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  1. Last year was the first year they got rid of the group discount and put up the prices too...
  2. stephos83

    Coach Question

    Anyone know if when you select departure time (from London), is there anything that indicates the return time?
  3. For London/Bristol - I get that you pick your outbound departure time, but is there anything about the return? Is that auto allocated by See or is it just a free for all?
  4. I wouldn't worry - it's a stock photo image!
  5. stephos83


    Looks like this years adornment to the Pyramid is going to go up
  6. stephos83


    John Peel going up (slowly) as well this morning!
  7. stephos83


  8. stephos83


    Yeah - my guess is its either a)different operators with different in house rules, or b)one is a mobile mast (the covered one) and the other is a Glasto internal comms tower
  9. stephos83


    Assuming you mean the odd dark green shaped thing in the middle, it'll be a temporary mobile phone transmitter, covered it netting to make it blend in with its surroundings.
  10. There is this map on ToS which shows where the water kiosks and bottle refill points will be (listening to the guy talking about them on R6 Breakfast, they sound really cool!)
  11. Two tickets on Lauren Laverne's show on 6 Music on Monday 3rd June from 07:30
  12. Just had an email from them with some more details: Thank you for registering to become a Worthy Warrior at Glastonbury Festival 2019. Welcome on board! All of us here at Glastonbury Festival care passionately about our environmental impact and how it can be improved, so we thank you so much for all your feedback on how we're doing so far. As a valuable part of Glastonbury Festival’s sustainability team, we would like Worthy Warriors to help us communicate all our crucial environmental messaging to their fellow campers. So take a walk, meet your neighbours and help spread the (green!) word. Help us communicate our core messages: Reduce - Avoid single-use plastic and other environmentally harmful disposable items such as wet wipes and non-biodegradable glitter. So please, use a reusable water bottle and encourage others to refill for free and seriously consider re-usable alternatives in all instances. Reuse - On Sunday evening and Monday morning encourage those around you to take their tent and all their camping equipment home with them when they leave the Festival to use again and again. Respect - Once a day, help us to distribute recycling bags to your neighbours on the campsite, so we can encourage people to respect the land and deal with their rubbish as they go along. This year we have expanded our Worthy Warrior Team and a Worthy Warrior Coordinator will be posted at campsite bases on Wednesday and Monday to answer any questions you may have about your role as a Worthy Warrior. We’ll be sending more updates and important announcements over the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime please have a read through these key points below: Here’s what to do when you arrive on site: Pick up your WW Wristband Everyone who's registered as a Worthy Warrior will first need to pick up a Worthy Warrior Wristband from their Worthy Warrior Coordinator at their campsite base. This identifies you as a Worthy Warrior and you will need it to pick up your extra bin bags from the Campsite Stewards. You will also need your wristband to get your T-Shirt printed at the Free Press (see below!). Bring a spare T-Shirt If you have a spare or old unloved T-Shirt then please bring it with you. We'll be printing special edition T-Shirts for all Worthy Warriors at the Glastonbury Free Press (The Free Press is located in Theatre and Circus), Greenpeace, or Oxfam. This is a reuse project so please make use of one you already own, or pick one up from one of the Oxfam stores on site. Monday Morning Helpers! Those of you that said you were available to help out on Monday morning will be sent further information separately. Thank you for your support! We’ll be in touch again before the Festival.
  13. Could you not just post pictures of every part of the site, except for Arcadia? Surely that way you'd be complying with their request re "H&S concerns"? Plus as @Raincatcher has said they can't stop you taking photos whilst you're either in a public place or on your own property! And as @Losing my hair says, they are heavily promoting it too - surely that creates more interest! And I'm pretty sure they could secure their site with Herras fencing, just as much as they do with any other part of the festival site during the build up.
  14. Back for 2019. For more info and to sign up, go here: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/join-our-worthy-warriors-and-help-protect-the-festival/
  15. stephos83


    Looks like a load of stuff is just arriving on site for Arcadia. Crane up, again.
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