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  1. Blueberry

    Volunteering 2020

    Anyone know of any volunteering opportunities at the Kidz Field?
  2. Blueberry

    Resale Club 2019

    Glad you made it! Sounds like you had a blast!
  3. Blueberry

    Resale Club 2019

    This is great news! Do you know if the figure includes stewards/workers though or is it just punters? Also wondering if they’ll need to expand the site somehow to fit this many people in? ?
  4. Blueberry

    T DAY

    Thanks @incident and @Avalon_Fields. I know I won’t be able to volunteer next year so trying to weigh up other options if I don’t get a ticket (I’m such a pessimist I’m assuming I won’t!)
  5. Blueberry

    T DAY

    How do you attend as a guest of someone working?
  6. God, those photos of Roskilde are terrible! What a mess!
  7. I’ve been to 10 Glastonburys and never taken drugs. I’ve also done Glastonbury stone-cold sober. IMO Glastonbury is fun enough without getting off my face.
  8. Yes, it’s rubbish when your health doesn’t match your numerical age (or the age you fee. I’m genuinely sorry this has happened to you. On a more practical note, try using the lock ups more so you’re carting less stuff about (eg put your jumper and some more booze in a bag for life in a lock up near a stage where you intend to see your headliner). Definitely try to also build your general fitness, particularly your core and pelvic floor as if these are weak they can cause backache. Hope Tuesday is a success. Keep us posted
  9. Blueberry

    worth it with kids?

    I disagree. Didn’t miss out on anything much really in 2016 and it was sooo muddy but the LO was 6 months then and happy in the carrier. Didn’t have to worry about toilets or her having her own ideas about what she wanted to see and do!
  10. Blueberry

    worth it with kids?

    Back of the pyramid is actually ok with a pushchair but agree that watching the Other headliner is hard. Just got to make them as comfy and as snug as you can and tell them “you’re sleeping here” and hope that they do!
  11. Blueberry

    worth it with kids?

    I have been to 10 Glastonburys, the last three have been we my daughter who is now 3.5. We don’t have babysitting options so it’s either take her or don’t go at all. That said, I love taking her. Couldn’t wait to show her some parts of the site this year. That said, it is hard work at times so I wouldn’t do it if you’re not 100 per cent committed. You do miss out on some stuff (getting shit faced with your partner in Arcadia) but we manage still to do most things we want to, helps that she still sleeps in the pushchair I guess. We still see a lot of bands, just take it in turns to play with her. My husband has also managed some late nights at busier parts of the site (SE Corner etc) and I think we will alternate who has a late night in the future (not done this yet due to breastfeeding).
  12. I went once in the afternoon, I forget which day but was probably a Thursday or a Friday. No queue. Came back in the evening and there was a queue. I agree with other posters that I can’t be arsed with queueing at Glastonbury
  13. Definitely get it checked out. It’s what you pay your taxes for! Assuming you get the all-clear, gradually work on some core and back-strengthening exercises. I’m no expert, but I have heard before that the injuries elsewhere can cause back issues, I imagine physio could help with that so push for a referral. I know people hate chairs, but I suffered from a bad back during my two pregnancies and went to Glastonbury for both. I found this style of chair useful as it fits into a day backpack, is very light and very supportive of your back. I found sitting with some proper support (ie not on the floor or on a bench) essential at times: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HNKHSY6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_IFriDbH7PQH83
  14. I have been 10 times, my husband 18, and neither of us has ever had anything stolen. We use the lock ups for values and I have been known to put a few tins and a jumper in there but that’s just to save me the walk back to my tent more than anything! I always have enough cereal bars etc. for breakfast/snacks and enough tins/spirits (for the festivals when I’ve been drinking) to last the full 5 days (we collect the whole lot from our car on the Wednesday so it’s out of the way as the car park is a bit of a distance to the tent usually).
  15. I agree. I think things are slowly, slowly improving though. It’s thankfully not unusual to see women together at gigs/festivals now. I was looking at old Glastonbury footage from 20 years ago last night and it was all rows and rows of men down at the front. Back in the day I used to feel I had to justify myself for being at gigs that I wasn’t there just because I fancied the band etc.
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