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  1. You're allowed to travel for work. 😉
  2. Have to say I don't know a huge amount about either of them, Thomas-Symonds has written a couple of books I think we might have had his Nye Bevan one in the shop. As for Dodds she seems ok but she's never struck me as hugely exciting. We will see if that's what Starmer does go for it's a pretty clear indicator that he wants people without a past.
  3. 2 Welsh and 1 Scot (Admittedly a Scot who is MP for Oxford.)
  4. How many times does it need to be explained that it is a log scale graph, spaces of an equal size represent a doubling in numbers. That's why 1x - 2x is the same size as 5x - 10x but 2x - 5x is larger as 5 is more than double 2. That's why 200 - 500, 2000 - 5000 and 20,000 - 50,000 all have the same size but larger gaps than the rest which all represent a doubling.
  5. It's never going to happen but Tom Waits would be the absolute dream.
  6. mcshed

    People on Furlough....

    Is posting as Neil rather than eFestivals part of your furlough procedure?
  7. Wormrot in the Earache Express was unlike anything I've ever seen elsewhere, a tiny metal tube turned into a cacophonous storm of humanity, where concepts like up and down had no meaning.
  8. Being furloughed isn't a holiday though, and I'd suppose that the harder working person is likely to feel that way more so. I'd honestly be more angry about this "less deserving" person when they were at work getting paid to do their job badly than when they've been stuck at home.
  9. Much as I love 'em this is really pushing the concept of "classic"
  10. The 3% was the number of people mass panic buying, the same numbers showed there was often a 160% increase in sales, it's just it wasn't caused by people buying huge amounts it was caused by everyone buying a bit more. This 160% is comparable to Christmas. Numbers taken from a link I think you originally shared and are possibly misremembering. https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/opinion/why-stockpiling-is-not-the-crazy-selfish-behaviour-that-it-seems/3483
  11. Yeah we still have some people working so things can be kept ticking over. I get that you are in a different position but it does suggest there has been government advice for furloughed employees to not do unpaid work. I suppose it depends on what you can define as essential obligations as director, or missing out on the furlough payments. Do you think there are enough people in a similar position that the treasury will be pressured into doing more? I've seen some performers on Facebook who are set up as LTD companies and paying themselves principly in dividends in a similar pickle.
  12. Obviously I'm just a drone so things are a bit different but we have been told we can't do the unpaid extra social media stuff some of us do when furloughed as although we do it unpaid normally it still counts as work.
  13. I was furloughed at the weekend. What's the opposite of a key worker? A lock worker? Useless?
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