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  1. I dunno, I don't think there are enough Corbynite MP/MEPs to secure more than 1 Corbynite candidate on the ballot so you will have one continuity Corbyn voice against more pragmatic options, I don't think a pitch saying Corbyn's reign was a disaster will go down well but I think a compromise candidate will probably win.
  2. mcshed


    Despite that being a shambles and Bobby being absolutely raging for no good reason I like Primal Scream, I've no real relationship with Aerosmith beyond the unavoidable. It's an absolutely huge booking don't get me wrong a massive deal but it's giving me slight call to winge.
  3. mcshed


    I was decidedly non-plussed with the Noel idea so it's an improvement on that, but Black Eyed Peas or whoever today's equivalent is fine as you get crowd churn, I don't usually bother watching the act before anyone to get a spot as you can swan up at the end and get a decent place usually. Aerosmith into Paul McCartney on the other hand is going to involve virtually no movement of the crowd so I'll end up feeling like I have to watch both.
  4. mcshed


    I'd like to think at the best festival on the planet there'd be something better to do than live it up whilst they go down. Maybe Aerosmith will be the perfect drunken singalong warm up for his Macca-ness but honestly I'm underwhelmed by the prospect.
  5. mcshed


    Given that Aerosmith will get a monster crowd and there'll be a huge crossover with Macca does this mean that if you want a decent spot for Paul you'll have to get down the front getting your bono honked by these lads?
  6. It is true, he does less press than other PMs and he hid through most of the leadership contest on top of obviously avoiding both the BBC's and ITV's flagship interviews.
  7. Do you remember at the start of his leadership that the unfriendly media would just ask about say Trident he'd give a straight answer saying he was personally opposed and that'd be your headline. To deal with it the strategy was to avoid doing much press, now years later he still avoids a lot of media(although not as much as Boris) and he's developed the standard politician's non answer and lier's instinct. The problem is he doesn't have the media nous to know when to use it. See also not apologising about anti-semitism with Andrew Neil, he has apologised about it before and since so why not do it there where in a high profile slot what people see is you looking crap. Not everyone is cut out to be a Blair/Clegg/Cameron smooth media friendly robot like politician if you actually have a personality embrace looking human, God knows Boris does.
  8. Like I was saying with Ed Miliband the fear of saying the wrong thing leads to a worse performance than just saying what comes naturally. I don't think leadership campaign 2015 Corbyn would have lied to such a softball question.
  9. Apparently I listen to a lot of that as well, but I've no idea.
  10. It is a pointless story but it's Corbyn's fault for lying and pretending he does watch it, if he'd just said no it isn't a part of our Christmas traditions and then waffled about whatever it is he does do nobody would have cared but because he lied the story has been given undue attention.
  11. Ed's awkwardness was partly being terrified of saying the wrong thing, if someone had got through to him that being the naturally funny guy that he is would be worth the occasional gaff that overshadowed the message.
  12. Tickets for the 2018 Tour where horrifically expensive with extra "meet the pups" packages for hundreds, I think along with the likes of Madonna, Ryder and his team of pups are just too expensive.
  13. Na, Rapey Eck was always trying to assure us we could stay in the EU despite that being untested bollocks and it always being unclear on what terms. The SNP are pro-EU.
  14. I dislike the SNP as much as anyone, see Scotland's education standings published today for further details but they are sincerely pro-Europe. They used to bang on about Scotland having an equal footing to England in Europe years ago back when full fat independence terrified people.
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