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  1. Because they are now "mandatory" here we've been told as staff that if we are on the shop floor we have to be in either mask or visor so that side of things will improve although I've still seen other shops with staff without anything.
  2. Yesterday I was in a shopping centre setting up a shop for reopening and across the day I'd say mask wearing was about 70/80%, today I went into my local sandwich shop for to get lunch and mask wearing was 0% so there is still a way to go.
  3. As I say it just isn't if you want to go into a shop without a mask no one will stop you but having it as "mandatory" has lead to a marked improvement in the amount of people wearing them.
  4. For what it's worth up here in Scotland where masks are mandatory in shops staff have been told not to challenge anyone not wearing one, so although it has lead to a marked increase in mask wearing it isn't being strictly enforced.
  5. If that was directed at me, I'm not saying we are special I'm just saying being part of a group that agrees to play fair isn't necessarily Boris's plan. The BBC have run with this quote from the Welcome Trust: "The EU vaccine initiative's cap on how many doses participating countries get is the best way to ensure there is enough vaccine for those in need in the rest of the world. "Delivering vaccine according to need and not who can pay the highest price, is not just morally right, but also the fastest way to end this pandemic. "We urge the UK government to follow the EU's lead and only secure vaccine doses for those who need it most (healthcare workers, over 65s and other vulnerable groups)." It certainly sounds like our plans is to hog as much as we can like Trump rather than play fair. I'm not saying that is right or good, I'm just saying that not signing up to an EU program may not just be Brexit based stupidity and it doesn't help the left to try and present everything through the lens of Brexit as a lot of the potential voters Labour need to win over aren't going to be won over by Brexit bashing.
  6. But there's no reason why if the Oxford vaccine isn't a goer that being part of this EU procurement plan will guarantee faster access. It will also mean sharing fairly with our EU neighbours whereas on our own we can overpay like a bunch of bastards for more than our fair share. I'm not advocating that sort of behaviour but it does seem very Boris.
  7. But if it doesn't work dynamic global Britain will be better placed to act quickly and decisvely on its own rather than be tied to the sluggish, bureaucratic EU. I'm being sarcastic but just because the government's EU = bad ideology is wrong doesn't mean EU = good is automatically right either.
  8. On the flip side of this though Emily has said they had lots of acts pencilled in for 2021 already so they may have lost 2 megastars they were already trying to squeeze 6 acts into 3 slots, I think it unlikely that anyone will headline who wasn't either booked for 2020 or planned for 2021.
  9. Maybe Billie's music isn't right for a headline slot so she could be billed as headliner but play earlier and let Radiohead on after.
  10. I'm fairly sure that it would be impossible to get devices into the hands of everyone who needs them but the issue in Scotland is that non of these announced, acclaim received on behalf of the government devices have gone to anyone, they are sat in a warehouse.
  11. I was aware of this potential and indeed hilarious come back that is why I added the word governance as Independence is one bad idea they have not brought into place yet.
  12. Fair enough I was just pointing out the legal and real world repercussions are inexorably linked. I agree that Kasabian should take ownership of their decision, but I'm not sure if them saying they had to do it is them signalling how puritanical they are, more saying it's out of their hands so as to not upset those who remain onside with Tom.
  13. Except that his lawyer pointed to the loss of his position in the band as a mark of the effect this was having on him and the sentencing will have taken this into account.
  14. Excellent idea poor execution, SNP governance in nutshell.
  15. The SNP spent £9 million on 25,000 laptops for kids without access to learning facilities but has so far distributed non of them. Nicola said yesterday they would be delivered "way before" next term, that's only 5 weeks away so I'm not sure about her use of the word way.
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