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  1. Safe to assume Ian Brown won't be at the rescheduled dates as he's been removed from Neighbourhood Weekender & Victorious Festival. Was never a big fan of him so I won't be that fussed. Going to assume it's mainly going too be the same lineup with a few changes here and there
  2. His show was cancelled all together. Guns N Roses & the Hellamega show both got rescheduled to Bellahouston which is disappointing as I prefer Green. Would love QOTSA to announce a show soon, it’s not billed as a U.K. exclusive so we should hear something soon
  3. Same here, I loved their show at the Barrowlands back in February. Got a ticket for their socially distanced show in Newcastle. Had to wait 15 years for that Barrowland show & couldn’t wait that long again haha. Will go to the new Glasgow show when the new dates announced
  4. Yeah it’s really either way. Tickets would either go very quickly for the Summer Sessions in Edinburgh & Glasgow or will be 2 for 1. But with Galvanize the vast majority of acts had played Glasgow not that long ago which is always a factor against people wanting to buy a ticket for them again
  5. Just got an email saying Two Door are now going to be playing the Academy next year in August. Guess ticket sales weren't that great then
  6. This won’t be happening for sure but still haven’t heard anything about postponements or cancellations. Anyone know what’s happening here?
  7. Does anyone know about potential dates for the non TRNSMT Glasgow Green shows that was meant to be happening this year? Hopefully none of those shows get cancelled and all get pushed back. Was very excited for HELLAMEGA & Guns N' Roses next month
  8. I was noticing that too with AJ Tracey. It says on the event page that AJ is playing. My theory is that he was confirmed a bit later on but had everyone else confirmed so sent the posters to the artists ready to make an announcement & then AJ was confirmed shortly afterwards. A bit odd, but I’m thinking he’s playing on Saturday
  9. It’s going to be more or less the same as 2020. Keane were meant to be playing a festival in Newcastle the day before their TRNSMT day & have confirmed that they’re playing the Newcastle festival in 2021 so they’ll be sure to come to TRNSMT too as it’s the same week. Don’t imagine many artists changing tbh
  10. I've not heard anything as I thought that I might've as I guessed Suppergrass & TDCC. Glad to hear people have won tickets though
  11. Gigs in Scotland have done a post about the SWG3 festival. Announcement must be coming late this week or early next week hopefully
  12. If Supergrass gets announced for Saturday I’m going to go nuts as I’ve been a fan for ages. Getting to see them at the Barrowlands next week & I’ve been waiting for 10+ years to see them. Seen Gaz Coombes a few times which was great but seeing Supergrass will be something else. Then along with Keane is a fanboy dream for me 😊
  13. Lineup reveal happening at 8am tomorrow. Excited to see who’s added to the Saturday & Sunday
  14. I hope that's true! Been dying to see them for a while. Glasgow Green is certainly going to be very busy this year
  15. So Biffy Clyro, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, AJ Tracey & Camilla Cabello have been confirmed for Radio 1's Big Weekend in Dundee. Not all these acts are for me but I live just across from Dundee so I'm definitely going to try & get tickets for it. It'll sure be a fun weekend
  16. I found the Falkirk thing quite weird as well but since finding out that it only has 3 sides due to budget, it actually seems perfect for gigs. Actually can’t wait for the show!
  17. I wish it will be the Killers but Falkirk was advertised as their only Scottish show of 2020 so doubt it. But it’s only a few days before the Falkirk show so maybe
  18. I can’t wait for it either! It’s local for me too, I’m just going to try get tickets regardless. They always have an impressive lineup
  19. Any news or speculation about the Edinburgh/Glasgow Summer Sessions yet? Went to a few Edinburgh ones & The Cure one last year & loved every second of the Summer Sessions I went to. Appears to be all quiet on that end for this year
  20. You make a very good point actually! I think that I’ll go to that day & see what the others are like too. Should be a good mixture of folk
  21. I love Keane but they’re so out of place on the Saturday! Seems like they would’ve been more suited on the Sunday
  22. This reveal thing isn’t working! Just want the lineup poster so I can make plans
  23. I shared the tweet from Tickets Scotland about them saying who was playing TRNSMT & now they have blocked me for it ? So odd, considering how shambolic it was on their part. Why would they share artists that have been speculated with no credible source then get surprised when people share what they said? ?
  24. First wave of artists so maybe we’ll get every headliner & the 2 main subs of each day? Kinda stumped on who’s going to be playing next year.
  25. I'm a big fan of Paul and saw him a few times in 2018. His shows are fantastic and he has such an amazing energy throughout the entire show. I agree that he's got issues with his voice so I'm a bit worried about the official broadcast of this performance but if you're there watching him it's one of the best shows you'll ever see! Kinda wish he wouldn't do these public performances due to how he never comes off well & just stick to doing his own shows instead
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