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  1. So.... TW Classic June 25th TW Classic #2 June 26th Rock Werchter June 30th - July 3rd ...sounds like a lot of beer! 😆
  2. Does anyone know when TWClassic#2 is taking place? I'd love to see The Boss...
  3. Why won't you tell us anyway?
  4. Oh my god, please NO! They were horrible in 2018, what a dull show. I'd rather take Kings of Leon again!
  5. Faith no More --> TwentyOne Pilots --> Queens of the Stone Age 🤘
  6. Are SOAD completely ruled out?
  7. TW Classic > Glastonbury 😉
  8. TW Classic #2 on the Sunday June 26th with Macca headlining would be perfect for us foreigners 🤘😎
  9. Maybe he's one of those people who can't get vaccinated for some reason. And even if he doesn't want to be vaccinated that's totally his choice and if you can't respect his choice (you don't have to agree with it), then you're the idiot!
  10. Second TW Classic? Will there be two TWC next summer?
  11. The code is METFESTIVAL2022 🙂
  12. You can buy day tickets for the Friday (Metallica day) now through Fifth Member, Metallica fan club...the membership is free 🙂 https://www.metallica.com/metclub/
  13. Naaah, you know what, I'm still gonna hope for bands that I like, not bands that others like 😉
  14. This made me laugh 😆 .....but I totally agree, something a little more heavy would be nice 🤘
  15. Ahh, that's how they do it, makes sense when you say it. You don't think they sometimes announce at a bad time, just to stir things up a little bit? 😛
  16. If this means SOAD are coming to Werchter I'll wait as long as it takes
  17. I know what have been said, but nothing is confirmed yet....have some hope guys
  18. SOAD are touring next summer also, our Friday or Saturday headliner? https://systemofadown.com/tour/
  19. Smashing Pumpkins are coming out with an album, would be nice to have them finally at Rock Werchter, they've not played RW since 1997
  20. W00T? Are Chad Smith and John Frusciante out with Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons in??
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