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  1. Ni No Kuni is delightful, it's not the most challenging game in the world but it looks and feels great.
  2. My mum babysits once a week as does my mother-in-law so there's already a fair amount of spreading risk between that core group of my wife, kids and the two Grans(who live alone) but we won't see any further extended family.
  3. Is this not you pretty much making the very same joke you are saying is so shocking?
  4. There are some up in Edinburgh as well, was on a bus so couldn't snap a pic.
  5. Whilst I agree that it has ceased to be a religious festival, I'd argue that it is important socially and culturally in the UK and that is why there is an attempt to make an exception of it. If these considerations where commercial there would be more pressure to have the shops open now when it's Christmas shopping time than ease things on the actual day when it is mostly about seeing relatives.
  6. The first of Steve McQueen's Small Axe series Mangrove was absolutely phenomenal. I wasn't planning on watching it but left the TV on after His Dark Materials and was drawn in. Very uncomfortable to watch at times McQueen loves a shot that lingers past the point you want to turn away but some absolutely superb performances. Such range of emotion from Shaun Parkes was incredible and Malachi Kirby was superb when delivering Darcus Howe's testimony. I cannot recommend it enough if you've a spare couple of hours.
  7. Not quite it's over a thousand pages off catching this one.
  8. Are you the nutty-bar who keeps leaving pro-Indy, anti-lockdown "Save Scotland" leaflets around my shop?
  9. Personally I feel like anti-English sentiment is mostly a problem with SNP supporters than with the party itself, but this conversation came up in the thread due to the two examples of threatening to close the border and claiming COVID might have been eliminated if it weren't for reseeding. A quick google of "SNP dog whistle" comes up with a handful of incidents over the last couple of years. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/uk-politics/1887266/snp-accused-of-dog-whistle-nationalism-after-flyer-questions-scottishness-of-rivals/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/polit
  10. The Democrats haven't won an election without Biden on the ticket since 1996.
  11. Michael Lewis's excellent book The 5th Risk covers the damage that Trump's negligence has caused many departments. During transition in 2016 the Trump team simply ignored huge parts of government meaning the never had the information to run them properly, I can't see them being more organised for the outgoing transition, meaning Biden's guys will be all at sea when they first take over. Even him doing nothing is damaging.
  12. It certainly seems plausible 100,000 years is a long time, 100,000 years previous we were only leaving africa for the first time.
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