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  1. Yes of course. The Strokes are not really big here in Iceland, so assuming out of their popularity in Iceland they'd never headline. But bands popularity tends to vary between countries so I have no idea if they're a headlining material in Belgium or not....that's why I'm asking if we're sure they're headlining because I can't find anything that says they are. ...and I'd think Green Day, who have not played the festival since 2013 and RW seem to fit their tour schedule, would fit nicely headlining that Friday.
  2. Pearl Jam have headlined before. The Strokes haven't and I personally wouldn't buy a ticket just to see them....but having said that, Editors have headlined so who knows how big The Strokes really are in Belgium 😛
  3. And are we sure The Strokes are headlining? They don't seem to mention it on the website (the english version doesn't work so I'm using google translate)....
  4. Have we ruled Green Day completely out? Their Antwerps concert is sold out......
  5. I don't mind Kendrick, it was more of a joke or banter ....but having said that I'm really disappointed that Faith no More, one of my all time favorite band, is not headlining like they did so well in 2015.
  6. They played GMM last year, they're semi local (french actually), they're probably the best metal band today and one of, if not THE best live band in the metal scene today. ....ahh, and Mario is with out a shadow of a doubt the best drummer in the world today! Having played GMM last year they certainly belong at RW now... ...and Kendrick Lamar headlining the Main Stage is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard....but at the same time I think you're right and he will headline on main
  7. Gojira in the Barn with Kendrick Lamar on the Main Stage would be ideal 😎
  8. Can I ask for Gojira and Bad Religion! Gojira played Graspop last year so maybe RW this year....I don't think Bad Religion have played RW before so I think it's finally time for BR at RW 😎
  9. Not my type of music....and only four bands there I'd be really bothered to see, Pearl Jam, System of a Down, Faith no More and Gojira....maybe five with Pixies!
  10. Funny, not one band that I'd be bothered to see on that Friday....
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