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  1. I think it just went on their snapchat. It is definitely a more recent thing but I have noticed that when anyone shares something like that on Twitter there's more people against the video than for it. I once saw that happen to this guy dancing at Kasabian & the guy uploaded it trying to make fun of him but everyone just went on how he's obviously having a better time than the uploader. It's not going to ruin my mood that much as I know I'm having a better time than them
  2. I ended up going on the Sunday as I had a Ticketmaster voucher meaning that the ticket only cost me £37. It was such a great day to be honest. I was at the barrier in the centre, chatted to a lot of people & sang all day. Even though George Ezra was the headliner, Lewis Capaldi’s set felt like the headline show but everyone that I saw was great that day. Didn’t expect such a great show from The Wombats & Tom Grennan. Wasn’t quite a fan of Emeli Sande’s set but her music isn’t for me. Everyone at the gig was really friendly par from one of the girls during George Ezra’s set who kept on filming me next to her friend cause I was singing & dancing quite a bit. That really pissed me off. Why’s it weird to be singing & dancing at gigs these days it seems? Let me enjoy the gig & go really over the top for the official camera when it was filming me haha
  3. Personally that’s what I’m hoping happens too! Don’t know why they’re on the King Tut’s Stage. They’ll fit better on the main stage with the Kooks & Wombats
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was just some moving about & putting The Kooks & Wombats on a bit later & taking someone from the King Tut’s Stage or something. Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot they can do at this stage
  5. Also, does anyone have any idea who the current planned replacement for Jess Glynne is?
  6. Yeah I never understood the VIP thing either. Like I want to be at the stages not in some recluse area away from the music. I've looked at VIP for all sorts of festivals & it just looks so pointless
  7. Just been given an offer to buy VIP tickets for Friday & Saturday for the price of a standard ticket. Assuming they’re not selling very well then. As that offer wasn’t done last year
  8. Madness are coming to Edinburgh in August at Princes Street Gardens. That'll be a class show! Noel has done Edinburgh & Inverness this year so he sadly won't be coming. Also the Sunday is now sold out since they announced Lewis Capaldi. I bought a ticket when he was announced as I had a voucher & was getting desperate for another show in July. I think the day will be quite pleasant 😊
  9. Jess Glynne has pulled out of the Sunday too. Any idea who could be replacing her?
  10. Exactly! I like George Ezra but I understand why people don't like him but I don't understand how people think George Ezra isn't a sensible choice for headlining a festival considering he's about to go on a 10+ UK arena tour when all the dates sold out instantly. Not saying he's going to sell out TRNSMT but there is a decent lineup behind him.
  11. I'm not 100% thrilled with the lineup & not everything's going to be for me but some of the lineups don't make sense to me. Like Years & Years, Gerry Cinnamon then Stormzy one after the other doesn't make sense for me as they all have very different demographics. Saturday isn't really for me but it does make sense, just don't think CATB are headliners in my opinion but they'll still get a decent turnout
  12. Just saw an email from TRNSMT for 10% off the three-day ticket being extended. Assuming that ticket sales haven't been that good then?
  13. I was expecting a poor lineup but oh wow! This is much worse than I thought, much much worse
  14. Let's not start that yet, I think a rest is needed after this very long messageboard 😂
  15. Quite sceptical on it to be honest. There may be a few decent acts that may entice me to go but if not then it's not the end of the world. The Edi/Glasgow Summer Sessions lineups are really good & there's plenty of artists coming to Scotland anyway.
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