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  1. It's the start of August, but yes, the first less positive post they've made in a long while. And still no detail of anyone performing.
  2. A really high day for overall vaccine numbers, especially given the data excludes Scotland today. If they perform roughly in line with recent days could boost the overall total by around 55k
  3. A really interesting article about the accuracy of LFTs, and other tests: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/18/obscure-maths-bayes-theorem-reliability-covid-lateral-flow-tests-probability
  4. At my centre last week we were doing 10/11 week gaps (so mid Jan onwards)
  5. yep - tho it was Easter Sunday, so prob worth seeing how the first proper week of Easter pans out. Tho April is "2nd dose month" so its not a huge shock, I guess
  6. Just found them: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-response-spring-2021-reviews-terms-of-reference/roadmap-reviews-update
  7. Today's vaccine numbers:
  8. I think if you booked locally (and not through the nhs portal) you need to wait to be contacted by your GP (via the same method you were contacted for dose 1).
  9. I think @eFestivals was referring to the existing main NHS app, which can (if your GP is up to it) display your vaccinations, prescriptions etc already.
  10. Yep you'll be absolutely fine, it's so nice (I've found) to just be interacting with people again! Most people don't ask anything too complicated or challenging when I've been at mine. And if they do, I think simply reassuring them and asking them to speak to their vaccinator is enough. We've only had to get the clinical lead in a couple of occasions in the four weekends I've worked.
  11. Not much controversial in that thread though. All seems pretty sensible to me. Right?
  12. For England those numbers are available on the dashboard - for example see below. This is by specimen date, so obviously numbers will change as results come in.
  13. Today's vaccine numbers:
  14. PHE have tweeted with death and 1st dose total info:
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