's about all. I can only tell you my reasons why this is. I have spent several decades being monumentally fucked off and depressed with life. Then my wife came along, and took all that sadness away. I kind of know it was the same for her, but that's not for me to say. Anyway, we just talk to each other and love each others company so much that we don't really part. It works for us ie if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Hope that you are having a lovely day. Yog
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    Still mad about this. Bet he's booked for Citadel or something.
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    If Bon Iver even contemplates showing up at the Apollo on Friday to make cat sounds all the way through Slow Show, I'll punch him right in his International Male Solo Artist's face.
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    Yeah it's a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned.
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    I'm surprised Guilty Party hasn't been hailed more as one of the best things they've ever done. That into Carin is the highlight of the album.
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    Wo this Nadine Shah album is gooooooooooooood!
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    Just given the Prophets of Rage album a listen - bloody fantastic!
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    How lovely does that farm look! Oh to be there. Roll on 2019 and please let the ticket gods be kind!
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    Queens of the Stone Age, The National, Father John Misty, Deerhunter and Cigarettes After Sex confirmed for NorthSide in Denmark one month before RW..... http://northside.dk/blog-en/1625
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    People aren't gonna make a different decision on whether or not to buy QOTSA day tickets based on whether or not they saw No One Knows on a live stream a year prior.
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    11:09am Thursdsay June 24th 2010, sitting in a sliver of shade outside of cocktails and dreams, watching a 10ft breakdancing grasshopper, and a faerie on stilts put a peg on the brim of my hat with a message on a gift tag. (I still have it.) My heart swelled in that moment and I just had to ring my nana, my favourite person, and try to explain how I felt. That was my very first Glasto Moment. What about you S2H?
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    @Nimrod that was so lovely to read, it brought a tear to my eye. I will never forget the precise moment I fell in love with Glastonbury and its people. The endorphins released when I think of memories are better than any drug could produce. Thanx for sharing mate.
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    I wouldn't mind if they stayed away
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    Wait, let me check my crystal ball.....
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    No Prophets of Rage and no Bad Religion. Now I'm down on my knees praying to Lemmy (the true rock'n'roll god ) that they'll be at Rock Werchter
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    I thought he was from The Fray. He should change his name to Liam Courteener to avoid confusion.
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    I'd like to have seen them go before the commissioning board with the script for this one - just page after page of direction and no dialogue - bet the commissioning editor was worried. If it wasn't for the fact their stuff consistently been so good they never would have green lighted it. Great to see someone prepared to take risks. Nice house too, that was one of my favourite designs in the series of Grand Designs
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    It's the London fans who are the c**ts, not the northerners!
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    The new Prophets of Rage album is naff agreed, dull phoned in crap made by a bunch of lads in their midlife crisis wanting a payday.
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    you are a joke there latest album shoukd put them up in the headline spot

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