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  1. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah I'd agree with that, not great.
  2. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    Seems fair enough this is a bang average album. Kendrick can be a master storyteller but his lyrics are so dense that it can take a while to get the story so initially it has to be the music that reals me in and having played through this album a few times over the weekend I'm just not fussed by it and what I have picked up lyrically isn't drawing me in either. 1. Good Kid, MAAD City 2. To Pimp a Butterfly 3. Untitled/Unmastered 4. DAMN. 5. Mr Morale 6. Section 80
  3. Maybe you want to work out where Abandoman are playing?
  4. "Let Me Go" and "I Need" singer.
  5. I think that might be because it's first thing on a Sunday morning.
  6. mcshed

    2022 New Music

    In all the Kendrick brew-ha-ha yesterday I didn't get round to listening to the new Quelle Chris until today. On first listen I prefer Chris to Kendrick for my downbeat hip-hop.
  7. You are allowed to call everyone on here a massive c**t if you so please, I only "called you out on it" because you were posting telling people not to throw insults whilst also insulting them this struck me as worth noting. You seem to be missing the point, if she is aiming for a 50-50 balance but not booking a 50-50 balance then she is not putting the gender balance that she is aiming for at the top of booking criteria.
  8. My man is still able to rock his keytar.
  9. "You're quite the basement dweller." Where does that sit on your pyramid of winding people up on the internet? But to aim for the top and to refute your central point. You think acts are being booked due to their gender and not due to their quality. You provide evidence that Emily wants to improve the gender balance of the line-up and would ideally like it to be 50-50, however she does not book a festival that is 50-50 so she obviously is trying to increase the gender balance of the line up without damaging the quality of the festival.
  10. Half the gigs since 2019 don't have the setlists up including his festival set in that time so I remain optimistic that he'll bring it out for the Pyramid. I recognise this might be wishful thinking.
  11. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/herbie-hancock-3d6b557.html Despite being absent from his recent dates it's still his 8th most played song so I reckon he'll bring out at a festival particularly not a jazz festival.
  12. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm not sure of we quite agree on what makes for an easy crowd pleaser.
  13. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    Initial reaction is it's a bit meh, I'm sure on repeat listens I'll get more into it but for now I don't get the hype, it's certainly not up there with TPAB and GKMC.
  14. Just because a stage or area had an announcement of its own in a previous year doesn't mean it has to have one this year so we might just get a few less announcements.
  15. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    Hire a helicopter and see PSB on Friday and Kendrick on Sunday?
  16. West Holts is class but it doesn't always get a pre-big drop announcement same with The Park.
  17. I think he means PNS Projected National Share which is the BBC's calculation of what the locals would mean if taken nationwide.
  18. mcshed

    Kendrick Lamar

    Basically in the same position so I'm hoping that the new album is such a smash that I'm obsessed with it so I don't mind my Sunday night climax being on my tod or that it's such a let down that I don't mind seeing Pet Shop Boys instead. Come on Kendrick let's have a 10/10 or a 6/10 to help me make up my mind.
  19. Isn't the suggestion that they've completely lopped off the canopy above where the bar is?
  20. If you have trees that may have been weakened by a fungus do you want to stick a massive soundsystem and thousands of people dancing underneath them?
  21. Isn't this likely to be the crux of the matter ash dieback has rendered the glade a much less suitable place for The Glade, so Spirit of 71 redux is where we are at. I'm more concerned with the lake of Spike on the map it also being a venue that is at risk from the dreaded fungus.
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