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  1. Steve Barclay is further away than Sunak in that picture.
  2. So after a blonde arsehole sets fire to the country the tiny Sunak inexplicably becomes king?
  3. Rishi is the one closest too us if that pavement is 20 metres wide, he's even shorter than I think.
  4. He's also really short, not that it matters but he's a little pixie person.
  5. They aren't according to the Beeb: "What if users travel to Scotland or Northern Ireland, which have their own apps? Apple and Google's framework will not allow two apps to contact trace simultaneously. So when users cross the border, they need to open the local app and turn on contact tracing within it. This will bring up a prompt asking: "Switch app for exposure notifications?" Doing so, will turn off the one they were using beforehand." Which is of course fucking stupid and I'm not sure which administration is to blame.
  6. Obviously I don't know exactly your situation but if I had been due to start Uni this year I would absolutely have looked into deferring entry for a year. Starting uni is a social experience that just isn't compatible with social distancing.
  7. So if you get a notification it means you've had close contact with someone who has tested positive. If you were on a train then it would only be those people who were close to the person who had a positive test for more than 15 minutes that would get a notification to self isolate. So if you were sat next to them on the journey you'd definitely get a notification, I don't know quite what the definition of close contact is but the maximum range of Bluetooth is only a few metres so it can't be more than that. Thinking you've already have it makes no difference and washing your ha
  8. I know it's not exactly the same but I've had the NHS Scotland version on my phone since launch 2 weeks ago and haven't really noticed any significant battery drain. I have Bluetooth switched on normally anyway so if you don't it might make more impact.
  9. Not quite he said people were crossing on children's paddling pools.
  10. I think we here in the UK may not be quite as prosperous as coping with the aftermath of COVID couple with Brexit based disruption is going to be hard but "the west" in general will be fine. I think it's sweet that you think the dark forces of global conspiracy are trying to make a more equal world it sounds lovely.
  11. mcshed

    Black Lives Matter

    Maybe I'm missing the point that's always possible but I would only say "bad example" if I thought my point still stood but I'd choosen poorly to illustrate it.
  12. mcshed

    Black Lives Matter

    I don't quite follow your point here. You post something pointing out the unsurprising fact that lots of old British stuff has links to slavery and seem to say this shows up eFestivals' hypocrisy. Someone points out the difference between opposing the glorification of slavers(statues) and history with a connection to slavery so you trawl up the blog of some lone nutter. How does that relate to your original point or am I missing something?
  13. Do you really believe this? What benefit is it to the Government to have these restrictions, they are tanking the economy and why? Martial law? Boris is many things but he isn't a power crazed authoritarian.
  14. Right Honourable is for privy council members and others of high office, your garden variety MP should just be referred to as Honourable. I can't be bothered checking if Boris is just not bothering for anyone in that category or whether it's a genuine issue with women.
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