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  1. Thank you mate! hopefully he sticks around, think he didn’t like the pilot status of Tramlines so fingers crossed he doesn’t feel the same for this!
  2. I’m sure this gets asked loads so apologies! But anyone ever been to the offsite camping? Is it any good? Availability with hotels isn’t great and really expensive! Not fussy as done camping loads before, just want to know if it’s a major pain to do or if there’s anything we should know before booking! thanks!!!
  3. Blossoms for secret set at BBC introducing tonight? Any ideas on who who the rest might be? Thanks all!!!
  4. What’s re-entry like at this point? Is there a separate queue for anyone doing car run?
  5. Twlib

    Where to camp?

    Thanks all really appreciate that!
  6. Twlib

    Where to camp?

    So me and my mates are heading to our first Glasto this year, and we’re not too sure where to camp up! We like to look of Oxylers as it looks quite near all the stages we’ll be spending most time at. Wanna go somewhere lively and central(ish) but not somewhere anyone will shit on our tent or set it on fire in the night any recommendations??? Thanks!!!
  7. If anyone is selling a ticket for this year please message me, thanks!!!
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