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  1. Definitely get you on the latter part, very much the reason I think the Saturday and Sunday at least will sell pretty well still, there's a bit of balance over the day, also considering people will pay triple figures up here to see Cinnamon, Friday should do too
  2. Going by the run of gigs in just Scotland this year at the likes of SWG3 and the Summer sessions, I wouldn't be surprised if more bands see this as the way forward, especially if they know they can sell out larger areas on their own terms. I think people need to get away from the idea that TRNSMT can match a Reading or Glastonbury, you look at the likes of Truck, Victorious or Kendal Calling, none maybe have 'huge' names, but have a decent set of names and at a decent price yearly to get folk going, for the size of area TRNSMT has available, maybe that's the kind of idea lineup wise they should be following - which TBF the Saturday and Sunday isnt far off if you think it at £60 a day
  3. Paolo Nutini / Vampire Weekend / Lewis Capaldi Biffy Clyro / Royal Blood / Garbage The 1975 / Lana Del Rey / Two Door Cinema Club Kasabian and Muse for Glasgow summer sessions
  4. Saturday/Sunday looks not bad, tbf
  5. Paolo Nutini / Lewis Capaldi Biffy Clyro / Royal Blood The 1975 / Lana Del Rey Kasabian for Summer Sessions Glasgow
  6. Surprised Tom Jones hasnt been mentioned, older male act, looks like he's doing a few summer shows
  7. Do think eventually it would benefit from a second stage or better a tent, would probably require a change in the layout thought
  8. I can see them wanting Snow Patrol to headline but them declining, subs not playing any of the summer session/swg3 acts?
  9. Fit into that Stereophonics category, don't they? Shouldn't be considered a headliner, but have a back catalogue and can sell a few tickets
  10. It kinda reminds me of T2007 (the first year it went three days) folk thought Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and Snow Patrol maybe weren't ready to step up at the time but they did fine, and in overall there was solid if unspectacular acts over the weekend to give a good balance, hopefully the undercard here does the same
  11. Cant wait to see the social media reaction come Monday evening, it'll sell saying that
  12. Rammstein need to play a show up here, don't think they've ever done one
  13. Doves just announced a SWG3 yard gig, can count them out to be appearing
  14. People putting The View on lineups like they still have relevance/mass appeal
  15. Problem with Noel IMO, in his last album run, he must have neared double figures the amount of Scottish shows he did. Even if trnsmt chose to pick him up, Everyone that wanted to see him probably has done at least once If it's Stormzy, Catfish and Ezra and a solid enough undercard it will sell
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