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  1. It’s not a case of being a wimp. Your ex was very fortunate.
  2. The parent and child spaces at supermarkets are so you have space to secure your child in its seat/transfer it to its pushchair with minimum lifting as this can cause prolapse in postpartum mums. The bays are also for the heavily pregnant who may struggle to walk the extra yards you and I take for granted
  3. Sorry meant to add well done on facing your demons and turning things around. Huge congratulations.
  4. I’ve done two sober Glastonburys (due to pregnancy) and honestly they were fab. Made me realize I really didn’t need to get hammered to enjoy it. I didn’t find a truest good beer alternative but I did spend more on food as a treat to myself to make up for it.
  5. Hi! Yes, I’m volunteering so I’m traveling on Monday otherwise going with you would’ve been perfect
  6. Hi! Hoping to find a lift to the festival on Monday from London if anyone is volunteering/crew and has space in their car. Thanks!
  7. Blueberry

    Volunteering 2020

    Anyone know of any volunteering opportunities at the Kidz Field?
  8. Blueberry

    Resale Club 2019

    Glad you made it! Sounds like you had a blast!
  9. Blueberry

    Resale Club 2019

    This is great news! Do you know if the figure includes stewards/workers though or is it just punters? Also wondering if they’ll need to expand the site somehow to fit this many people in? ?
  10. Blueberry

    T DAY

    Thanks @incident and @Avalon_Fields. I know I won’t be able to volunteer next year so trying to weigh up other options if I don’t get a ticket (I’m such a pessimist I’m assuming I won’t!)
  11. Blueberry

    T DAY

    How do you attend as a guest of someone working?
  12. God, those photos of Roskilde are terrible! What a mess!
  13. I’ve been to 10 Glastonburys and never taken drugs. I’ve also done Glastonbury stone-cold sober. IMO Glastonbury is fun enough without getting off my face.
  14. I disagree. Didn’t miss out on anything much really in 2016 and it was sooo muddy but the LO was 6 months then and happy in the carrier. Didn’t have to worry about toilets or her having her own ideas about what she wanted to see and do!
  15. Back of the pyramid is actually ok with a pushchair but agree that watching the Other headliner is hard. Just got to make them as comfy and as snug as you can and tell them “you’re sleeping here” and hope that they do!
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