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  1. gazza_20

    Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Ah I see
  2. Even if they do which is yet to be seen, Catfish have already entered arenas off the back of a 2nd album and they will only get bigger. It doesn't matter what you did then, it's what you do now, but subbing Kasabian is what I invisage. I don't think they'll quite do enough myself to be higher.
  3. gazza_20

    Download 2017

    I think that might come down to who they got to sub them. I don't see Download getting Green Day....I don't see them wanting Green Day on the baking of the rubbish they produced last and 21st century was poor too.
  4. gazza_20

    Download 2017

    I think you can rule out Download. Bringing back Green Day after 4 years wouldn't be an issue though if Blink are doing it again.
  5. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    yup, it won't be them, but i didnt read that before mentioning it haha
  6. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    i'd say the two most likely are Muse and Bon Jovi. Another site has Bon Jovi
  7. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    Just to ask, if it was Green Day does that make T anymore likely? Especially if they announce Slane the same weekend at T next year?
  8. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    same could be said for Radiohead? But I'd say they could do one off(s) like that
  9. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    surely be bon jovi and stones, can't see chilis, they're dates didn't fly this year
  10. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    You could argue that for a lot of big outdoor venue's though. Hyde Park is shit, as is Heaton Park.
  11. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    well, keith said to 6music glasto interests them. surely if they weren't interested due to money he'd have just said no. hyde park for they money and a glasto slot looks an option?
  12. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    if not the stones. Whats the chances we could be looking at. Radiohead, Macca and Lady GaGa. Macca has a new album, does he not and isn't going to be performing even to the standard live as he does forever, not played it since 2004 so a fair while. This gives u your current rock band, old style legend and if he does say hard rock calling too that's ya pay day, plus he 's charity man anyway. And GaGa i just think it'll happen. Can.k see big stadium dates next year due to this year and could easily still do pay day shows with glasto too.
  13. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    The Stones paid for much of their own set from what I remember hearing. They just wanted to play and knew Eavis couldn't support it all in funds themselves.
  14. gazza_20

    Rolling Stones...

    Not sure but IOW booker was also their agent at the time