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  1. Exactly! I like George Ezra but I understand why people don't like him but I don't understand how people think George Ezra isn't a sensible choice for headlining a festival considering he's about to go on a 10+ UK arena tour when all the dates sold out instantly. Not saying he's going to sell out TRNSMT but there is a decent lineup behind him.
  2. I'm not 100% thrilled with the lineup & not everything's going to be for me but some of the lineups don't make sense to me. Like Years & Years, Gerry Cinnamon then Stormzy one after the other doesn't make sense for me as they all have very different demographics. Saturday isn't really for me but it does make sense, just don't think CATB are headliners in my opinion but they'll still get a decent turnout
  3. Just saw an email from TRNSMT for 10% off the three-day ticket being extended. Assuming that ticket sales haven't been that good then?
  4. I was expecting a poor lineup but oh wow! This is much worse than I thought, much much worse
  5. Let's not start that yet, I think a rest is needed after this very long messageboard 😂
  6. Quite sceptical on it to be honest. There may be a few decent acts that may entice me to go but if not then it's not the end of the world. The Edi/Glasgow Summer Sessions lineups are really good & there's plenty of artists coming to Scotland anyway.
  7. I got the Happy Bus last time which & it was ideal for the timings as getting to & it gets rid of the stress of trying getting the bus then the train. If you can get the Happy Bus then I'd recommend that.
  8. Is that presale cheaper than the Early Bird sale that went on sale in July?
  9. I think that it was just too many Scottish shows as he played the Hydro & AECC in April, then Biggest Weekend in May & also Electric Fields in August. But he's just announced a gig at the Playhouse which will be interesting to see
  10. Don't really recall much of a buildup last year, only an email saying it's going to be 2 weekends. But the one before that was one of the worst teasers I've ever seen
  11. I'm not sure but then again the Summer Sessions had very little build up. But then revealing the lineup later has been driving people mad though
  12. I'm not believing anything until I see it, I thought that it would've been revealed already
  13. I think the mistake of having George Ezra is due to how he's playing a 12 date arena tour in March so a lot of people won't be as keen to go again so soon, with 2 sold out shows at Manchester Arena. Also, he's being picked to headline too many festivals this summer as he's also been announced for Parklife which is only a 40 minute drive from Warrington.
  14. I think it was just too soon after the Hydro show. That sold out but over time & tickets were quite pricey for those shoes. It was announced the day after the Hydro show. Doubt Stormzy would sell that well but stranger things have happened
  15. I think Keane will be playing one day! They’ve been confirmed for a few festivals & they were TITP regulars too. I’m definitely going if they play
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