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  1. Thank you. It was so nice to actually have something to do with a weekend day, and to interact with people, almost as if it was normal life (if you ignore the facemasks and gallons of hand gel!). The cider bus creeping closer is very much worth it.
  2. Volunteered at a vaccine centre today, am knackered! Luckily got a spare at the end of the day, totally by chance as they made more up than they needed - it was manic and suddenly went quiet; they really didn't want to waste a single dose.
  3. But I think the number to compare it to is that dated 25th Jan (the date reported is always a day behind the day its released), so the figure released last Weds for the Tuesday was 279,757. So even better!
  4. @Ozanne your second dose total should be 447,261 I think
  5. Today's numbers: 41,346 cases 1,295 dead 329k vaccinated (1st and 2nd dose) 37.5k in hospital
  6. I missed where this discussion started (was on a long work phone call), but could we not just do what Scotland is doing from tomorrow (so keeping them open, but requiring service to be from the door/window/hatch)? The measures announced in Scotland would seem largely sensible next steps (plus they have nurseries closed up there) to me.
  7. And just under 37k in hospital and, if my maths is right, around 280k vaccinated (1st dose only)
  8. 48,682 cases today according to the BBC, up on yesterday. No other data available yet.
  9. yep - this threw me too - I did the calc originally and didn't even think to look at 2nd dose as I thought we'd stopped!
  10. 168.8k to be more precise (if my maths is working) - so a little way to go to 200k - but getting there...
  11. Just seen this article, looks interesting/promising especially with a Glasto slant https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/news/latest/2021/01/new-covid-19-test-gives-positive-result-in-just-a-few-minutes.aspx Any thoughts @Toilet Duck?
  12. Today's numbers: 60,916 cases 830 dead
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