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  1. Has anybody in here stayed at the Skullotel? Any tips? Is it located next to the Metal Town?
  2. You think Priest are MS1 headliner??
  3. Witch bands other then Priest?
  4. According to the announcement they are a headliner....
  5. Priest surly must be a Main Stagee 2 headliner.....?
  6. Tickets gone, the festihut (2 person) still available..... half price if anyone is interested!
  7. One festihut (2 person) and two combi tickets for sale for a reasonable price. My two friends cant make it.....anyone interested?
  8. Is there anyone who wants to stay at the Metal Town? We have 3 festihuts, face value..... https://www.graspop.be/en/info/accommodations/metal-town/festihut/
  9. Richard Ashcroft for me, I couldn't care less about the other names.....
  10. But that poster has two big acts in Björk and Radiohead and then a big dance-act......
  11. I don't, I just wasn't sure if he was guessing like the second part of his comment or not
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