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Staff/performer ticket help

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More than likely I’ve been scammed but just purchased a ticket via a payment on netteller. 

If it’s legit it should arrive on Friday morning so I will go on Friday evening. Which gate will I need to go to and will I need id as the seller has assured me that these tickets aren’t photo Id like the normal tickets. 

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It is true that these tickets dont have a photo on it but it does say ' only valid for the named person ' - I got a lift up in a car with a onsite pass ( very rare ) and at VG4 they did want to see tickets but did not ask for ID but not sure what would happen if I was on foot - each ticket is issued with instructions as to the gate but in WBC case the actual Crew wrist band is not issued until later - its very risky to buy a ticket this way as you may discover or not !!

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