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  1. stephos83


    They also seem to have started work re-building The Spike (am sure I'd read that the existing wooden structure had been taken down after last year):
  2. stephos83

    BBC Glastonbury

    You can do both!
  3. stephos83


    You only need one truck for an outside broadcast for radio - see below for when Lauren Laverne was at the farm last year:
  4. stephos83


    Yeah - looks to me like there is a mini production village being set up there. Lots of grey portacabins with blue at the edges - these are normally interstage behind the Pyramid.
  5. stephos83


    More activity this morning, some interesting vehicles that don't look particularly like farm vehicles or anything for construction (could be wrong though!)
  6. Also - dunno if anyone has noticed - they've just added Pyramid and Other playlists along with West Holts, John Peel and the Park to here: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/listen-to-our-john-peel-stage-2020-playlist/
  7. Nope - same error for me
  8. The full reports from Mendip are here, if you want to read them: https://www.mendip.gov.uk/article/8461/Thursday-9-January-2020
  9. Last year was the first year they got rid of the group discount and put up the prices too...
  10. stephos83

    Coach Question

    Anyone know if when you select departure time (from London), is there anything that indicates the return time?
  11. For London/Bristol - I get that you pick your outbound departure time, but is there anything about the return? Is that auto allocated by See or is it just a free for all?
  12. I wouldn't worry - it's a stock photo image!
  13. stephos83


    Looks like this years adornment to the Pyramid is going to go up
  14. stephos83


    John Peel going up (slowly) as well this morning!
  15. stephos83


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