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  1. Why am I not surprised that you think the end of the world is nigh.
  2. Seems an odd take. I'm happy enough for vaccine passports to be optional to the venue in question or to not happen at all because vaccine uptake is so high but if it was lower or if it starts to slip then I'd be happier in a big crowded place if they had measures in place.
  3. Don't you think a significant amount of people wanting vaccine passports are doing because they want to do those things not because they want to stay home?
  4. Na my second account is the chickens. But seriously when I first transitioned from lurking to posting it was through threads like this. It may be that there are some people mucking about but I wouldn't cast aspersions on everyone who doesn't post much. It makes the community seem uninviting which seems worse than a couple of playing silly buggers.
  5. Indeed welcome @hjd I know that it can be a bit daunting joining in the conversations on here when you mostly lurk and I hope you are enjoying a game like this were your input is appreciated and it doesn't feel like your sticking your neck out talking to strangers.
  6. You do know Japan has being doing this for about a decade now and whilst the results haven't been universally positive and the Yen has experienced some devaluation it certainly hasn't led to the destruction of the currency.
  7. If Richard Herring isn't tweeting everyone to tell them when Interested Men's Day is then is it really International Women's Day? So easy to forget the true meaning of a holiday.
  8. The Cure - 85 Radiohead - 185 (+10) The Rolling Stones - 195 Stevie Wonder - 208 Blur - 195 R.E.M. - 240 David Bowie - 295 Pulp - 125
  9. Fair enough, good job it wasn't the only polling released last night.
  10. I'll freely admit that these couple of polls are a drop in the ocean of signs things are going the other way.
  11. I don't think we'd have centuries of SNP rule I think sooner rather than later we'd have right or centre-right wing leaders of some kind or another but they would be right wing leaders of a diminished nation.
  12. That's fair enough but I'd be even more interested in a new series for Wanda than a film.
  13. Part of the success of Wandavision though has been doing things that would only work as a TV show. I suspect Scarlet Witch has been better served by this than Black Widow by her much delayed film.
  14. Not sure if it can be a Sturgeon/Salmond soap opera keeping us in if the original support for leaving was built on personal support for Salmond and Sturgeon.
  15. Nothing is permanent but the time scales are different, political landscapes change by the decade whilst nations rise and fall by the century.
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